JNU crisis and its meta-narrative

Radhika Jagtap

Radhika JagtapRadhika is pursuing her PhD in international Law at School of International Legal Studies, JNU

The country is witnessing a student movement like never before in its history. From the events of 9th February 2016 to the arrest of the JNUSU president, a lot has been spoken, written and commented about the whole issue and still continuing. While overenthusiastic desh-bhakts cannot stop playing the trumpets in dignity of “Mother India”, every JNUite is practically exhausted fighting all sorts of abuses coming from the non-JNU folks. Even when the firsthand witness accounts of what exactly happened that evening are out in the social media, they are not there as mightily as the “shutJNU” hashtags are. Logical reasoning against the “Bharat Mata” discourse is becoming a David v. Goliath situation.

This piece comes as a result of great frustration and the need to let out all that cannot be updated in a facebook comment. Like any JNUite committed to its institution’s pride left no stone upturned in sharing and posting various updates and opinions on the social media and that, I believe , is the least we can do in times where sabotaging is happening everywhere. But what each one of us is being subjected to is also social media abuse and lectures on patriotism by various people. And trying to explain them the whole affair, with the larger political angle, is taking a toll on our sanities.

In my very personal case, it is even more difficult because I belong to Gujarat and most people in the campus assume I am a right wing nationalist for obvious reasons. Most of the times on being introduced to someone new, I have to give clarifications about my political views first and then anything else. Just imagine the complex battle I have to fight after putting a single “SaveJNU” update.

Media trials have already given out its verdict and it has not only maligned the University’s reputation, but has presented a distorted picture of all that JNU is about- from its dhaba culture to its student movement and politics. From memes mocking JNU as the extension of Pakistan to random politicians calling the female students worse than prostitutes, JNU and JNUites are being socially victimized like never before. Its not that all of a sudden the Indian junta turned patriotic; its not even that people have always hated JNU; a rather sound explanation to it is that the average Indian public has never understood a political culture other than the mainstream. Not many University campuses in the country offer something like what JNU does and even if they do, you don’t get to read about them everyday unless there is something as controversial.

Therefore, the meta-narrative about the culture of JNU is as:

Students here are nocturnal. They smoke up weed, eat non veg, drink and debate on utopian ideas which have no practical relevance. Girl’s here are of easy virtue, very friendly and open.

Professors and teachers propagate counter-productive and revolutionary ideas to the students and union leaders.

Many of students develop “naxalite”, “maoist” sentiments and also jihadi.

Students stop believing in institutions like the State and marriage (yes. hilarious, but yes so are my relatives!).

The present crisis through which the University is going has only extended this above narrative about the campus, why:

Because on the first three days. i.e. 9th February to 11th February, the news channels (Times Now and Zee news, to be precise) constantly played and replayed the video which featured the “Pakistan Zindabad” slogans, which followed by huge number of people applauding Arnab Goswami and Rohit Sardana for doing a marvellous jobs at “nailing shameless JNU leaders.” It felt like people experienced the same satisfaction that a violent mob gets after unleashing on the victim. Yes, this kind of treatment of JNU was no less than a lynching!

So, now, a junta who has never cared to know how campus politics works or what is the Indian student movement all about is all of a sudden exposed to such a picture where students are allegedly degrading Mother India or being yelled at by Goswami, will definitely be carried away! This is how a mob psychology works and this is how grand narratives are formed.

Not exaggerating, but many people (well educated) do not know about JNU and yes it is a fact. Let alone the kind of culture we have. People still rely on hearsay accounts, stereotypes and gossips for being informed.

What they must understand:

First, that there are peoples from various walks of life that come to be a part of JNU. The university, besides an educational institution is a also a platform for various identities, solidarities and opinions to acquire a voice. The beauty of JNU is that it nurtures each one of them, irrespective of political ideology, language and nationality. Hence what point people are missing is that even liberation movements are a part of the larger student movement on the campus. The student community, through the democratically elected union extends solidarity to all the smaller movements that are seeking recognition. So what if there is presence of groups that demand Kashmir’s liberation? So what if they hail someone as their freedom fighter? The student community accommodates them all without crossing any limits whatsoever.

