National Conscience is on vacation today!

By Dibyesh Anand

[photo from:]
[photo from:]
Collective conscience of the Indian nation
is on holiday enjoying a game
with few men in long pants with bats and and only one ball.

Irom Sharmila
a bravest and dignified of person
forcibly fed by the state for 13 years
protesting Army’s impunity under law
protesting against rape and arbitrary powers of security forces
is brought into Delhi for a court case
today on sunday
surrounded by many men in khaki pants with guns and batons.

There is no outrage
no media coverage
No scramble for interviews

‘The nation’ s conscience
is like Gandhi’s monkeys.
See no ‘oriental’
See no adivasi
See no kashmiri
See no dalit
See no Muslim
See no poor

The conscience
is indeed metropolitan bourgeois
and exclusivist.


(Dr Dibyesh Anandis an Associate Professor in International Relations at Londons University of Westminster with interests in politics of state, democracy and identity, especially in the Himalayan borderlands. He is almost always at


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