The myth of Hindutva fringe

Bappa Sinha

The corporate media has pushed a narrative of the “Hindutva Fringe” that is responsible for irresponsible actions, hate speech and whipping up communal frenzy while Modi and the core of BJP are responsible actors concerned only with development. They lament that Modi’s development agenda is being hijacked by the Hindutva hot heads in RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and even within BJP. So, each provocative statement from the likes of Yogi AdityaNath, Giriraj Singh, Sadhvi Prachi, etc. are brushed aside as statements from the lunatic fringe which should be safely ignored by the masses who should  focus of the “development agenda” of Modi. Leaving aside the myth of development under Modi which is an empty slate for the people even after one and a half years of Modi coming to power, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the RSS itself has always pushed the narrative of the core and the fringe in order to distance itself from criminal activities when they get exposed. This was true way back when Godse assassinated Gandhi to the last NDA regime where Vajpayee was portrayed as the moderate responsible core and Modi was the irresponsible fringe during the 2002 Gujarat Riots.

Secularism in BJP, cartoonThe recent Dadri Lynching incident where a BJP Mob barged into the house of a Muslim man, Mohammad Akhlaq and bludgeoned him to death and seriously injured his son Danish, exposes this narrative as completely false and in fact amounts to nothing more than apologetics for the fascist violence of the Hindutva forces under the leadership of Modi and Amit Shah.

The Dadri incident wasn’t a spontaneous event but a deliberate and planned attack by BJP. False rumours were floated about Cow slaughter and a temple loudspeaker was used by the local priest to rally the faithful to seek retribution. Social media was also used to spread these rumours. 8 of the 11 named in the Dadri Lynching FIR are relatives of local BJP Leader Sanjay Rana including his son Vivek. A FIR was also lodged against Ritu Rathore, a member of BJP’s social media team, for spreading false communally sensitive rumours about the Dadri Lynching.

Days after the lynching, Meerut BJP MLA and Muzzafarnagar Riot accused, Sangeet Som went to Dadri to further stir up trouble. Invoking the MuzaffarNagar communal riots of 2013 Sangeet Som threatened the minority community with “retaliation”. While brazenly justifying the murder of Akhlaq, he asserted that all those arrested were “innocent” and demanded their release. On a side note, it turns out Sangeet Som is the owner of a Meat Processing Plant – Al Dua which is involved in export of Beef. What Hypocrisy!

But BJP’s brazen whipping of communal frenzy and hate speech doesn’t stop at Sangeet Som. BJP MP and National Executive Member Yogi Adityanath  then jumped into the fray and offered guns to the “Harassed Hindus” of Dadri.

Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma started handing out innocence certificates to the murderers by saying the lynching was an accident and that the nature of the injuries prove that the mob had no intention of killing Akhlaq. He further claimed that the mob hadn’t molested Akhlaq’s daughter as proof of its noble intentions. Not to be left behind, Union Agriculture and Food Processing Minister and MuzzafarNagar Riots accused Sanjeev Baliyan said that if Cow Slaughter wasn’t stopped more such incidents were likely to happen. BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj said he was “ready to kill and get killed for cow slaughter”. Union Minister Giriraj Singh and ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi continue this shameful parade with more provocative statements about cow slaughter.

Modi himself kept silent and let his henchmen do the nasty talking for the first few days after the incident. When he finally broke his silence, it was not to condemn the murder of an innocent man whose son is an Indian Air Force personnel but to take on Lalu on his comment that many Hindus eat Beef. He couldn’t get himself to even mention the Dadri incident but instead made some vague mutterings on the need for Hindus and Muslims to stop fighting each other. Well, Hindus and Muslims are not fighting each other. BJP/RSS criminals are engaging in murders and rioting. Riots have also spilled out in Modi’s constituency Varanasi and Mainpuri near Agra.

So, let us stop pretending this is the work of the fringe. This is not the fringe. This is Modi, his cabinet ministers, members of BJP’s National Executive and MPs and MLAs.. This is the core! Let’s face it, a criminal Fascist Core, namely the RSS extended family, has taken control of our country. That’s right. Repeat after me – the fascists are ruling the country!

Bappa Sinha is a concerned citizen who is dismayed as our country hurtles towards fascism. He can be reached through his facebook page.