Second, that who raised “bharat ki barbaadi” slogans is still not investigated. So why should JNU take responsibility of a crime no one is sure who committed. I mean, leading legal experts like Soli Sorabjee have also opined that “facts must looked into and in totality of the larger picture’ (his interview with India Today, this morning ).

Third, that arrest was arbitrary and illegal, which nobody outside JNU is ready to highlight vividly.

Fourth, that here in JNU we have a tradition of deconstructing- deconstructing everything that is grand, arbitrary and unconvincing. So what if we are critical of concepts like “State”, “Nationalism” and “Sovereignity”? If academic deliberation on these concepts is wrong, arrest us all who have taen courses, written papers and made presentations in that accordance!

Last, Afzal Guru is not the face of JNU, nor is Yakub Memom a hero for the student community here or anyone else. JNU is for ideas.

The overly active generation of Indian social media must stop educating solely on the basis of mockery. Memes and social media updates help only if there is an element of truth to it. And yes satire is a good way of creating awareness, but for the right causes. The bitter truth is we are an inadequately informed junta! No masala, no interest. No wonder the 2014 loksabha elections drew massive attention from all people, as we all would agree there wasn’t any shortage of entertainment. So the question here is that is it just fine to let entertainment guide us or a critical engagement is also necessary?

Amidst all sort of chaos, one thing has emerged and that is, it is not a mere battle of sedition versus patriotism anymore. It has become now a “battle of world views.” What kind of world we wish to be a part of? One where your view of the world is decided by twitteratis or one where everything is subjected to questioning?








    Starting with the first and foremost point: Please don’t give me labels like “Sanghi”, “Bhakt”, “AAPtard” or “Naxal” based on my ideology preferences. I am here to discuss/debate (depending on your perception towards my comments)

    Now, I am also among those who do not wish judicial custody for JNUSU students, ABVP etc without any proof. But yes if there are any proofs like very recently accusations are been made that ABVP were the one who raised slogans or Umar Khalid has links with separatist leaders in Kashmir. Any of the accusations, if right, the accused should be punished.

    This is where my real fear comes up. People are fond of ideologies, less of truth. They try defending it till their last breath. They accept the truth that suits them, ignore what criticizes them. This is one of my observations on this whole incident. And most of them are suffering from it. You are right the current generation of twitteratis and meme lovers take everything as a joke. But don’t you think those people who give these stupid labels like i mentioned in the beginning of this comment also show their stubborn and arrogant side. I know one thing about labels: it makes you ignorant towards the person you have labelled. The labelled person might be wrong at times, might be stupid or aggressive at times. But does that mean we should start ignoring what he/she has to say forever? This question is for everybody. Even for you!!!

    Talking about anti national slogans: somebody did it. No matter from which “political/ideological” side it was. Call it conspiracy or anything, it happened INSIDE JNU. And surprisingly everyone is busy putting blame on each other. Like I said before trying to defend their “ideology”. You know some antinational elements entered inside your campus, created this big mess while you were smoking pot!!! (By the way it is not something to be proud of). When some raise slogans like “Bharat ki barbaadi” and “India go back” a common citizen like me, part of this democratic system (which even the slogan raisers happen to be) feels bad. Because even I have a list of issues with this govt. and the thinking in India. I have issues when people have caste based views, when people treat women with no respect, when lakhs of crores of loans are been waived off by the banks using the taxes paid by us, when my brother inspite of sound knowledge and talent is not allowed admission just because he does not belong to a lower caste, when my friends from north east are ill treated and there are many other issues. Maybe the slogan raisers way of fixing things is different but it has some serious bugs. Are they trying to create Syria out of India?

    I stand with JNU for its ideas and quality of education it provides. IMO these ideas, ideologies, perspectives should be discussed within JNU students within the campus. If you bring it in a very raw form outside the college there will be chaos. Because lets accept reality not every one understands perspectives. Otherwise everyone would qualify for JNU. Bring your ideas out but in a proper format. Discuss/Debate on it before bringing it out because you guys surely have plenty of time and energy to do that. People outside JNU have many responsibilities on their shoulders, they dont have the time and energy to analyse the JNU ideas closely. He/She is definitely going to reject it when served with anti india slogans, cultural events on controversial people. According to me you are not a threat if you have something to comment on Afzal Guru or Yakub Memon but there is a proper format for discussion or debates.

