A Re-Cap Of The JNU Row: Govt, Police, BJP, Media, All Stand Exposed

Stanley Johny

So Let’s Re-cap.

Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested on Feb 12 under sedition charges. The Delhi Police wrote on Twitter that “Abetment of any kind of anti-national activity is a punishable offence”, indicating that that’s what Kanhaiya had done. Sections of the media, particularly Times Now and Zee News, ran an organised propaganda against Kanhaiya and JNU. The video clips these channels aired showed Kanhaiya taking part in demonstrations in which students give anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans. Arnab Goswami went berserk in his studio. Mohandas Pai, Chetan Bhagat, Jude Anthany Joseph and many of their likes expressed concerns about tax payers’ money being spent on JNU. Swapan Das Gupta tweeted the video. Sangh bhakts called for hanging Kanhaiya and shutting down JNU.

On February 14, Union Home Minister said the protesting students in JNU had the support of LeT chief Hafiz Saeed. Apparently, Singh’s claim was based on a tweet by a fake Hafiz Saeed account. Delhi Police swung into action. Warned against LeT’s support for students. After it emerged that the minister’s claim was based on the tweet, he tried to salvage himself saying he had intel reports. If so where are those reports? Did the Delhi Police argue in the court that JNU students are backed by LeT? (A source told me last week there was no such intel report. ‘we have to take the blame now because how can we contradict the home minister?’, the official told me).

On feb 15, Lawyer thugs attack JNU teachers, students and journalists at Patiala Court House. Several of them were caught on camera unleashing violence. A BJP MLA, the former private secretary of Arun Jaitley, was telecast by channels beating up a man in front of the court house. Delhi Police did nothing. Commissioner Bassi shrugged the incident off.

Two days later, the same thugs ran amok at the same place. They smashed up Kanhaiya under the watch of police. The special delegation of lawyers sent by the supreme court to investigate the violence were verbally abused. Later the video of Kanhaiya describing the incident in tears surfaced (which would shake anyone who has conscience). On the same day, Commissioner Bassi said Delhi Police would not oppose Kanhaiya’s bail.

On February 19, Swapandas Gupta, the pro-BJP journalist, tweeted that there’s a part of video clip he tweeted “may be dodgy”. His tweet came only after the original video of Kanhaiya giving slogans such as ‘manuvad-se azadi’ emerged. A few days later, a Zee News journalist quit over what he said the biased coverage of JNU protests by the channel. He says none of the video clips he and his crew shot had ‘Pakistan zindabad’ slogans.

The Patiala thugs were arrested after more evidences surfaced against their brutalities. In an India Today sting, one of them bragged about beating Kanhaiya. They were arrested, but given bail within minutes. Umar Khalid and other JNU students surrendered to police were sent to judicial custody. Delhi Police took a U-turn, saying they would now oppose Kanhaiya’s bail. “We have reasonable apprehension that if he [Kanhaiya] comes out on bail, he is bound to impact the investigation and influence witnesses. He is also likely to indulge in activities that are violative of penal laws,” said Bassi.

While hearing Kanhaiya’s bail plea, Delhi Police told the high court that there’s no video evidence showing him raising anti-India slogans. But maintained that they have eyewitnesses (ABVP members?) A forensic investigation ordered by the Delhi government found that two videos of the controversial JNU event, taken as evidence against students charged with sedition, were doctored. Words in the videos that are seen to incite violence have been spliced, says the forensic lab report.

On March 2, 19 days after Kanhaiya was arrested–19 long days during which he was abused, imprisoned and, of course, mentally tortured–the Delhi High Court gives him interim bail, along with a Bollywood song on patriotism, and asked him to stay away from “anti-national” activities.

Arnab Goswani still reads news. Zee News still doesn’t suffer any credibility problem. Swapandas Gupta is still tweeting pro-Sangh messages. Rajnath SIngh is still the union home minister. Commissioner Bassi retired in ‘dignity’. The Patiala goons may still be having fun in Delhi. And the Prime Minister is still silent on the issue.

The law doesn’t know who doctored the video. The law may not touch the Patiala goons. The law may never bring out the real conspirators of this deshbhakti drama. The law doesn’t even know who actually gave the anti-India slogans. But Kanhaiya still has sedition charges on him. So have his friends from JNU. You still haven’t got it, stupid? This is the Bharat in the making.

Re-published from Stanley Johny’s facebook post


  1. Question is why ? Why this sudden upsurge of violence on allegation of anti-national slogans except that all this was pre-planned and cooking for last many months. The educated Dalits are positing non-Aryan icons against Aryan icons and this is intolerable to Hinduttava brigade – they don’t want liberation and equality of Dalits and Tribal. So Missionaries were attacked for working among Tribal and converting them and making equal and now educated Dalit students are being harassed and forced to commit suicide or sit suppressed. Government, Police, Media and Judiciary all are using same vocabulary and expressing same pious sentiments and ready to amputate the gangrenous limb.

  2. Firstly, the Aryan and Non-Aryan part has been done to death. If you do ever want to use that line of argument, let us posit a more recent analogy- of the subjugation of Hindus by Muslims over a period of 800 years… of invaders like Mir Qasim, and other like Lodis, Khiljis, Mughals, Persians, all of whom were outsiders (hope you dont demand a proof for this or say- they were Indians !!) that followed them, all the while slaying people and gloating over it like it was some badge of honour. And in the records available in Persians (from authors who were courtiers of these rulers), killing Hindus and pillaging places of worship was a good deed,a religious deed. Little small example: during his raids to capture Shivaji, Afzal Khan focibly converted many locals (a majority from the peasant caste) into Muslims. So there you have. How far in history do you want to go? Where was this equality you so trumpet now? why were Hindus and their culture destined to the dust bin. God alone knows what would have happened if not for resurgent period under Sikhs and Marathas. The resurgence you talk of is of animate spirit, of seeking to hit back at all the negativity heaped by Leftists and others on Hindus and Hinduism over 800 yrs. if you fail to recognise this, then you are blinded by your faith. As for conversions and other issues of tribals, why would a majority that has leaved peacefully in co-existence for over 4000 years, sit idle when there is a demographic change happening. Would you give Muslims the right to change faith. No, ghar wapasi is anathema to you.

  3. i am keen to know which patriotic song from which movie did the learned judge sing while granting bail to shri.vikram chouhan who is popularly called goon lawyer on some channels. Or was his patriotism accepted to be in full measure since he was flying the tri color on a lathi like thing?