Must-Watch: How 3 Different Videos Were Merged to defame JNU

This video unravels the truth about the much talked about anti-national video of JNU which went viral and how 3 different videos were brought together to try and create a misleading impression.


  1. Dear Channel if you are truly unbiased answer to these comments.

    The question is did Kanhaiya knew about the posters & agenda with whom he was standing “U Khalid” ? If yes, then why to use a platform which is anti-national.

    Why didn’t Kanhaiya reported to police ? Was he backing the support for anti-national ?
    Afzal Guru didn’t kill anyone, he conspired to kill. In the same context I believe Kanhaiya is guilty and should be under trial.
    Rahul K you can go to Pak & raise your voices against BJP, which you don’t like. Now you will argue, I am talking nonsense. Apply the same logic to Kanhaiya, what was he doing with those g00ns, who don’t believe in our constitution.
    Rahul K to expressing ideology has its limit. Express without disrespecting. Do you use slang words in Public Media or with your kids, which(slang) is often used to express anguish?
    Rahul K, being a media person first try to be neutral.


      With utmost respect to u sir, it has been shown and proved by many that RSS and its allies neither believes in nor it honours our constitution never they have hoisted national flag on their head office Nagpur.
      They have been involved in many anti social and anti national activities what do u say of them shouldn’t they be hanged for their crimes

  2. Ayaan Maqsood

    Kashmir Ki Azaadi Tak, Jung Rahegi Jung Rahegi (The war will continue until Kashmir gets Freedom)

    • Acha ji.. Azaadi chahiye ?.. Kya baat h yara.. Ek par PoK ke bare mai pta kro…samjh aa jayega.. baat krte ho.. Azaadi ki.. sab dhari rh jayegi yhi dharti par..

    • Abhishek Dubey

      aaja bhai gwalior aja ya apna pata de de mujhe tere ko ajadi deta hu bhdiya wali sundar wali dhmakedar wali

    • Mr. Ayaan kaisi thinking hai tumhari. Kya kar loge azadi lekar. Jaha ka khate ho vahi ki burai karte . SHAME ON YOU Mr. Ayaan

  3. 9 February का वीडियो 11 february को news [ 7 AM Non stop 100 आज तक ] में था | शायद जो 11 february को नया वीडियो बनाया गया वो कन्हैया ने खुद को बचाने के लिए बनाया हो जिसमे वो बीजेपी और RSS के फिलाफ बोल रहा है | 9 february का वीडियो बोहोत छोटा है . ये possible नहीं है की सभी लोग के खिलाफ सबूत मिल सके | कौन – कौन क्या नारे लगाये ये 9 february के वीडियो से मालूम नहीं लगेगा | मुझे ये समज़ नहीं आ रहा जब उसके सामने पाकिस्तान के नारे लग रहे थे , उसने रोका क्यों नहीं | ABVP वालो ने इस मामले को सामने लाया | कुछ लोग उसे बेगुनाह साबित करने के लिए जी- जान से लगे है | ये कानून को तय करने दो |

  4. What do u expect from extortionist masquerading as journalist

  5. hahaha… gud try ABP news… we heard what they said on the national tv.. and that is enough for us

  6. Actually ,action on kannaiya kumar is taken ,only on the original sloganeering! who will allow? not law, of course. that`s why this drama! SAVE INDIA!

  7. Good work India TV. I don’t think any rational (who’s not in employment with right wing groups) will not deny this absolute evidence.

  8. Great work India TV. I don’t think any rational (who’s not in employment with right wing groups) will deny this absolute evidence.

  9. great work India Today …wat is the guarantee that ur vedios are not doctored.? why should we believe you.

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