Massive JNU Solidarity Protest in Delhi: video for those who couldn’t attend

This is the Strength of JNU. This is the March for JNU. Not only by JNU, but also by Various institutions and Universities, who are struggling for preserving the “Spirit of Democracy” in India this time. This solidarity March From Mandi House to Jantar Mantar is not only for relesing the JNUSU President,


  1. I still do not understand why JNU wants Afzal in every house and tukde of Bharat Insha Allah?

    • Hello Ji! That’s the problem of majority of Indians. They just don’t understand what’s going on. Still they want to call people anti-nationals. Still they want students to be arrested and beaten.

      Why don’t they just shut up and watch things happening if they don’t understand it?

      They should ask, like you just did.

      So, the issues is that nationalism is not owned by any person or group. Your definition and way to express may be different than mine. Then who the hell gives you the right to question my definition?

      Central Government and Delhi Police have acted very immaturely to arrest the students.
      Media has acted immaturely to portray the students as hardened terrorists.
      BJP cadre has acted immaturely to brand the whole university as anti-national and everyone supporting them as anti-national as well.

      Media has lied in their enthusiasm to show how clearly they have caught anti-nationals on record.
      BJP cadre has lied all over social media with edited videos and morphed photos to malign everybody that’s not BJP.

      The country in under siege of a goonda party at the centre that relies on hooligans to form its cadre. Without which the party will not exist. So, they let all this happen.

      Now the students are more mature than the seasoned politicians and have joined hands to show all hooligans what democracy is. They are showing the path to resolve socio-economical (Naxal) and political (Kashmir/Bodo) issues that could not be solved since independence because national politics was not mature and too scared to take steps. Students have nothing to lose politically, so they can take steps considered risky in politics. Steps like extending a hand of friendship towards Kashmir.

      For resolving such big issues, the terror attack on parliament is a minor issue that can’t be a permanent wall between Kashmir and the rest of India.
      Tell show the politicians how to build bridges and not walls.
      Now choose your side.

    • Difference is with minds? If ur a bhakt, u may not understand.

  2. Wow Students!!! Let faking people in RSS see the peaceful march.

  3. Is it true that JNU got Rs 1300 Crores subsidy in last 20 months?

  4. Learn from these young people, how to protest. You dont burn buses and kill people like BJP hooligans.

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