    Now finishing my long comment on the lighter side where you said people automatically assume you to be a right wing nationalist just because you are from Gujarat due to some “obvious” reasons. I lived my entire life in Gujarat and during my college days through various random discussions and debates tried to convince people that “what naxals are trying to do is not terrorism but revolution and it unfortunately has causalities and just try to think from their perspective, their ideology. Some netas have tried to resolve issues with them using peace talks which should be appreciated”. So now when I travel outside Gujarat (quite often) I dont see people assuming me a right wing nationalist. BTW I dont know what is so wrong about being right wing nationalist, its their ideology/perspective. I dont even know why this point was even needed to be mentioned in your blog post.

    There are two types of people in the system:
    1. Who blabber about issues
    2. Who fix it or get it fixed.
    We need both. No matter how much you hate them or condemn them.

    Thank You.

    • “People outside JNU have many responsibilities on their shoulders, they dont have the time and energy to analyse the JNU ideas closely.”….???? Fine, your point is well taken. But we are not living in times where one can afford being misinformed or incompletely aware of the facts and events. The logic that you are providing here is what exactly pervasive neoliberalism is all about- i.e. “Keep politics and public sphere separate.”

      • You said “But we are not living in times where one can afford being misinformed or incompletely aware of the facts and events”. No!! I was talking about JNU ideas, not current JNU issue. People like me are closely watching over the events and facts. And thats the whole reason why I am reading your blog and giving my thoughts unbiased. Because not every one like me is judging a group of people based on what is shown on television news. To be honest eveything is being considered, from television news to interviews to speeches given by students etc. I cannot turn my back just because someone like Arnab Goswami is being aggressive on a talk show or someone is openly raising slogans without any proper agenda in mind. BTW I believe both are equally stupid but everyone needs to be heard. Those loud one sided prime time debates were the reason why I chose to dig more into this whole issue, listening to other side as well. Otherwise how else do you expect me to know more about the issue? By leaving everything aside, travel 1500 Kms, come to JNU, talk to students(ABVP, AFSI, SFI….), teachers personally? Asynchronous debates or discussions is the way to go in this era. I dont think there is any other possible way to include “public sphere” into this discussion.

        I am not in favour of keeping politics and public sphere separate, if I believe so then it would be so hypocrite of me, who belongs to that public sphere, to come here and discuss the whole issue with you.

  2. The student community accommodates them all without crossing any limits whatsoever.

    With reference to the above mentioned statement in your article can you specify what limits mean?Regarding the recent protests that have been happening in your campus protesting is a right that every citizen has.But hailing someone as a hero who has been PROVEN as a terrorist how is that right.There is a ton of eveidence against afzal and the trial was conducted fairly by the court for 11 years.The student union could have assisted them to search for any evidence or irregularities in the case that might have been useful in their fight but why the anti national route?I have the utmost respect for JNU and i still believe it to be one of the premier institutions of my country but how as a peace loving citizen how am i supposed to digest that a terrorist is being glorified without any concrete evidence?

    • (Brilliant Radhika!!) Turning to Abhyudai….
      Your kind of question I think comes as one among the most genuine of the questions. Iam not trying to flatter you in this case.

      You see even here you have again put forward a question we are answering ‘prima facie. How have you decided that the ‘JNU’ itself has taken Afsal Guru as hero. Again being part of the same discourse that JNU espouses the politics of afsal guru, separatism and anti-nationalism. Why should JNU or Radhika be one to answer for what a section in JNU argues. JNU and Radhika are arguing only onething – they have the right to do so… thats it…

      Second, why do you think Supreme Court cannot be wrong. What on earth gives Supreme Court or for that matter give any human institution above ‘errors’. Each and every grand institutions are capable of being fallible. If not then why do we have Parliament the overriding power over supreme court. And Constitution and Parliament itself capable of being corrected and re-written as per the majority in the parliament. So why shouldn’t some have right to protest Supreme Court’s or even Parliament’s or even this entire country’s opinion on any issue. Even though as an emotion one might be late to understand, isn’t this the core of not only democracy but also social and thereby human history itself.

