Why Modi must say more than ‘Satyamev Jayate’

Prerna Gupta

India’s PM just tweeted ‘Satyamev Jayate’ after Smriti Irani’s dramatic but hollow statement in the parliament on Rohith Vemula. apart from that, he has maintained a complete silence on the massive students’ agitations across the country on social justice in university campuses. and against state crackdown on JNU. Now that Ms. Smriti Irani’s lies in the parliament have been caught.

After a long silence on the death of Rohith Vemula on 17th January, 2016, PM Modi finally spoke on 22nd January too late and too little, “The power of youth is a big legacy for us. But then we hear that my country’s young son, Rohith, was forced to commit suicide…What would his family be going through…the truth is that a mother lost her son; indeed Mother India has lost a son…I can feel the pain.”

This is not he first time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s is silent while the country is burning in debate and dissent. When a mob lynched Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri alleging that he ate beef on 28th September,2015. Over 200 intellectuals, artists and filmmakers returned Padma Bhushan and other government awards. Here is what Modi said on October 8, 2015, “I have said it earlier too. Hindus should decide whether to fight Muslims or poverty. Muslims have to decide whether to fight Hindus or poverty. Both need to fight poverty together. The country has to stay united, only communal harmony and brotherhood will take the nation forward. People should ignore controversial statements made by politicians, as they are doing so for political gains.”

Modi is known for looking the other way while his ministers openly make communal statements, be it Sadhvi Prachi calling muslims “haramzade” and Hindus “ramzade”, Sakshi Maharaj claiming last year that,”Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya under BJP rule” or Yogi Adityanath calling JNU a blot on education, saying it should be shut down. Modi’s silence on JNU student protests is particularly disturbing as around 15000 students take to streets of Delhi from across the nation to ask Modi most pertinent questions on their education in the time of WTO, death of Rohith Vemula and now the branding of JNU as anti national.






















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