Join Protests in Noida in solidarity with journalists sacked from Network18

Samreen Naaz

cnn-ibn-ibn7-ibn-lokmatOn Friday, 16th August 2013, Network18 group- which comprises media houses like CNN-IBN and IBN7, fired 320 of its employees without any prior notice. The employees were just called by the HR and were asked to sign the resignation. This was done as a measure for cost-cutting. The employees in question even consisted of some pregnant women, people who have bought cars and booked houses on loan, et al. These women might have been relying on the medical reimbursement for their medical expenses, and now they must be in trauma thinking how would they manage.

The sad part is none of the employees could question the management because of abound contractual job trend in the media houses. Most of the companies, nowadays, hire on a contract basis.
Its depressing that no newspapers and news channels covered this incident, except for an article in The Hindu. People of the same fraternity are not ready to help. It might happen tomorrow that TV Today group employees are sacked, or NDTV employees are sacked and so on. Instead of sitting mum, we must raise a voice against this. This is a sector where already job prospects are lower, and if people are fired like this, they have no other choice but to settle down for 20-30% lesser salary, or no job at all.

Some 32 people gathered at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Sunday, 18th of August, to discuss the whole thing, and a group called JOURNALISTS SOLIDARITY FORUM was formed as a result of their discussions. Journalists solidarity forum has decided to protest about all this happening outside IBN7 office on the 21st of August at 2PM. This is a fight of the media workers and they should definitely come forward and lend out a hand in support. We request journalists of other organisation too to be with us during these tough times. Journalists, activists, Human rights organisations, PUCL, PUDR, Students organisations are all requested to be present outside the office of IBN7 , Film City, sector-16, Noida, and protest against the management for this inhuman act due to which hundreds of people became unemployed in no time at all.


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