Kashmir: armed forces high-handedness against students, AJKSU to continue protest

All Jammu and Kashmir students union continued it’s protest on Tuesday as per already given statement by union.

AJKSU today held peaceful protests in many places ,we held peaceful protest at Kashmir University (KU) under the leadership of Asif Wani and we also held peaceful protest at Banihal and many other places as well.

AJKSU is continuously holding peaceful protests against the security forces high-handedness against the students of GDC Pulwama in which more that 50 students got injured .

AJKSU is going to held peaceful protests in coming days as well until the genuine demands of students are not fulfilled. We ask authorities why they shut all educational institutions in valley for a day ,is this the answer of any problem we ask authorities unless and until you(Authorities) will not redress the genuine demands of students AJKSU will continue holding peaceful protests.




  1. Armed forces have been vested with sweeping powers. These powers are being invariably misused. Often, students have come under fire. Many students have been injured and many arrested. The high-handed behaviour must be condemned. Students organisations should protest against the excesses. Democracy and freedom should be upheld in Kashmir

  2. Kashmir has been reeling under suppression by the rulers and the armed forces for past year. The students of withdrawal of forces should be considered by the government to ease the tensions