  1. Dear Mr. Sinha, I would agree with you all and your ilk, only, pretty please, just lets also talk about incidents where the Hindus (who are actually the majority in our country, only in name) are being slapped around (to put it mildly), to the enormous Kashmiri Pandit’s forced exodus from the valley, to the Muslim (they are Muslims right?) terrorists who are waging their jihad (its called a holy war against non-Muslims, while they are called the Mujahideen – the holy warriors) against us kaffirs 😉
    Why, pray, why only talk about Gujarat riots, when we have the huge, huge elephant in the room – the Kashmir exodus of 1989…first, let us bring that to its conclusion…

    When you claim – “BJP’s brazen whipping of communal frenzy”…are you even for real…really, come now, brazen? Are you talking about India or Pakistan, or even worse, China… Or America’s invasion in Syria, much like Iraq – now that is brazen, the bhaiyyas in Mumbai and their behaviour here – now that is brazennness. You would need to be more specific as to how are they unlike ANY OTHER political party in power in India, since Independence…was Nehru not brazen, in his infamous 1962 war, first molly-coddling China in the 1950’s, offering them the UN Seciroty Council seat for free, then when he realised their trickery, rather than being more circumspect about the whole situation, embroiled us in an unwannable war, more humiliating than ever before…

    So, as one ‘concerned’ citizen to another – just one question – do you think we are really better off under the Communists (as in WB/Kerala) or the Congress, under a proven fascist (Italian that too), or someone who has done so much for Gujarat, and is now attempting to do for India (if his opponents allow his to do, of course)…I for one, am not at all convinced at your arguments, since they seem to be pointing ALL ills of India to Modi, while, in fact, it is almost directly due to the Nehru-Gandhi family’s misrule for the past almost 7 decades…
    What about the infamous stuff we have heard about Indira Gandhi, the Emergency, her sons, etc. is that not much much more “brazen”??? Where were you then?

    Now, about cow slaughter – why is this considered to be OK? Why do they have to murder cows? Do you stop and think – is eating of a cow, considered to be holy by us, do the Muslims (historically of course) eat it just because we consider it to be holy – think about it…all their practices are exactly opposite to our practices:
    – We join our hands to pray, they hold theirs apart, pointing it upwards
    – We used to sport moustaches, with or without beards, while they ONLY sport beards (without the mucchi)
    – We do NOT eat the cow, but many a culture amongst us, eat pork. Do they do the opposite? You tell me 😉
    – We believe in live & let live, they only believe in their right to live
    – we believe that this earth is there for everyone, from the smallest creature like an ant to the human being…while as per all religions of the Book, God has created the Earth & all its creatures for them only…to utilise as they deem fit…

    • Mumbaikar: No other leather but cow hide can be used to make cricket balls! I hope you will walk into Sachin Tendulkar’s home in Mumbai, take out all the cricket balls in his home covered with pure cow hide got from slaughtering cows and have the courage to lynch a Rajya Sabha MP. But are you just a coward like Mr. Modi and his fascist crowd to kill innocent harmless minorities! Make sure you make the announcement from the nearest temple lud speaker!

      • I am not a coward my friend – I will gladly challenge you to an open debate. But your tactic – to make deliberately inflammatory accusations, an attempt to put us harmless, openminded Hindus on the backfoot, will not work anymore. We refuse to be cowed down under this two-faced mindset. And mind you, we and my like-minded friends are not at all, in any way associated with a Shiv Sena or a RSS or any such organisation. We are just proud, well-rooted, immensely intelligent, open-minded, yet traditional Hindus, well educated & travelled abroad (yes, that is the main thing that gets your goat doesn’t it???), who can see through your tactics.

        Your comment – ” coward like Mr. Modi and his fascist crowd to kill innocent harmless minorities”, are you for real??? I mean you do not find anything even remotely fascist in the Italian madam, but Modi???

        C’mon, get real…also “innocent harmless minorities”??? LOL!!! Now that is surely what takes the cake here…harmless my foot!!! Vasco Da Gama & other Portuguese representatives of your Vatican, they, just could not tolerate the local Christians, here, since St. Thomas in AD 52 ( Check out how they tried to trample on their beliefs, which they very well would have, if it wasn’t for the Dutch, who drove your ancestors the Portuguese away 🙂

