JNU can’t be closed for students from marginalised sections: Prashant Kumar takes on sanghi VC [video]

Through the new admission policy, the JNU VC has undermined social justice, effectively restricting the entry of students from marginalised backgrounds.

There was already a pattern of students from SC/ST, OBC and minority backgrounds being given disproportionately low marks in the entrance viva despite often doing much better in the written exam. The new UGC circular which, the VC has followed to turn the written test entirely irrelevant for selection and the subjective viva process decisive, has been framed to further the exclusionary agenda of BJP govt. The percentage of viva-voce has been raised to 50% from the current 30%, whereas students on the campus have been fighting to being it down to 10% for past several years.

It is in response to protest against this decision at the Academic Council meeting in December, that the JNU VC has suspended Prashant Kumar and 8 other students vindictively.

India Resists spoke to Prashant Kumar who emphasised that students in JNU and across India must come together against this onslaught.

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    The educational institutions are being systematically saffronised by the present rulers and as a part of the project, the JNU VC has taken steps to make enrolment difficult for marginalised sections and also measures for making them difficult to obtain degree. This attitude of VC and the ruling party with its right-wing abvp is danger to secular democracy. Students all over the country must protest such moves .

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