      Its precisely thats what many are arguing and protesting. He is not a hero. I dont see anything promising for any generation in this country. But are these reasons enough to the treatment he has been subjected to. I base my arguments on these reading of the Afsal Guru case.


      for arguments’ sake all these people could be anti-national. But dont you think they deserve the right to protest and consider on the basis of their conviction that Afsal Guru is a ‘hero’. Its their right to opinion, expression and dissent.

      I dont deny the police’s or state’s right to doubt that these might have some links to anti-nation elements (capable of causing hurt to people and resources of this country).
      But is this way to deal with them. Conducting a witch hunt!! Come on this is a university space. We have people who are part of different ideologies from different walks of life, region and world. All those social backgrounds and embedded political ideologies reflect here. And they all debate, discuss and argue their cases here. You put limits to ideas then you are basically not allowing a university space. Thats not what a university is made for. Juxtapose this with Science. Can you have a scientific institute with rider that you cannot think and discuss about certain aspects of other sciences. Apply the same to social science also.

      The best of the ideas emerge facing the rigorous of other ideas. The idea of secular, socialist, republic of India emerged as its engagement with the other possible ideas.

      You see as of my experience being an ideological and political opponent of the politics of the organisers of the event including Umar and Anirban – I can tell one thing. They stand with the self-determination of Kashmir whereas I stand for a politics that wants Arrticle 370 and autonomy for Kashmir as promised to Kashmiris and want it to be integral part of India with promised autonomy. Now it does not mean Iam not going to hear them. I will hear him precisely because to answer him and prove their logic false.

      Anti-India slogans are part and parcel of the life of those regions of the country that the nation-state in India has oppressed, estranged or deliberately backstabbed. Its also due to elements external to this country. people from these walks of life and region when they move to other parts of India also carry that with them. So would you be okay if they dont express it open and act in front of us. Or would it be better if we hear them and see where the problem lies (internal and external both) what could be done to include these aspirations within this nation. Decades ago Tamil Nadu had strong anti-India politics, Punjab had the same, Manipur, Tripura, Kashmir, Nagaland still has. What should be the right approach to these questions? If national integration is the motto then democratic inclusion is the only reasonable and strongest of the solution. (and this is just my opinion).

      I come from Tamil Nadu. There are lots of groups in Tamil Nadu who just as chauvinistically and some with genuine heart raise slogans and do politics of Tamil separatism. That ideology was and is being defeated not because of any action of violence and repression but through dialogue and larger inclusion of the demands of Tamil society.

      So when some Kashmiri or Manipuri or Punjabi or even some Tamil students whether they shout, slogan or silently carry in their minds these thoughts please remember they are real. A ‘violent space’ whatever it be could take steps to suppress that opinion but a democracy and more so a ‘University’ is not that space. While this might be hard to understand for people long away from those actual areas but even the most hard core of the Hindutva or genuine nationalist understand them to be real political forces and engage with them. That’s why you have political forces having mind-boggling alliances with parties and forces that do not cater to the idea of India and raise or support separatism.

      A nation is a constantly evolving socio-political entity. A violent nation might survive and expand but not for eternity. A great idea of nation and society might crumble like Soviet. All things will change as change is inevitable. Dont expect anthing in the world to withstand time. But it is only the best of those that keep inspiring others to exist. And India is one and it should not only provide the same reasons that it provided for its coming into existence but keep substantiating and creating better and better reasons.

      sorry for this reply in haste..

    • The supreme court that convicted Afzal Guru can be wrong too. Do you really know about the whole case? He was hanged based on circumstantial evidence and to satisfy the collective conscience of the country. No direct link between him and any terrorist groups have been found. Keeping that in mind the question is he the real culprit? or is there more to the story?The trial was very unfair. the lawyer rarely met Guru. You do not know the correct facts. Please The country portrays him as the terrorist and we believe them. We should respect the supreme court but we have the right to raise questions too.

    • Sir people in JNU are as peace loving as you are. What anti national route are you referring to?

