Mr. Modi, I feel sorry for you

Rajiv Tyagi

Rajiv is an ex Air Force fighter pilot, having flown MiG-21 fighters and is now engaged in the design and fabrication of computational electronics devices for the rejuvenation of old, air-defence combat systems. He can be reached at

Mr. Modi, for all the angst I direct at you, I actually feel very sorry for you.

From photographs that are now surfacing, anyone can see you began life as a humble, lower middle class Indian. Why you needed to create the illusion of even deeper humility by claiming to be a chaiwala, will be the subject of much mirthful and incisive analysis later, when India emerges from the social strife you have thrust upon it.

Your parents I’m sure, were hard working folks who clothed you in what they hoped would be your future image – they bought you a western style coat and a tie, which I’m sure they felt proud to see you in and probably insisted you wear on special social occasions. But somewhere during your schooling, you found yourself lacking – in the smartness of your peers or their more articulate speech or their better financial status, I cannot say; but you developed a deep insecurity and inferiority complex. Deep inside, remained a core, that wanted the things you couldn’t have.

And then you somehow met up with the head-fuck experts of the RSS. Just like the jihadi factories who can sense an insecure young man and fashion his mind into what they want him to become, the RSS played on your insecurities to fashion a citizen who sneered at the very things he coveted – a shinier dress, a better education, social recognition and many more, that only the demons of your own mind are privy to… You trained under your handlers, to spread their word across youth in a similar state of angst, driven by a justified covetousness for the good life.

You must have been good at inciting the deepest insecurities and firing the covetedness of humans, for we can still see that finely honed skill within you. You are able to sway even educated humans, who would be expected to use their faculties of critical analysis, into believing in a paradise that’s just around the corner; invisible to the rest, only because they lacked you to show the way…

But your sneering contempt for your deepest insecurities has not left you. You became the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world, only to assert your contempt for education and culture, by embarking on the stupidification of the Indian polity with your ministerial and other appointments. Your obsessive pursuit of shiny clothes and your desperate hugging of world leaders is so starkly representative of your insecurities, that students of psychology must marvel at the permanent case study your persona presents.

But none of the above, is what I feel sorry for you for – they have merely fashioned your personality. What in all this you have failed to understand, is that your handlers are not happy with you – you became, in the interregnum, a politician, a person your handlers hold in contempt, unless you are able to push forward their ideology.

I can see in you a street smart fixer. A man who has an instinctive and deep understanding of human insecurities and thus knows their fears. You have been able to use people around you, whoever they may be, in ways that violate their own consciences, while you have been secure in the knowledge that their one action against their conscience, has made them your slaves for all time to come. Because a compromise with one’s conscience is more often than not, also a compromise with the law. Your megalomania however, prevented you from seeing that the very same game was being played upon you.

Modi has won an election. But the RSS has not yet won anything. For the first time ever, they also have in their hands, a slave who has sold his soul to the devil and is compromised in the eyes of the law. Now they will drive their agenda through you. They know their dream of a totalitarian Hindu Rashtra has a deadline of 2019. They know they can do it only if they have UP and Bihar in their hands, because these two states send the largest number of legislators to the Rajya Sabha. They know you will not be re-elected in 2019. They will allow you your shiny suits and desperate hugging of world leaders. But they will reduce you from Prime Minister to an electioneering rabble rouser. We all know you couldn’t be wanting a Dadri or a Kalburgi to be happening to you every day – I acknowledge you’re smart enough to realize the political damage these events are doing to you. But you will henceforth rouse communal passions and do every one of those things you instinctively know to be against your political interests.

I feel sorry for you, that you’re already paying the ‘wages of sin’…


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