Mamta Banerjee’s police opens fire on farmers’ protest in Bhangar: 1 dead, several injured

Abaar Sumitran


Today, the police have opened fire on the protesting villagers in Bhangar, West Bengal, killing one protester, Alamgir and severely injuring three others, who are currently battling for life in the hospital.

Thousands of villagers in Bhangar were protesting for the past few weeks against the local administration and government for forcefully acquiring their fertile agricultural lands and constructing an 400 kV electric power grid over them without consulting or taking into account the opinions of the local villagers. The agricultural land was acquired from the villagers in 2014 by the ruling TMC party goons using force, sometimes at gunpoint. The villagers were forced to accept paltry compensation, which were tiny fractions of the standard market prices. The local police helped the goons in the acquisition process. Not only such a high voltage power grid in such a fertile agricultural land will destroy their livelihood, but will also destroy the local ecology of the water bodies in such a densely populated land.

Shame on you, TMC government!
Shame on you, Mamata Banerjee!
Singur and Nandigram can never be forgotten!
Long Live Peoples’ struggle against displacement and loss of livelihood!

One Comment

  1. After winning elections for the second time, the West Bengal CM has tried to trample the farmers livelihood by snatching their lands to appease the elite contractors and industrial tycoons. The Shingur and Nandigram are fresh in people’s memories. They will repulse the evil designs of bourgeoisie government by waging struggles. Long live the unity of people ! Solidarity to their efforts