  3. radhika!
    its an excellent read. The best part of it is you unlike many others in JNU have not been defensive about anything. Some the other day were asking, has kanhaiya said this or not…..or….who are the real culprit….and so on and so forth…
    only one point in your write up appeared, if i am hurting you please forgive me and ignore this, appeared to be defensive was the statement about AFzal….why disown him…why exclude him…
    (don’t know much about yakub though).
    If some in JNU hold them as heroes is there a problem???
    I find its fine. Respond only if you find its worth it.
    Thanks for writting for my ALMA MATER.

    • Dear Sir
      If I am inferring correctly, your concern is why did I completely dissociate the Campus politics with names like Afzal Guru. Sir, I accept that I forgot to mention one thing blatantly and that is the student movement of the campus has always challenged all forms of miscarriages of justice and oppressive acts of the state, Afzal Guru’s arbitrary execution was one instance. However, what I meant was that the public and media did not care to differentiate between eulogizing a person and students challenging the politics and illegality behind the execution of a person.

  4. hahaha thats called JNU swag for trying to come across as too cool a JNUite
    if abuses hurled at jnu affects ur community so much so that u r all out to defend this pathetic act of urs yes urs (umar khaled was not an alien he was frm jnu or you are going to disown him just like pak did to kasab, in reference to ur point no 2 who raised the slogans we dont know and it shud be investigated, nw how one wud investigate when so called liberal leftist thinkers of jnu are running away like rats and hiding, if they have so much conviction in their ideas and beliefs then they shud come forward face the law and prove their argument right or they hav their own courts in pak)
    then by the very same logic abuses hurled at India and against its institutions must also be affecting some people ( as per u the junta which is alienated to the “JNU culture” wich u got so accustomed to as if you were born with the JNU DNA wich is so uniq that only a fortunate few r born wit)

    And is JNU campus located on mars that it will have its own ecology own oxygen and own culture who gave JNU the copyright to this culture who holds the copyright for this culture that
    this culture can overpower any constitution any judiciary any law any damn state action any sentiment any morality and everything will be forbidden to safeguard this so called culture even the law of the land and everything will be justified in the name of this culture and if some one raises an objection “oh plzz dont encroach upon our culture”. the terrorists will then also hav their copyright over their culture the drug mafias the goons
    Police cant enter the Jnu campus, why is it the institution of UN or has it scaled such heights as that of vatican where only khaled’s pronouncement will be hailed and every law evry institution will bcum redundant.
    autonomy what autonomy does Jnu want does it want to have its own constitution own state own police then if there is a terrorist attack on the JNu campus then the leftists must be able to deal with that too then dont come crying state didnt do nything as for blaming there is always a state.
    we challenge every idea we deconstruct everything will u deconstruct the state and its territorial integrity then which state will fund Jnu which state will protect Jnu campus and more importantly which state will grant Jnu this autonomy Pak or Pok or saudi
    and what remarkable feats has pak achieved for the ideas of State”, “Nationalism”, liberalism, plurality and “Sovereignty that it was hailed so much on the jnu campus while simultaneously degrading the idea of the Indian state tho i agree that there cant be a one idea of a nation but there can be and has to be one state in a single piece of territory.
    media has no right to give verdict and so shud not be the case but what prblms do u hav with the courts let the trial begin let the videos be examined by a forensic expert every shit will be out in the open the “liberals” may very well be acquitted if they have their hands clean why Jnu is so afraid of the trial why some of those liberals of AZADI are on a running spree now come out in the open instead of creating the ruckus of false liberalism and the Jnu culture.

    is this the way to deconstruct or debate upon the ideas by inciting mobs (nd then u say we dont know who raised those slogans if u dont know then how can u say that they were debating the idea) raising slogans like terrorists
    wat diffrnc it wud hav made had it been done properly in a seminar or in an auditorium u have plenty i guess courtesy the huge public money u are funded with but no it isn’t politics if its not hooliganism.

