Is Defending Human Rights a Crime?

By Hozefa Merchant,

Anti-nuclear activist, Dr. Udaykumar was on his way to Kathmandu, Nepal, for a meeting organised by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, when he was stopped at the Delhi Airport by the Immigration authorities.

The immigration authority said that Dr. Udaykumar had many pending cases against him and that is why he was stopped.

S P UdayKumar

The Supreme Court had directed the State Government to withdraw false charges filed against Dr. Udaykumar and others during the anti-nuclear protest against Kudankulam Nuclear Plant.

Despite the Supreme Court verdict, false charges against Dr. Udaykumar and others have not been withdrawn. And as a result, Dr. Udaykumar was not allowed to travel to Kathmandu for a United Nation’s meeting on human right defenders. He missed his flight to Kathmandu and after about five and a half hour of hostility, he was finally allowed to leave the airport.

Isn’t this a human rights violation in itself?

Courtesy: Greenpeace India


  1. As per UN fact Sheetb 29, Its a clear case of violation of a Human Rights Defender and reprisal in the hands of state.

  2. On carefully watching the activities of Human Rights Activists, one can see they start off as with service motto but soon turn up as anti-government, anti-progress, anti-development. There can never be light without shadow. These activists bank on all the negative points and ignore positive gains. They obstruct democratic nations and indirectly promote dictatorial establishments.

  3. But what is positive benefit out oft this Nuclear Project? It is well known fact all the developed countries
    are ready to leave Power from Nuclear Project and we are shouldering the wast?

  4. Murtaza chishti

    Iif you defend human rights, or the human rights or say anything that might go counter to the interest of the elite, you are automatically an enemy of the state. When dissent is criminalised, it is the beginning of descent into fascism, which of course id good for business!

  5. Human right activists are very vocal when a criminal is brought to book but keep quite when innocents are killed by these criminals.

    • China has made rapid progress because there are no Human right activists to stall the sanctioned projects.It is said that foreign powers fund the activities of these self styled Human right activists who put a spoke in the wheel of progress, These activists opposed operation of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and delayed its opening, what right they have to stall a power project on which millions of rupees have been spent.

  6. Why r u against nuclear energy.
    We do not find enough petroleum here..
    There no electricity, and every one of us is suffering pathetically. And desperate to get electricity for comfortably studying and sleeping.. We cannot afford to spend UPS or generators like u.
    What is your problem opposing our comfortable livings.
    Is it not our right to hv electricity for our progress,
    Who r u caring?..
    Whom do u work for?… For ur fellow poor citizen… Or ur wealthy filthy foreign master.. Who wants us poor at all times… It’s disgusting.. Be patriotic… And stop playing this non sense drama..

  7. Tarit, Developed countries do not have shortage of Electricity. They claim to be ready to close down the N-power plants. But not even one is closed down. If dangers of N-power plants is known they must shut down immediately. If necessary let them live in darkness and set us an example. But still they operate those unsafe plants of old technology. We are planing them with new technology and high level safety precautions. Even after devastation at Fukushima plant, Japan is planning to revive them.

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