#OccupyUGC Day 12: solidarity pouring in, call for demonstration on Nov 2

#‎OccupyUGC‬ Day 12, 1st Nov
MAIN Updates from today’s General Body Meeting

— CALL for PROTEST DEMONSTRATION for tomorrow (2nd Nov) at 2pm outside the UGC office during the first meeting of its Review Committee set up to review the future of Non-NET fellowships for research scholars.

Volunteer teams were formed for campaigning in universities for this protest. A media co-ordination team was also constituted, and responsibilities distributed for making a common OccupyUGC parcha and poster.

— A General Body Meeting is to be held tomorrow (2nd Nov) AT 6PM to discuss and decide future course of action for the OccupyUGC movement.
Formation of Co-ordinating Committee
Proposal of a March to MHRD
National Mobilisation

OccupyUGC event


Day 11: October 31 2015 (Update by Ayantika Das)

As days pass by, more and more students join the movement which was started by the students of different universities of delhi to protest against the decision of the ugc to scrap non-net fellowship. Not only students, but even teachers from various universities are coming out and expressing there solidarity to this movement.today is the eleventh day of the struggle and the students are even more determined to carry on this struggle with much vigour.

Ved Prakash, chairman of UGC was supposed to visit Jamia Millia Islamia university as a chief guest, therefore the students decided to demonstrate at jamia milia islimia inside the venue. Around 30 students  gathered to carry out the protest but the honourable chairman changed his plans at the last minute and skipped the programme.the students who had gathered there distributed leaflets at the venue.
At the occupation site prof hargopal gave a very significant perspective on wto and informed the students about the consequences of the inclusion of education in wto.the discussion with prof hargopal was extremely beneficial for the students as it gave answers to some very basic questions which would help the students in carrying the movement further.

The movement has even recieved support from the local mosque committee which has kept its toilets open for the students throughout the day and night.they have been serving tea to the protestors every night and today they served biryani to all the students who were there for the night. The local shops and kiosks have supported the students immensely and have volunteered for food and tea continuously.this has given tremendous encouragement and happiness to the students.

Later in the night a movie, ‘jaane bhi do yaaron’ was screened for the students.another night passed by with the students singing their hearts out with the hope that it will reach the ears of the authority. The struggle continues..


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