Mr Modi, Break Your Silence, Stop Genocide of Rohingyas! [Sign Citizens’ Appeal]

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We, the citizens of India, strongly condemn the heinous genocide of Rohingya minorities, underway in Myanmar.

We are shocked by the callousness and complicity of the Government of Myanmar and its abominable indifference to the wide-spread criticism and concerns raised by the United Nations, international media, civil society, and human rights organisations to the horror unfolding within its territory.

We are equally appalled by the silence of our own Government to this brazen state-led violence in our immediate neighborhood.

We call upon India’s Prime Minister who is visiting Myanmar this week to raise the issue of the unacceptable and horrifying human rights violations being carried out by Myanmar’s ruling dispensation against a marginalised, abjectly poor, and hapless people.

At a time when Nobel laureates have unequivocally condemned the massacre of Rohingyas, it is unfortunate that the Indian government has chosen to distance itself from the foreign policy principles of support for freedom, democracy, and human rights, which have been India’s most cherished values since independence.

We demand that the bloodbath in Myanmar be stopped immediately and that the Indian government take a firm stand on the issue during the Prime Minister’s visit.

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