IWPC condemns attack on women journalists in the court #JNUCrackdown

IWPC condemns physical and verbal attacks on journalists including women journalists while covering police proceedings.

The Indian Women’s Press Corps condemns the brutal assault on journalists including women journalists by lawyers in the court room premises of Patiala House courts. The assault took place in full view of policepersons. The journalists were covering the hearing of the arrested JNUSU president as part of their official assignment. Women journalists were punched, pushed and intimidated by lawyers in the court room and in the premises. Apart from the physical assault, damage was caused to their equipment like mobiles etc. Some of the mobiles were looted from the journalists as well. Some lawyers who stepped in to save the journalists were also roughened up. All the footage was captured by journalists and CCTV cameras. “Lawyers went out of control. There was no provocation whatsoever.” said a woman reporter who was assaulted and abused.

The IWPC urges strict action against the lawyers and the instigators of the assault on journalists. The inaction by the police also needs to be accounted for. The IWPC urges the Home Ministry to look into the dereliction of duty by the police who were present in the premises.

It is a matter of great concern that attacks on journalists are going up at an alarming rate. The freedom to report fearlessly can only take place in an atmosphere that is free of intimidation and violence.

Indian Womens’ Press Corps(IWPC)

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