Lesson for the Hindu Brigade from the Kansas Shooting – Bigotry Spares No One

“I was told that that guy very proudly went to another bar and told that he shot two Muslim guys. How did he decide that by the colour of a person? Does the colour of the person state that he is a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian? No. So how did that guy decide that?”

The above is an excerpt from the presser of Sunayana Dumala, the widow of Srinivas Kuchibhotla, the Indian man shot dead at Kansas. I admire her courage and empathise with her delicate frame of mind.

But if this has to stop, we need to change the narrative fast, before it’s too late. God knows there are too many people out there, ready to muddy the water more. For instance, there are creeps like Tapan Ghosh, the Hindu Samiti President who suggested Hindu men should sport “Tilaks” and women “bindis”, to distinguish themselves from the others. There are talks about refraining from using languages other than English, in public.

Apart from the fact that we cannot afford to go back to the Nazi era of the Jewish badge, what Sunayana said and Tapan Ghosh suggested, begs the question- Is it fine to kill muslims? The question shouldn’t have been how the shooter decided that Srinivas was a muslim. It should have been how the shooter decided that he could kill anyone; irrespective of their nationality or religion.

The Indians in America who supported Trump had thought that being Hindus would give them some kind of an advantage as compared to the Muslims because Trump had fondly declared that he loved Hindus and would eradicate Islamic radicalism. What they forgot is if you feed bigotry, you get bigotry. Sunayana and Srinivas happened to get stuck in this hate warp.

The men can put all the tilaks they want and the women can decorate their foreheads with bindis for all the supremacist cares. Once they are done with the muslims, they are gonna come for you. Hate is like that. It cannot be satiated if you keep feeding it. It is all a matter of time, till it reaches you.



  1. alvaresclarence

    It is Pity that none of the world leaders are on peace mission. Self security does not always gained by destroying the enemy because more will follow the course and there will be trouble. Advocating peace will create a sense of brotherhood amongst the world dwellers and in the long run our children will have a peaceful world to live in. Great thoughts of the lady who just lost her husband to a hate crime just because someone got elected and is now occupying a chair from where he can guide his followers to hate or to peace. Peace to the world

  2. Shame the fascists bigots religious fanatics can not see the racism as state sponsored terrorism and misleading people not to resist and fight back instead compromise their security by trusting the racist and fascist. They have forgotten the dot busters, and Paki bashing, an organized racism by the western powers to enslave the people from rest of the world and launch a world wars.

  3. The killer later added he thought the two targeted were Iranians. A lie because Iranians are fairer. Also when Trump referred to the Kansas incident, he made no mention of any Indians but he did express his concern about the safety of Jews.
    So poor Indians have no friends anywhere and Trump has no special regard for Modi. I hear Modi is itching to go to the US in May perhaps in the hope of meeting Trump. That will be a mistake because he will cut a sorry figure with his unattractive physique and lack of social and communication skills. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/462001048de69d9680dd45698bd5e73adaa8797b6876eb5c6e6a47f8626b3c4b.jpg .


    Bigotry is bigotry … It has no religion. It is just blind hatred that can spread like wildfire by rumours. It is disastrous not just for one religion but whole humanity

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