Modi blocks internet: do the people who voted him care?

Vidyut Gore-Kale

Whoever voted for Modi, fuck you very much. This is the block list it seems. Sourceforge blocked? Which Indian coder does not access github and sourceforge? Might as well just tell us to use meditation and telepathy instead of coding software to get work done. Rest is pastebins and free webhosts. NONE of which are any kind of evil site. ALL of them compliant with our already bizarre censorship laws. this is just arbitrary thuggery.

Block list

Modi sarkar is just inventing outrages, religious and random idiocy so that he can sell the country out of sight. His attending Australian parliament as Adani’s flunky got more attention than him showing face in Indian Paliament. The day Amit Shah gets a clean chit (change whoever won’t), you have media trending random garbage and completely ignoring any debate on a criminal mastermind going free.

GoI BocksModi is like the kid boosted by thieves into the window. Throw out any valuables fast before you get caught.

Meanwhile, we have to suffer this nonsense so no one gets time to ask about the Land Acquisition Ordinance designed to disenfranchise the rights to own land for countless voiceless indians.

Doob maro, saalon.

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