Modi‘s ‘Rambo Rescue’: A Crime against Humanity

V. Arun Kumar

Masters in International Relations, South Asian University,

The views expressed in this report are the authors’ own.

“Aid is given regardless of race, creed or nationality of the recipients and without adverse distinction of any kind. Aid priorities are calculated on basis of need alone.”

[Principle of Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Response Programmes.]

Narendra Modi has again hit the headlines. This time with his tall claims of ‘Rambo’ style rescue of around 15,000 stranded Gujaratis from Uttarakhand. At first look one may think this is a great job done by Modi, at a time when Central and Uttarakhand government are being blamed for poor state of disaster relief. But Modi’s claim itself exposes and brings onto surface one of his inborn quality: bias.

Times of India's scoop on Modi's Rambo Act on June 23rd. very next day, the ToI has done a U-turn, without any clarification on whether it was a paid news or just over-enthusiasm
Times of India’s scoop on Modi’s Rambo Act on June 23rd. very next day, the ToI has done a U-turn, without any clarification on whether it was a paid news or just over-enthusiasm

The objectives of humanitarian action are to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of manmade crisis and natural disasters. Humanitarian relief and assistance during disasters should be based on four humanitarian principle- neutrality, impartiality, independence and humanity. These principles require that humanitarian aid be provided impartially to civilians, on the sole criterion of need, without distinction as to their origin or belief. Humanitarian principles also highlights that relief assistance should not be used to further a particular political or religious standpoint. Modi’s so called ‘relief operation’ has overlooked and disregarded these basic and golden humanitarian principles and selectively targeted to help Gujaratis. It had been always said that a person shows his/her true colours during a crisis. Modi has again showed his true dirty colours of partiality and biasness.

Narendra Modi has been always accused of having discriminatory and biased attitude in both his administrative and developmental works. Now, the rescue claim of 15,000 Gujarati’s have exposed Modi’s lie about equality. Modi’s fascist tendencies have always come to forefront in his administrative capabilities, but his crooked and good orator skills never made these in manifested form. The Gujarat genocide is one such example. The genocide happened under his nose and with his blessings, but he crookedly maneuvered from responsibility by changing the scenario and putting himself as a victim. The whole fake encounter episode which was orchestrated under the supervision of Modi was nothing more than a drama to make himself a terror victim and distract the public and media attention from his role in genocide.

There is no doubt that Modi’s claim of rescuing 15,000 Gujaratis in such a short span is sheer exaggeration. This recent claim is again a PR stunt by Modi aiming at 2014 elections and or Prime Minister’s chair. But what is more dangerous is Modi’s partiality and biasness, with sheer disregard to humanitarian principles, when humanity calls for help. During a disaster, human being need help to stay alive and stay safe and any distinction or discrimination in providing assistance to needy is a crime against humanity.


  1. Abhishek Kumar Sharma

    Dear Mr. Arun,

    I am completely agreeing with your opinion and views regarding the humanitarian responsibilities of a person should not be confined to a state or for a particular class of people….but we cannot also ignore the initiative steps taken by Narendra Modi is solely responsible for the immediate rescue operations….Narendra Modi was not even allowed to take a survey of Uttarakhand and he was given a reason that there is shortage of choppers and copters….Might be there could be a reason that he first of all wanted to help for those whom he can take the responsibility solely….and he could not be opposed or interrupted from any government body….because his move to Uttarakhand was considered as step to PRIME MINISTER’S seat for the next election….may be people are right about this…..but i would like to focus on some other points also…..

    *only after his initiation various other CONGRESS and JDU ministers came to media and then assuring to get the people rescued….

    *the private copters are charging thousand bucks…..water and ROTI are being availabe @Rs 200-300/-….the conditions over there are disastrous itself and the police officials are looting the people over there….

    * a police official was caught red handed with thousand of rupees looted from the pilgrims….

    so still do we have to question on NARENDRA MODI’S RAMBO RESCUE???…..the people who are being suffering over their and striving for their survival….the injured women and children….is’nt it enough that he had atleast rescued 15000 people….the policemen and the localites over there who are harassing the pilgrims…..YEAAHH…SURELY THEY ARE SECULAR AND NON-FASCIST….because they does’nt care about the people whom they are looting or harassing..!!!!!… is’nt this a responsibility of our PRESENT GOVERNMENT to solve all these problems….instead of making budgets (SO CALLED DHAKOSLA) and fuel price hiking….atleast they could allow the private copters to rescue people without any charges…..the people who does’nt have money….they have to mortgage their jewelries etc for reaching their home…..and still we are concluding NARENDRA MODI’s work as PR STUNT…..

    maybe he is so much restricted to GUJRAT only because he might not be allowed to work in other states…..we could have the UTTARAKHAND example….why we are only just predicting NARENDRA MODI to be a dictator …!!!….why can’t we give him a chance to lead our country….when there is such a dire need….!!!!!!

    JAI HIND….

    • Completely agree. Atleast he has done a step forward when all other leaders are sleeping. He is getting a bad publicity because he is doing something. Yoou will get nothing if you sit idle, just like Mr Rahul Gandhi, who has told media to shut their mouth while he is holidaying. I wish Modi all the best!!

