Nokia Chennai closes down, where is Modi’s ‘make in India’?

NOKIA CHENNAI closes down on Nov 1, 2014 leaving behind,

1) Rs. 21,153 crores tax pending to Indian government
2) Rs. 2400 crores tax pending to Tamil Nadu government
3) Around 7000 workers given compulsory ‘Voluntary Retirement Scheme’
4) Around 900 workers currently working in the factory are left at stake
5) Tens of thousands of jobs depending on Nokia in and out of Sriperumbudur SEZ are laid-off

NOKIA CHENNAI invested Rs.650 crores
Earned Rs. 1.5 lakh crores
Enjoyed 210 crore land at a dead cheap price of 4.5 lakh/acre for 99 years

What does MODI’S ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ Guarantee ???

Nokia Chennai

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