Nuclear Liability: Admiral Ramdas’ letter to the PM and other very important resources

Poster- Nuclear LiabilityDear Friends,

You might be following the outrageous episode of PM Office trying to exempt Westinghouse from nuclear liability for Mithi Virdi project, ahead of his US visit.

Even more shameless is the NPCIL statement that it has issued in the aftermath, basically a post-facto justification of its own undermining, saying things would have been same even if the govt were to consult us! The entire nuclear establishment has a record of such complacency and concoctions.

I am sharing with you some very important resources on the issue. Please circulate them widely. Let us intensify this debate and force the government to roll back its surrender before the nuclear lobby.

1. Admiral Ramdas’ letter to the Prime Minister:

2. Former Power Secretary Dr. EAS Sarma’s letter:

3. An article by Shri M G devasahayam:

4. The debate on TImesNow:

Part 1:—1/videoshow/4437178.cms
Part 2:—2/videoshow/4437179.cms
Part 3:—3/videoshow/4437180.cms
Part 4:—4/videoshow/4437181.cms

5. CPI-M and Greenpeace‘s statements on the issue: and

Please endorse and share widely this citizens appeal against dilution of nuclear liability:

Also, you may find interesting my article on the Tehelka website

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Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace(CNDP)










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