Monogamy, True Allegiance to India and God’s Help: Now Mandatory for CSIR Fellowships!

This is a declaration that CSIR Science Junior Research Fellows (JRFs) need to sign.

How are such details of a researcher’s personal life relevant to ‘scientific’ research? Why is “allegiance to India” and “help of God” essential for accessing one’s scholarship? Also, one wonders who is to be the “competent authority” on such matters?

Another instance of insidious forms of saffronisation of education and stringent moral policing of students, esp women students. Such forms of enforcing Brahminical morality need to be revoked immediately!

CSIR Declaration

Courtesy: Pinjra Tod


  1. Sumona Dey

    Here I can see nothing saffronisation of education.. Are monogamy, allegiance to Indian constitution bad ? What you want? People will have multiple wives according to Sharia law , then you will call it secular?! Our law of the land permits monogamy only except muslim community who still are practicing medieval polygamy . If one person get caught practicing polygamy other than Muslims , you people will then publish another article condemning it. If country wants allegiance to Indian constitution ,is it seeming to you unnatural , unprecedented? And show me where it is moral policing for women? Even if it is there ,it is for both gender. Do you want women to marry an already married person and enter into an oppressed relationship!! I can only see a minor problem in this form and that is “so help me GOD”.. Yes there are some atheist ..but don’t try to portray as if here the GOD means only Hindu Gods.. This has became a fashion for a section of journalist to smell saffronisation in every thing..

    • What about atheists? Why should I have to sign on “so help me god”? And you have no idea how prevalent atheism is among the scientific fraternity.

  2. Vikram Shenoy Handiru

    This is a standard oath-taking form which has been since ages (even in other countries). No need to smell saffronization everywhere

  3. LOL saffornization ??? where?? I couldnt find any traces of saffornization – who knows this might have been prepared by a devout Christian! Stupidity at best

  4. Ankesh Khemani

    Is this REAL?! As an atheist and Citizen of this secular nation, I take strong offense to the phrase, “So help me God.”

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