On Ishrat Jahan and Adani Ports: Is G K Pillai The New Vinod Rai?

Shams Kabir


Mr. Pillai is now making revelations on the Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter Case, that as per the saffron Arnab, are creating ‘tremors’ in parliament. Please read on his duplicity. It seems his sharp memory is selective. And he is not quite above board.

Mr. G.K. Pillai, former Home Secretary, who strangely decides to break his silence on an important case like Ishrat Jahan being an LET member does not tell people about his joining Adani Ports and SEZ last October. In 2010, when Pillai was the home secretary, the ministry denied Adani Ports security clearance to bid for port projects in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and JNPT. When asked if his joining the group amounted to a conflict of interest, Pillai messaged: “Security clearances were denied based on certain alleged economic offences. Subsequently, the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) gave the necessary security clearances and I joined as an independent director only in October 2012—one year and four months after I superannuated.” News reports, however, show the final clearance to Adani came only in 2013. When asked about this, Pillai messaged: “What I stated is my recollection. I have no further details and I will need to check on what you have stated.”
source: Economic Times

Next, you must consider Modi’s statement that, ‘he would keep MNREGA alive as a reminder of the monumental blunder/s.’ Is Vinod Rai of the fictional figures being appointed for similar reasons of vindictiveness or is it because he is being recompensed? Or both? And those that feel so great about Rai – please pull out the figures – including schedule of earnings – from the coal block allocations. Was he right on spectrum? No, he was wrong on both. (You can read here)
So why has Rai been awarded? Pillai already has been. He is with Adani’s. And Adani is with Modi or the BJP.





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