      • ravi shankar

        a demagogue he is,a rabble rouser..i dont wanna bring that godhra kand and that tehelka revealing and just pulling off the masquerade he is having on the face

  2. V Arun Kumar

    Dear Mr.Abhishek,

    Let me ask you a question. Consider you are in Uttarakhand struck in the flood and your have a relative of your (may be father, mother or anyone) who is in a very serious condition and require urgent evacuation. What you will do if the rescuer refuses to entertain you and your relative because he/she got orders only to care for specific group even if they are not in high risk group and they are given priority over your relative. How will you feel? You want such a person as your leader who ordered to provide relief and aid on the basis of specific idenity and not on need? Can you expect such person, who cares for his idenity rather than humanity in a crisis situation, to serve selflessly without discrimination in a country as diverse as India?
    And about your points, Modi did take an aerial survey of the area but he was not allowed to go to devastated areas. Home Ministry has issued circular restricting all VIP movement in the areas. In large disasters like one in Uttarakhand, air space is very valuable for rescue operations. VIP movement unnecessarily take up valuable air space for air traffic for rescue operation. With around 80 aircrafts flying over disaster affected areas, the air space requirement is very important. In a disaster no VIP should be allowed to take areas survey or allowed to visit on ground unless he or she is directly involved in rescue operation or coordination. It hampers operation.
    I didn’t understand your second point about assurance by congress or jdu members. What is the relevance of it?
    Yes, no doubt India’s disaster management system is itself a disaster. We have not yet come out of our attitude of doing things when disaster strucks.

    • What you are saying Arun is exceptional case. Nobody would like their relatives to be stucked there and not helped. Humanity is beyond boundaries of states. But I completely disagree with you that you are trying to take away Modi’s credit. HE HAS DONE SOMETHING POSITIVE TOWARDS THIS EVENT, WHEN ALL LEADERS ARE SLEEPING. BLAME GAME IS ON. Modi will get discredit for his actions. That only means he is on the right track. Not everybody likes everyone and I suppose you do not like him. doesn’t matter. But you cant take away from him that he helped some people (regardless of boundaries)… He helped… who else? mr gandhi is holidaying. mrs gandhi is doing flag hoisting. mr singh is mum… leaders need to be torch bearers… none of them are…

      • V Arun Kumar

        Dear Mr. Ashish,
        Though I even would like to see a world with ‘humanity is beyond state’ but practically things are not like that. Partiality and biasness is a rule at many situations than exception.

        For me as a person, who is personally involved in disaster management and relief field, basic humanitarian principles are very much important. Because these are sets of rules which gives colour of humanity to the work. In this world, where every one is trying for their own benefit it is very much important such guiding principles are there so that selfish and crooked people don’t exploit the crisis situation for their benifit.

        While here the whole point is not just about Modi and disaster relief, but it is about his basic character. A person who shows partiality and biasness during a crisis, doesn’t matter what ever name he gives to it, is dangesrous if comes to power. We have seen this dangerous in 2002 Gujarat genocide.

        Looking from humanitarian assistance angle the partiality is a crime. And Modi with this partiality and biasness quality is a dangerous person for whole humanity.

  3. It seems Mr. V Arun Kumar is saying when all others are suffering you should leave your people also to suffer there. You should not rescue them. Arun please understand by saving 15000 pilgrims how much burden Mr. Modi has reduced to the Uttarakhand govt. When all other state govts are offering 5 crore / 10 crore to Uttarakhand govt, Mr. Modi has gone there and rescued 15000 people. Don’t consider them as Gujratis. They are Indians.

  4. Dear Mr. Ashish,

    I agree with you. Priority should be to help the needy after that one can identify the person’s details. I feel the electronic and print media are responsible all these type of popularity issues. It is high time to scrutinise all NEWS matters before it goes to public. Now print and electronic media are competing or hunting for news.

  5. Nobody is trying to take away the credit for what Mr.Modi has achieved. He has done something good, where others still complain of bad weather delays evacuation.

    But it could be better if we read “Modi has rescued 15000 pilgrims (and not as gujratis) from Uttarakhand”.

    During a situation like this irrespective of caste, creed and religion, people have to come together and help each other as much as they can. Unity is wealth. In this situation also, if they look for credit to come their way, then it can’t be called as humanity.

    No party is looking good to serve the whole nation.

  6. Umesh Sethi

    What a dumb article you have written which appears just a piece to rave and rant against Narendra Modi without facts and totally bereft of any logic. And if you have guts then publish this comment. As you can see from TOI original clarification which is available here: , TOI is apologizing and confirms that no one in BJP (leave aside Modi team) misled them. IT was wrong journalism by them and it is another matter to be investigated that if BJP was not involved then was another political party involved. Or some disaffected elements who are against Modi and spreading misinformation. So go and do your homework first.

  7. arjenLondon

    Remember those who mocked modi for the saving 15,000 like rambo? Well Modi got the last laugh once again! 🙂


    The Times of India on June 23 published a report from Uttarakhand headlined “Modi in Rambo act, saves 15,000

    ” The report sparked off a flurry of political claims and counter-claims. Our correspondent has already given a detailed explanation on how he gathered the facts for the report. During the course of this process, he spoke to Anil Baluni, the Uttarakhand BJP spokesperson, and many others.

    Among the details that emerged from these conversations was that the Gujarat government’s efforts had helped around 15,000 people in various ways. This included giving them food, shelter, medicines and transport to reach their homes. Mr Baluni did not say that 15,000 people had been “rescued”. He neither tried to
    exaggerate facts nor mislead us.

    We regret any inadvertent inconvenience caused to any individual by the article.
    We are mortified by the controversy surrounding the report.

    Soon another apology will be given to Modi, about how congress linked dogs to muslims, then framed it on Modi.

    The people of truth, always have the last laugh, so many Indians believed this rambo lie claiming to be democratic! hahahaha

  8. ravi shankar

    i dont know much about how u guys have a pre concieved view .but just dont be a media follower and chastise gandhi family as the news flashed few days bacK. Accepeted the good work but just scrolling down the post , feel like most of u rather than having a broad view and being benevolent for the nation are interested supporting benevolence of modi towards gujaratis and not all of INDIA

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