‘Mere Saamnewali Sarhad Pe’: a must-watch video as India-Pak celebrate independence

A must-watch video as India-Pak celebrate independence, from Aisi Taisi Democracy’


  1. manash Sengupta

    I like to address & congratulate you — Varun Grover-Rahul Ram-Sanjay Rajoura — with the slogan of integrity ‘Netaji Zindabad’ ! What a parody !! So beautifully constructive & creative — having the deep cry of eternal soul !!!
    This magnificence has reminded the significant incident took place during the fratricidal war 1965 where two close friends-highly regarded patriots-Azadi Officers Anwar Hussain & Hargovind Singh faced each other as foes, with their own troops ! I don’t know if any medical equipment or instrument is ever made which could have reached to the bottom of their pain at those unbearable moments !

  2. Maureen Barrett

    Music is truly universal. Thank you.

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