Join ‘Kiss of Love’: kiss publicly, protest cultural policing!

Kiss of Love

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Since an organized attempt to misrepresent the motive of Kiss of Love campaign is fast gaining momentum, we would like to make our stand clear.

Our program is not restricted to lovers and couples. We welcome all human beings who are capable of loving each other and would like to express that in public. With this symbolic gesture we would like to send a strong message to social elements who indulge in moral fascism and moral policing. It is interesting to note that prominent voices against our campaign were careful to distant themselves from the term “moral police”. However at the same time, when they dictate a moral code to conduct a protest, they are defacto committing an act of moral policing.

We believe that these voices are not mainstream, and they don’t really represent the population of Kerala. Therefore we urge you, parents, brothers and sisters, couples, and everybody to come out along with your loved ones and join us and express your love in public places.

In Kerala we know instances where husbands and wives were beaten up by the so called moral police, just because some one was not convinced that the couples were really husband and wife. We have also seen young professionals, pregnant women, siblings harassed by these fringe elements of the society.

So its time we the people, parents, siblings, couples, come out and show that there is nothing wrong in expressing our love to our loved ones through hugs or kisses in public. This is not just a protest for the right to kiss in public places. We need to open up spaces in the rigid Kerala society to make it tolerant towards expression of love in public spaces, be it between siblings, or parents with children.

A short word to those who say that this is not our culture. Our literature and poetry has celebrated the expression of love. One of the earliest recorded instance of a kiss is in the epic Mahabharatha (where Rishyashrina kisses Vaishali). In fact some anthropologists beleive that kissing originated in India and it got passed on to the rest of the world, when Alexander came here with his army.



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