Jashn-e-Azaadi by Whom and for Whom

An open letter to Organisers and speakers of the event “Jashn-e-Azaadi” on 28th March, 2016 on the birth anniversary of Prof. Bipan Chandra

“Reservation above the assistant professor level will ruin JNU’s quality of education, making it a third-rate varsity.” Bipan Chandra, Former history professor
Courtesy: Outlook

JNU is undoubtedly an epicenter of free speech and expression, debate, discussion and dissent. JNU community always stands for oppressed and marginalized people who are struggling to be part of Inclusive India. JNU, since 9th February event, stands by JNUSU president’s demands for Azaadi from Brahmnism, Manuism, Feudalism, Casteism, Capitalism etc. It was a surprise to JNU community ‘committed for Social Justice’ that Kanhaiya (the JNUSU president), Umar and Anirban did participate on “Jashn” on the birth anniversary of Prof. Bipan Chandra, a liberal but an Anti-Social Justice proponent. He was against the constitutionally mandated reservation for SC/ST/OBC in higher education faculty. Anti-Social Justice Professors, intellectuals like him cover themselves in the guise of Secularism, Communism and liberal school of thoughts. The magazine “Outlook” did a story on JNU teachers’ Anti-Reservation stand issue, titled as “Donnish Hauteur” on January, 2010 and it quotes as it. “In what might shock many liberals, 30 professors on the academic council wrote to vice-chancellor B.B. Bhattacharya on November 25 last year, expressing strong opposition to the said quota. In language that smacks of elitism, the professors raise concerns about how JNU would lose its academic sheen if reservation was allowed at the level of professors. Their concern was aroused by an advertisement put out by the varsity for 149 faculty positions, over half of which are reserved at the level of professor and associate professor for SC/ST candidates”. It also quotes Bipan Chandra on Reservation at faculty post, “Reservation above the Assistant Professor level will ruin JNU’s quality of education, making it a third rate university.” How much grudges against reservation he had?

Prof. Bipan Chandra is regarded as the front-runner of communist struggle in Academia, he also labeled as a pro-Congress historian simultaneously. The most pained fact is that he was ANTI-MANDAL Historian. He, as a JNU Prof., spearheaded an Anti-Reservation movement during the inception of Mandal Commission. He was a loud supporter of Meritorious India, not for inclusive India. He opposed reservation for OBCs in Higher Academia by crying that it would bring a historical loss for research institutes. Those JNUites and activists who know these all facts, they have their own view on these most celebrated historians. We think the “NFS” (Not Found Suitable) clause for vacancies against ST/SC/OBC had been initiated by “Donnish Hauteur” like the most famous liberal historian late Bipan Chandra and others.

JNU is a progressive-liberal minus Social Justice Institution. There is Low Representation of SC/ST/OBC in Faculty, shameful and discriminatory Viva Voce criteria and discrimination in direct Ph. D. admission. There are only 29 OBC Assistant Profs. out of total strength of 612. OBC reservation in Prof./Asso. Prof. level is NOT APPLICABLE. There are still vacant faculty posts against SC/ST/OBC at JNU: OBC- 26 (applicable only in Assistant Prof. Post) SC- 75 ST- 42.

We demand a reply from those JNU revolutionaries who did participate in anti-social Justice Jashn.

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