Media manipulation on Ishrat: Vrinda Grover’s protest letter to Hindustan Times

The Editor,
Hindustan Times

Vrinda Grover
Vrinda Grover

The headline attributes this ‘information’ to the CBI whereas in the text of the report, it is said that two of those killed along with Ishrat “were associated with secessionist groups in Kahsmir”. Clearly, the CBI is not saying that Ishrat had any links with any group. This is a deliberate misrepresentation and a cheap trick to make connections where none exist in order to tarnish the reputation of a deceased girl who is no longer present to defend herself.

We are in possession of the original article written by Mahesh Langa, which was also carried in the Ahmedabad edition of Hindustan Times as “Ishrat case: What the Chargesheet is Likely to reveal” which does not attempt to make any such a spurious connection.

From where then did this headline emerge in the Delhi edition? Why this attempt to taint her with the ‘terror’ tag through false and sensationalist headlines, especially on a day when the battle for justice enters a crucial phase with the CBI expected to file its chargesheet. It can hardly be seen as an innocent oversight given the fact that a concerted campaign to malign Ishrat’s reputation has been central to those trying to obstruct justice and the process of law.

We expect the Hindustan Times to issue an unconditional apology to the family of IshratJahan, printed in the same large and bold font as the headline of the report today. Such sensationalism violates all codes and ethics of reporting and journalism and is liable to invite action by Press Council and other statutory bodies.

Vrinda Grover
Lawyer for ShamimaKauser
(Mother of deceased IshratJahan)


  1. so if acc. to you she was innocent and only the other three along with her were terrorists……… what was she doing with them running around the country with terrorists. CBI says they planned explosion and terror attacks in gujarat and were not their to target modi. So, you are running around with terrorists who are there to execute a terror plot and hide this information and dont report it to authorities, this pretty much counts as being a terrorist.

    • Ravi which BJP ITCell no. you are working for? Modi was untainted even their ministers were now registered terrorist during 2002 mayhem but Ishrat is terrorist because she is with in company of “ALLEGED TERRORIST”!!! What a hypcricy!!!

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