        Just to prove my point:
        1) Check this link out to understand how a cricket ball is manufactured. Leather does not mean it is “cow hide”. Besides, we have always used leather for our footwear, since time immemorial, much much before you and your evangelising religion was in existence. In fact Christ himself was known to have come to India, learnt Yoga (in Kashmir), during the famous 30 yrs of his life when nobody knows where he was…do some googling here, not onna help you out there.
        2) The fact that you are naturally connecting my name with the God Sachin, gives me immense pleasure, but make no mistake, we, mere mortals cannot hold even a candle in front of his stature. Better make sure you do not insult this great man using this forum, and go about making personal attacks on him. You just might find us at your doorstep, be warned 🙂
        3) As far as “lynching” anybody, lets first talk about your pre-decessors – the KKK…that’s when this term came into existence…you and your Christian missionaries have no business in India sinning asgainst your own Christ, by forcibly converting or by economic enticements, galore. Your Christ definitely did not mean to have “forced” followers eh 😉
        Bottom line, your ranting makes no sense, just throws light on your growing frustration on our growing sophistication, in our unification, in our re-aligning, in our standing up in your face, in understanding your tactics. So grow up and crawl in that cubbyhole of yours, we have no problem, keep on crying away. Just don’t pretend to be the poor defenseless “minorities” which we all know you are NOT 🙂

        • I am not going to waste time arguing with an ignorant person till you show that you do not follow double standards. Cricket balls cannot be made from anything other than cow hide. Buffalo hide is too thick, camel hide is unsuitable. No synthetic materials have been found suitable. Kindly read the web page of the largest cricket ball manufacturer in the world – Kukkubara. (Sadly the photo is not uploadable here!)

          • LOL!!! Now that you cannot argue cogently, you attempt to take the age-old “holier than thou” argument about “wastage of time” in arguing with me, LOL!!!
            Just to spell it out to you, there are two sexes in the sam “Cow” – one is the female “Cow” (Gaumata – I hope you realise that the very fact that we refer to her as Mata, means she has to be the female version), whom us lesser like yours truly venerate without exception.
            Then we have a “Bull” (Bail in Hindi), and then what is called as a “Bullock”. Now go “waste” your time more meaningfully in trying to understand what the the difference between the latter two 😉
            Equally sadly, you are not expected to understand this difference, since you, rather “bull”-headedly (:-D), if I daresay, refuse to see the difference.
            So my dear Jacob, keep on in your “Mulish” views of the ways of the world, and we will, equally vociferously keep on asserting ours. Lets see who prevails…time to call the proverbial spade, a spade nah 🙂

          • Sorry your English is so poor. Cow refers to the female and bull to the male of the species. Get yourself a dictionary as what is used to nake cricket balls is COW HIDE!

          • LOL, firstly, I have got my English language tested thru TOEFL & IELTS as well…if they have given me maximum scores – 290/300 in CBT & CLB Level 9, respectively, then you are in no position to judge me.
            Having said that, you are still mulish in your arguments, first it was about time wastage, then a useless snapshot, which only confirms what I have said above.
            Typical South Indian arrogance on English language ownership, if I daresay…are you Mallu by any chance 😀
            Get a life – read what you have just posted…it says here “Buffalo leather was too thick”. When it says “cowhide”, you really think they are ONLY talking about “Cows”, as in the female of the species??? Read again and come back to me, without stupid arguments, please 🙂

          • The difference between you and me – I do not need TOFEL or IELTS as I happen to be an Indian fluent in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, German, French and Finnish! Try to get out of cowhide debate in some other way! This “language” way will not work for you! You are slaughtering cows to make cricket balls but are too scared to say boo to Sachin Tendulkar. Continue to be a COWARD as that suits you best! (By the way, my family company paid Sachin Rs. 1 crore a year to carry our brand on his cricket bat – figure it out as Shekar Dewan, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli now carry our logo now and the Pace Foundation has churned out a few of India’s cow hide ball chuckers!)

          • Now that is the way you are attempting to escape from the actual debate…your favourite way is to jargonise, then throw some totally unrelated claims in between (Like this ” I do not need TOFEL or IELTS as I happen to be…”….LOL!!!), and triumphantly claim how superior your ‘argument” is….followed by your gud ol’ “No time to waste on fools like me” logic…ROTFL!!!

            Cowards are not in my lexicon…rather I daresay your ancestors should be…for converting to Christianity in fear of the Portuguese. Or the English, or in today’s environment – the Southern Baptists 😉

            Lastly, if you claim that your family paid Sachin, Shikhar (NOT Shekhar) Dhawan, Rohit, Virat, et al to carry your brand, then you are one of the most hypocritical persons we know…you crib about “Cowhide”, yet, for the sake of money, sponsor these guys as well….and then, on top of that, you actually BRAG about this…now who is the asshole here 😉

          • Sadly you do not have no language skills (you need TOFEL), no reading skills, no analytical skills! And you have no knowledge about anything. Cow hide to you is not understandable – what utter rot you conclude! Cow hide to you is bull hide, bullock hide for your hypocritical convenience! I am wasting my time replying a person who seems to be sitting permanently on the dark side of the moon. I am not the hypocrite. You are! I have beef (from cows), chicken, turkey, mutton, reindeer’s meat, bear’s meat, fish and vegetables in my deep freezer! And we happily eat all of them. And we Mallus do sponsor these cricketers whom you seem to worship! What hypocritical nutcases you are!

