Open biases of Justice Misra: the national anthem judgment is not his first over-reach

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Past record of SC Justice Dipak Misra, who ruled that singing the national anthem in cinema theatres is “constitutional patriotism”, and is the nephew of ex-CJI Ranganath Misra:

1. Upheld constitutional validity of criminal defamation.

2. Asked Rahul Gandhi to apologize for his remarks against the RSS re Gandhi assassination.

3. Asked 147 Maruti workers to shut up when they pleaded they be given the right to recall some witnesses for cross examination (after the Punjab and Haryana High Court had acceded to their request).

4. Gave the exact opposite ruling on the National Anthem 13 years ago, against the same petitioner.

5. Yakub Memon to be hanged.

6. Govt not bound to follow SC/ST quotas for appointments.

7. Threatened DUTA to call off strike against the illegally introduced semester system. DUTA relented and the path was cleared for semester and subsequently FYUP.

8. Verdict in favour of Koodankoolam nuclear power plant.

Now the best part: Wait till 2017. He is apparently in pole position to be Chief Justice of India. Understandable.

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