    • You….Himanshu Sinha, or if I should address as Sir/Knight/Lord Himanshu Sinha?? Because the lengthy comment you cared to write, which is somehow non-appearing on my post, clearly suggests you do need a recognition badly. However, let me reply anyway. The campus culture never was, never will be in conflict or any attempt what so ever to create a class or overthrow any govt. institute’s mandate, like you suggested. I would rather call the campus a cosmopolitan city which inclusively observes not one, but a plethora of kinds of cultures- yes raising critical slogans that may not appease the majjoritarian view of a country, questioning the most dominant notions, being tolerant towards all kinds of identities, where people are not so foolish enough to make a fuss over one’s political view; where altruism is a basic value each one of us shares.- so which part of the culture would like to attack specifically? And you asked if I was not born in JNU, so I must stop praising it? Well, Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Upendra Baxi, and several other scholarly thinkers people from NYU, John Hopkins, Harvard, Yale, University of Capetown, MIT should all have had met with this extremely crucial criteria that you pointed out, right? And lastly, nothing that JNU is responsible for incited “mob” violence outside. You know better now what did. So shut up and get your facts/research/ political knowledge clear. THIS IS JNU SWAG!

      • hahaha.XD the dying marxist leninist ideology for sure needs a recognition and that too very badly, coz nobody givs a damn abt it, well so how do you get the recognition U raise anti national slogans

        thats precisely what people want to point out jnu accommodates all kind of cultures even the separatist and fascist cultures will u then even accommodate terrorists and jihadis for they also have their own ideology they are not fools fighting for no reason, even a criminal has particular reason and is guided by a motive will u then accommodate all of that in the name of COSMOPOLITAN CULTURE then u shud better do away with the social contract, state and even the legal system, why punish then accept n accommodate their views then their bullets their bombs, their killings coz it all starts with an ideology.
        that’s exactly the what marxist leninist ideology wants to perpetrate in the name of this cosmopolitan culture for it starts with a stupid ideology at the jnu and ends up in Naxalism/maoism in the jungles of eastern India,
        u talk about non-violent protests and cosmopolitan culture, well USSR was the glaring example of this hypocrisy, remember stalin

        and nobody has problms with u praising the jnu, but there will be problms when u demean ur state right in the jnu campus in order to praise the “JNU culture” which ironically thrives on the unfettered liberty, resources given to it by that very same state. (try that in saudi or even in the US)
        u talk about mob violence there are people all sorts of people coming from outside the jnu campus to join that protest or shud i say revolt against the state why it did not occur to those liberals cosmopolitans or were they so busy raising the anti national slogans.
        really has the level of jnu stooped such a low that they now have to raise slogans on the street, then why are they pursuing researches in jnu, just raise slogans like hooligans.
        thats what they want to turn jnu into a cafe a hangout for all sorts of traitors, treasonous ppl to hang out, oh plzz cum to jnu we are cosmopolitan/anti nationals, well choose ur pick
        every kind of anti national assistance will be provided, join us

        these agitations form the very basis of revolt against the state and have to nipped right in the bud and dont tell me to shut up if u can take the freedom of speech for a ride and defend it foolishly then i hav every right to xpose ur hypocrisy at least m not raising slogans like hooligans, or will u then block my views n say i m cosmopolitan…sic!!

        • Once again You have showcased your knowledge on world history and politics. You are giving instances of countries like Saudi Arabia and UK?? Well I dont need to educate you on what HR record Saudi has, except you are suggesting India becomes like that too, in which case I quite know what you are suffering from. Secondly USA?? Well, Vietnam war?? Student resistance?? Students burning the American Flag…..RING A BELL? For god’s sake, read up something dude!

          • Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), and U.S. v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990)
            read up on these cases the ruling was made by the us sc in the context of burning/desecration of the US national flag.
            “In common usage, the phrase ‘flag burning’ refers only to burning a flag as an act of protest. However the United States Flag Code states that “the flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display (for example, the flag being faded or torn), should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning”
            mark the word dignified
            the act of burning itself has not been declared illegal but the context has been marked out if its for protest against the state then the perpetrators can be punished.
            And for the vietnam war protests plzz also read Kent state shootings, tho i so wish that happens in India too but sadly we r too tolerant/cosmopolitan a nation.
            Also refer to the Patriots Act, and strict scrutiny and torture which is inflicted on anyone found even remotely engaging in any such activities, which our secular film stars go so much tom toming abt
            As for the HR records of Saudi arabia the criminal punishment is indeed horrendous owing to the shariat law.but atleast they have great reverence for their laws unlike us cosmopolitans who take our laws for ride in name JNU swag,
            the crime rate in Saudi is amongst the lowest in the world

            that’s why these countries don’t have bombs blowing up like fuljharis and insurgencies happening every now and then, its for good.
            make use of the FREE resources u get, instead of coming out Lame and Ringing the annoying bells.
            happy ranting