          • You must be mistaking a Buffalo for a bull or bullock 😉

            Now wouldn’t THAT be embarrassing to disclose…LOL!!!

          • I feel so embarrased for YOU to display your ignorance so publicly! But they say………..

          • Yannada Jacob…what da – you keep repeating the same stuff over & over again…thats all you can come up with, YOU FEEL embarrassed for ME. So now you have just disclosed two things in this sentence:
            1) You FEEL… which means you have feelings, LOL!!!
            2) You actually are empathising with me on MY ignorance…oh my…

            How can you see my ignorance, when you seem to only display ignorance masquerading as knowledge…lets explain in a way you might understand – from the religious viewpoint…only, not your Christian Missionary way, our Hindu philosophical way:

            “खाली हाथ अाए अौर खाली हाथ चले। जो अाज तुम्हारा है, कल अौर किसी का था,
            परसों किसी अौर का होगा। इसीलिए, जो कुछ भी तू करता है, उसे भगवान के अर्पण
            करता चल।”
            => “You came empty handed, you will leave empty handed. What is yours today, belonged to someone else yesterday, and will belong to someone else the day after tomorrow. So, whatever you do, do it as a dedication to God! ”

            कर्मणये वाधिकारस्ते मां फलेषु कदाचन । मां कर्मफलहेतुर्भू: मांते संङगोस्त्वकर्मणि ।।
            – Bhagavad Gita, Chapter II, Verse 47.

            Karmanye Vaadhika-raste,
            Maa Phaleshu Kadachana;
            Maa karma-phala-hetur-bhoorma,
            MaTe sangostwakarmini.

            Which means:
            Your right is to work only,
            But never to its fruits;
            Let not the fruits of action be thy motive,
            Nor let thy attachment be to inaction.

            This is the key for you – “Let not the fruits of action be thy motive”….just remember this phrase and all your ignorance will vanish 😉

          • Not worthy of a reply. Keep playing with ink and paints your SS friends. I have better things to do! Just more TOTAL ignorance and narrow mindedness on display!

          • LOL!!! Guilty conscience pricks da mind eh 😉
            Now that you cannot counter my arguments, you go ahead…take this line of argument…after you need to do something face-saving to avoid looking like a fool, no? LOL!!!

  2. Whenever one attempts to justify the actions of a murderous bully by pointing what others are doing in like manner, I get a felling of my guts churning wildly. What was the election plank of BJP? Didn’t they say it was a party with difference? Difference in what way? Go back to Modi’s passionate speeches before and after his election – and what was his self-imposed mandate? “Sabke saath, sabka vikas” – Vikas, not just for Hindus; justice, not just for Hindus; opportunities, not just for Hindus – but for all, for the Dalits, for the Muslims, for the Christians. I don’t care what others do, I don’t care what Pakistanis, Chinese or Americans do – I want to be measured by my performance. And, here, we fail. Modi failed, because he had been silent on all these atrocities that are taking shapes in front of his eyes. What happened to his convictions?

  3. The biggest myth of Hindutva is that there is a common chord that binds all Hindus together.. Unlike other religions, Hindus have lynched their own since time immemorial. killing of minorities is not going to unite them, they are segregated multiplied, divided so shamelessly, that this whole Hindutva thing is beyond redemption. One only has to go through Dalit literature and a few Dalit online Forums to understand what deep rooted hatred is lying in the hearts of these people who have been treated worse than any animals by our very own upper caste bhai bandus since centuries. So, there is no Hindutva here. Just a load of crap, inhumanity of mythical proportion. The Dalits, Tribals will rise very soon, and the whole Hindutva bulshit will be wiped off from the face of earth..

  4. RSS ideologue Guruji Golwalkar despises Indians professing non majority faith in his bunch of thoughts and BJP is on record acknowledging its umbilical chord to RSS. BJP got a governance mandate with 272 plus. Looking at the events which trended in recent weeks & marked India’s civic calendar, One is quizzed if Abraham Lincoln phrase “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” justifies as preface to the lead brief ‘Communal poison in the air around us’ of the newsletter ? A nation though not built on the basis of religion yet is it at cross road where faith engulfs the civic character in public domain ? One is puzzled & concerned if the array of reported news in the domain of civic climate is an extension of acts of aggression of saffron lifestyle over Indian civilisation ?