Full Video: Kanhaiya Speaking in JNU After Release

Because live videos are more powerful than doctored ones, Mr. Goswami.


  1. MotherIndia

    This is a very powerful, eloquent, and most importantly, HONEST speech. All power and faith to Kanhaiya, and may his dream of an India free from Manuvaad and Sanghvaad come true! God bless, and stay strong.

    • Arey Bhai Kanhaiya Kumar hume bi bta do

      Did Communist gave AZADI FROM GAREEBI to ppl of Bengal in 34 yrs of Communist RULE ?……….

  2. wildrider

    he is totally waste. he is funded by leftist. Why these students did not raised their voice when congress was in power. I don’t think that it should be reminded to all of the peoples that congress was in power since last 60 years. these types of peoples are afraid of their future because government is doing very good. Before that I was thinking that JNU is good university but after this incident I can decide very easily that even a 10th class student can think better than JNU student. This guy is giving very effective speech for the fools but not for who have some consciousness. This is no1 c****a in JNU and thinking that he is giving super speech. And best thing is that super c****a is listening his speech. Don’t try to fool peoples. And NDTV should be declared a thereat to national security and should be banned in India. I have more aggression but unable to express my aggression in words. In JNU only terrorist are growing.

    • Vijaya Kumar Marla

      Leftist in India are financially paupers and survive from donations given by workers and Party members from their salaries. I know many communists, who contribute their meager personal money to organise meetings. You are talking about the students getting funding? The Leftist do not go to corporate houses for donations and neither do the corporates give them money. Know the realities. Even to print pamphlets, they pool money among themselves.

  3. These students used to raise their voice then too. Because the Congress government never arrested them, they never got so much attention before. In fact, in his speech Umar made very clear that they had raised these issues when Manmohan Singh was PM, and also disrupted his visit to the JNU campus.

    • Sachin Pathak

      Congress was busy in looting country. If you are doing wrong things you ignore other wrong doings.

      • Sayed Masood

        Sachin Bhai, Namaskar, Two wrongs doesn’t make a right……………..Apna Sukh bhi Ek hai saathi Apna Dukh bhi Ek………….Sayed Masood

  4. Nishant Irudayadason

    Your vision of India is very thought provoking. Thank you Kanhaiya. India is proud of the people of young generation and students like you. I am glad that JNU creates critical and creative thinkers. Wishing all the members of JNU success for their struggle for freedom from poverty, hunger, caste discrimination, gender discrimination and all the forces that dehumanizes India.

    • Arey Bhai Kanhaiya Kumar hume bi bta do

      Did Communist gave AZADI FROM GAREEBI to ppl of Bengal in 34 yrs of Communist RULE ?

  5. Just love watching this.

  6. Sachin Pathak

    JNU Guys please study first.. We have enough politicians and we need people who can perform for development of our country. Stop being a puppet in hands of both the parties. India has high degree of diversity and we cannot get rid of our issues unless we have food and shelter for everyone. I could see one more opportunistic Kejriwal … Don’t fall in trap.

  7. karunanidhi mahendran

    We, the non-hindi speaking people, wish this video should have English subtitles.

  8. this is a bunch of fools, want azadi from whom? i think they are only a bunch of people who loud so much & do nothing….in hindi” thotha chana baje ghana” jnu students dont have any work or study to do, they have to become kejriwal. arey mere desh drohiyon first become a responsible person than compare your self & say something about modi ji our PM, tum log unke baal (hair) ke barabar bhi nahi ho jo afzal jaise desh drohi ko fir se paida karne ki baat karte ho, jo gaddar ke saaath wo khud iss desh ka gaddar……jai bharat, vande matram

  9. karunanidhi ji, this is a total waste & bullshit of indian fools, dont hear the nonsense postings

    • karunanidhi mahendran

      Varun ji, i have gone through the english summary. And it may be bullshit to bakths, not to me. 🙂

  10. they are the traitor of india

  11. Subrata Sanyal

    Kanhaya speach is Utopian idea and far from real life.
    However it was really an entertaining one.

    • Arey Bhai Kanhaiya Kumar hume bi bta do……..

      Did Communist gave AZADI FROM GAREEBI to ppl of Bengal in 34 yrs of Communist RULE ?

    • Ok for a moment accept ed that his ideologies are good……but from where and why his gang brought in afzal guru and. Slogan like Bharat tete tilde honge…now this lied is calling those doctored..

  12. Arey Bhai Kanhaiya Kumar hume bi bta do

    Did Communist gave AZADI FROM GAREEBI to ppl of Bengal in 34 yrs of Communist RULE ?

  13. Few Drug addicts and Sex Maniac Students and Professors of JNU dont represent Voice of Youth of India ……..

  14. What all Kanhaiya said after his release on bail are the dreams and desires of a common Indian who loves to lead a simply fulfilled life in a socially, economically, politically , culturally and spiritually inclusive, a vibrant India, which is egalitarian in all forms of menifestation. The India where all forms of discrimination based on cast, creed, religion, belief, community, wealth, place of birth, region, appearance etc., which are almost prevelent everywhere, are frowned at. I don’t mind even a young student like Kanhaiya with all such cherished dreams in heart, the critical faculties to execute in the mental plane and the courage to face hindrances, is the future PM in making for the beloved country.Wish you Kanhaiya to be the Kanhaiya of the modern India to demolish the Kangsha of Kali Yug. We are proud of you. Bring Kranti, Bring Change for the toiling masses.

  15. Rajiv Ranjan

    The boy is gifted. No doubt. It is true he represents the “toiling Bharat”, which is different from a small “booming India”. Many of his demands are correct. However, the speech had a lot of dramatics, hyperbole. Low in facts. He says something to the effect at one place “those who are causing wars” are responsible for soldiers dying. I don’t know what he means, or he means anything at all. The maniac oligarchy on the other side of the border is only responsible for wars.They are at war with their own people. When you say “Manuwaad se azadi”, I agree, it warms my heart that you wish to take the society ahead. But, to be fair and very honest, you also need to say in the same breath “Mullawaad se Azadi”. Then, my friend, I would have thought you very balanced, very brave, the real superstar, with no danger of demagoguery when you unfold as a politician in coming years.

    • Also. Ask where does Afazal guru comes s a hero in his ideology……..Salaa palti maar besharam
      Bloody coward can’t and don’t have balls to stick to his own words

  16. 900 Chuhhe khaa ke billi haz ko chali. Applies to Kanhaiya after release. Hope you understand its meaning.

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