Who Killed Ramashankar Yadav?: Crucial Questions That Are Being Ignored in Bhopal ‘Encounter’

Piyush Manush

Ramashankar Yadav was a father of two Sons and a daughter .. Both the sons are in the Indian Army. The world till now knows according to the official version that Ramashankar Yadav aged 58 & with a history of heart ailments was killed by 8 simi terror suspects on the night of 30th / 31st.

A Chief Head Warden even if guarding the B Block alone would not have the keys to the cells. The keys are deposited in the Jailors room after a lock out of the entire jail by 6.00pm. In a medical emergency the keys to the cell are bought by the OCD team & surely not handed over to a individual.

In a announcement, the police has claimed that the cells were opened by the terrorist with keys made of tooth brush and wood. This is history and a miracle of science in the making. The locks of the cells are always out of reach of the prisoners. The latch is placed at least a good two feet away from the gate etched in a hole within the wall. Even if one were to have the original keys there is no way that a prisoner could open a lock on his own.

If by killing a Chief Head Warden under trials are able to escape from a High Security Prison ..then obviously there is something wrong with the narrative. The inner walls of all prisons are electrically fenced so using bed-sheets to escape would be highly improbable from a compound housing terror suspects.

A prison has several layers of security. If scaling the walls could do the trick then we could hear about prison escapades on a daily basis. As the walls are accessible to the prisoners throughout the day.

According to the official version the CCTV footage also seems not to be working. This is not done at all as every week while block inspection happens everything is checked that includes cells, prisoners things, electric connections, communication lines etc.

A full fledged multiple layered enquiry needs to be put in place to probe the murder of the Chief Head Warden Ramashankar Yadav and all those behind the gruesome murder need to be bought to book. Otherwise cruel injustice would be meted out to the country and it’s Jawans !!.. Reminding again both the sons of the deceased have been dedicated to the service of the Nation.


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