Little Did I Know that India is a Nightmare: An African Student’s FB Post that Shows Mirror

Nana Kofi Yalley’s fb post

It was a dream country to visit one day, only to find my dream come through by having a chance to migrate and stay here for 3 years an offer that was more than wished for.india was an amazing place I always day dreamed about from hearing about the Taj Mahal to the popular movie who wants to be a millionaire to the pretty faced actress in bollyhood movies . I felt it was worth the price to at least come one day to see this beautiful country.

The fact that they had different cultures,traditions etc. Made me fall in love with country more on my arrival but little did I know that it was a terror within. Where the educated will gel and want to know more about you the non educated saw you as a threat and a human eater -cannibal. Really ,in this century who feeds on the flesh of another human.

But little did I know that the country I so much fell in love with living outside was a nightmare to live in . Where the people who you lived your daily life with will end up turning against you just in case there was a problem .

They will call an attack on blacks non racial but will attack anybody with a dark skin irrespective of the difference in the 54 countries there in the continent of Africa. But say we all the same? Is that not racial? Just because we look same don’t make us same people because behind the dark skin we all have different identities. But yet attack all of us when one person does something wrong and you call it non racial?

The government of India will only speak for matters to cool down but will not pass laws to condemn racial abuse. It’s not even a case of only blacks, the case of North easterners as well same people who come from India are even hated. What else are you guys looking for. But yet you apply for H-1B to live in another man’s world and no one harms you. We were here when Indians in Dubai sent a video of how they were being molested in Dubai and the whole India were talking about it like it was so cruel but yet the forget that they were putting people through same situation even when they were not taking their jobs but educating themselves .

I’m saddened and frustrated , can’t seem to understand what is bringing this hatred within. Someone please explain to me. Must we also start ganging up on your fellow citizens who have gone to stay in our countries? You say who cares just because you don’t have a relative there to be attacked but if you were to be attacked your self will you dare to live to be attacked in another man’s country where you are vulnerable? That’s the choice you leave us. But we are too civilized to do unto you what you do unto us.

We are the same people investing in your wonder how ? We renting your flats at high prices, paying huge amount of dollars for fees, and spending the monies we bring in here and not saving them outside india but in the same Indian banks. Please give us some respect . The recent attack in noida is something I can’t really understand where innocent people will have to be hospitalised for a crime they didn’t commit. Who pays for the bill ? Why make someone suffer something he knows nothing about.and yet the press only tell a one sided story and no one will want to listen to the African what even breaks my heart Is when they tried a press conference the police came in and stopped it.

It’s only a fool who fears what he doesn’t know. Let our voices be heard . With so many human right lawyers and activist non of them are out there talking the truth just because they fear.


  1. Dear Nana Kofi Yalley

    I’d like to offer you my sincere sympathies for the Indian racism experienced by you and compatriots. I was touched by your calm and mature response in FaceBook. It was reproduced in India Resists, an online activist message board. I can understand your sentiments because I have lived and worked in three African countries for 15 years.

    The Hindus, who are in the majority in India, are not easy to get on with. They tend to be an insular lot, not comfortable with other social groups. They are poor at small-talk or communication generally; and civility and tolerance are not their strong point. As you noted, they can’t stand the NE people.

    Historically, there is little they can boast about. They were under foreign control for some 1000 years (Muslim and then British) and so could achieve little during this period. They are aware of their failure to organize and fight back and may have developed an enduring ’historical’ inferiority as a result. The first Mughal Emperor (of Uzbek origin) noted in his famous Memoirs written around 1530 that the natives had few crafts or skills (including gardening) and were not even good looking!
    The British too held no high opinion of the Hindus but found them submissive but made good workers under instruction. The British were shocked to find they practiced some primitive rituals like
    1) forcing a widow to be cremated with her husband (Sati),
    2) killing innocents by organized gang of thugs to appease the goddess Kali. The British banned both practices in the 18th century.

    Some assorted observations that might help:
    – I think you made a mistake joining Indian education institutions; there are hundreds of so called universities but sub-standard in curricula, facilities and research, compared with East Asia (China, Korea, Japan).
    – Hindus seem to be much driven by religious ritual; there are thousands of gods, some of strange shape such as a multi-armed goddess or elephant faced god
    – Hindu society is stratified by caste and the traditional household tends to be authoritarian. The father just lays down the law; little discussion or questions allowed. Social mixing of the sexes is frowned upon, so the male is a deeply frustrated creature, often regarding the female as a sexual object. Rapes are common and underage girls are not spared.
    – you will have observed that Indian standards of hygiene and sanitation are pathetic. Over half of India’s population defecates in the open (something that does not happen in Africa)

    – Bollywood may fascinate for a while but you soon discover that the themes are usually shallow and silly; the smallest excuse is sought to launch into song and dance. India makes hundreds of films each year but they never win international awards (unlike East Asia). India’s problem is originality and quality. Producers are fond of using East European girls in the dance routines and all because of their lighter skin colour.
    – Indians are very much fixated on skin colour and try all sorts of creams and lotions to become fairer. Indians have experienced severe racism wherever they have migrated in the West, so it is strange they act racist against Africans
    . Most Indians are not even light brown in complexion but chocolatey or even near black, especially in the South. See the picture below taken from a Bolly film (Chennai Xpress) – heroine sandwiched by two villains..
    I do hope the Indian government reins in racism before it gets out of hand. Wish you the best.

  2. At least now, India government should take stringent measures to protect the African students and citizens as well as protect India’s reputation as a secular and tolerant country. Otherwise, such incidents may rise and time may run out for reconciliation