          • Dude, what is point any way? Do you even know for yourself??

          • BTW…..its you who needs to read the judgement in Texas v. Johnson……again DO YOUR HOMEWORK WELL before citing cases!!

          • stop trusting wikipedia so much, read the official jugmnt
            johnson was let go off coz of multitude of reasons

            it was a close call the judgment being 5-4 in majority
            also the The Texas law was not just aimed at protecting the physical integrity of the flag in all circumstances, but was designed instead to protect it only against impairments that would cause serious offense to others.
            Therefore johnson was not intentionally desecrating the Flag to cause offence to others but was using it as a means to make the state hear his voice thats y it cud attract the protection of first amendment.
            also the judges adopted a lenient approach, that the best way to accord respect and allegiance towards the national flag is not to punish the desecrator but by allowing him the liberty and freedom of speech which this Flag so vehemently represents.

            now u will ask wat is ur point then
            just that the compromise on the Nationality and such venerated objects is unbearable in US, this jugmnt explains that in a detailed manner and was pronounced entirely in the context of the circumstances. Read the full jugmnt it aptly describes how the American Flag represents the unity of states of America and Johnson in no way meant to break US into pieces
            like the intellectuals of the JNU.
            excerpt frm the jgmnt

            “The First Amendment does not guarantee that other concepts virtually sacred to our Nation as a whole — such as the principle that discrimination on the basis of race is odious and destructive — will go unquestioned in the marketplace of ideas. See Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U. S. 444 (1969). We decline, therefore, to create for the flag an exception to the joust of principles protected by the First Amendment.

            It is not the State’s ends, but its means, to which we object. It cannot be gainsaid that there is a special place reserved for the flag in this Nation, and thus we do not doubt that the government has a legitimate interest in making efforts to “preserv[e] the national flag as an unalloyed symbol of our country.” Spence, 418 U.S. at 418 U. S. 412. We reject the suggestion, urged at oral argument by counsel for Johnson, that the government lacks “any state interest whatsoever” in regulating the manner in which the flag may be displayed.
            Tex.Penal Code Ann. § 42.09 (1989) provides in full:

            “§ 42.09. Desecration of Venerated Object”

            “(a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly desecrates:”

            “(1) a public monument;”

            “(2) a place of worship or burial; or”

            “(3) a state or national flag.”

            “(b) For purposes of this section, ‘desecrate’ means deface, damage, or otherwise physically mistreat in a way that the actor knows will seriously offend one or more persons likely to observe or discover his action.”

            “(c) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.”

          • Hahahahahah! So now you have problems with the US supreme Court letting someone go due to technicality??? That case, board a flight to D.C. and register your worthy protest there may be. Stop commenting now, you seriously have no point to make.

          • Well indeed the point is u dont knw how to read a jugmnt, never for once did i say that the jugmnt was biased
            and u cant twist the course of the argument when u tend to lose the ground
            i shall certainly refrain frm taking this forward for there is no point in banging your head against the wall

          • Yes sure! I did change the course of argument because yours wasnt making any sense in the first place. Besides, my ability or disability to read a judgement is not as bizarre as your lack of differentiation between an obiter dicta and ratio of a case.

          • yes you are absolutely right so damn true every word u say is the eternal truth just as the saying
            “dont argue with a fool, doing so ensures there are two”

          • I think you are killing time at the wrong place on the internet. Perhaps the HRD Minister’s parliamentary performance might suffice your intellectual quest.

            P.S.: Seriously now stop wasting my time by commenting.

          • oh never i told you, read the quotes