RSS Hate-Machine is Fast Penetrating Bengal, Ruining its Social Fabric: an Investigative Report

Before starting the article, the aim of writing this must be mentioned.

This article is an appeal to the Hon. Chief Minister of Bengal, state and central opposition parties and all secular forces to unite against cultural imposition and exploitation based on one’s ethnicity.
(The author is ready to provide assistance and recordings)

Bengal is witnessing a rise of RSS and BJP, but the foundation of this support has much more sinister origin. Several activists were sent to RSS, BJP and allied groups as cadres to gather information and the outcome of this experiment was not only shocking but scary. It is often thought that it’s about anti-secularism but the reality is much uglier. RSS and BJP are as much against Ethnic Minority Hindus as they are against religious minorities. Discrimination for the Bengalis is at peak. Native Bengalis are considered inferior Hindus. When asked about the Maratha invasion of Bengal and the incident of plundering temples and Bengali Hindu genocide of Garh Panchkot, a senior Gujarati office holder of RSS, Mr Prashant Bhatt says that it’s a communist ploy. “Bhaskar Pandit never ordered the killing of Bengali Hindus and raping Bengali women based on their caste. It apparently means that generations of Bengalis were idiots who composed the night rhyme-

Khoka ghumalo para juralo bargi elo deshe
bulbuli te dhan kheyechhe khajna debo kishe

(when the child sleeps, and everyone is silent, the Bargis come
the bulbuli bird has eaten the entire paddy, how will I pay the blood money?)

And it also proves the existence of Bengali communists even before Karl Marx was born. The discriminations aren’t stopped here. The BJP workers are made to accept that Bengali Hindus are inferior to North-Western Hindus, who themselves say it vocally. However, there are sane and oppressed voices too. As per Mrs Reeta Bhattacharya of Vijnan Bharti, the outsiders see Bengalis inferior and insult them.
(Dare not say that you didn’t say so. There is a complete recording of your crying and howling at the World Ayurvedic Congress after being insulted by a non- Bengali RSS cadre. The recorder also recorded how you were pacified with false promises of the elderly Bengali members of RSS related groups who found themselves helpless in the situation.)

The WAC saw a significant level of Bengali-phobic attitude. The Bengali Sangh workers were not considered reliable enough to be given charges. The Bangalore cadres explicitly said that they do not believe the Bengali cadres. According to a Gujarati official, Kolkata doesn’t have the “atmosphere where one can wear a tie”, Bengalis must dress well as they look like chaiwallahs (tea-sellers). Looking like a tea-seller is not our problem; perhaps, we loved to be compared with someone who earns with hard work, unlike the RSS cadres who are brought to Bengal without jobs or any other specific reason. Most of them claim to be preparing for civil services or any other examination but on enquiring one finds that they aren’t interested in even filling up any examination form.

RSS/ BJP knows it well that in mass migrations, that it is conducting in Bengal isn’t possible and to win elections it needs the support of the Bengali masses. It has started a new propaganda with a unique sinister idea using the names of the Bengali institutions without authority. The worst case is the case of the Ramakrishna Mission. RSS has opened several Vidya Bharti, and Shishu Mandir Schools in Bengal which are not only teaching the children to utter nonsense, the school authority itself says that it won’t teach anything that goes against the Sangh. The schools have Ramakrishna Temples (designed the way RKM temples are designed) where monks from the RKM are often invited to deliver speeches. This is all fine until one goes out and talks to the locals who are told that this school is affiliated with the Ramakrishna Mission. So, whatever this school teaches, becomes the teachings of the Mission by default. These poor people do not understand that the real Ramakrishna Mission schools employ a good number of monks as teachers. Perhaps, no such affiliated school is without a monk. However, these schools are administered by unqualified Sangh activists.

Maligning the RKM name doesn’t stop here. Recently some of the Bengali social media groups were flooded by the monks of the Ramakrishna Mission order who were chronic abusers, abusing political opponents and people voicing against BJP. On the first sight, one can clearly see the saffron caps worn by the RKM monks and pictures of these monks with the senior monks who are well known. When one tries to know about these Facebook monks, finds that these aren’t affiliated with Ramakrishna Mission. Perhaps, these aren’t Brahmachari even! There is no reason for them to use these pictures and act as monks of the RKM order except the fact that RKM holds a good reputation among Bengali Hindus and showing its support for BJP will bring support from the masses. The series of pictures depicts how a BJP activist turns into a Brahmachari and campaign for BJP.

BJP has successfully gathered a good support from enthusiastic young Non-Bengalis. Most of whom firmly believe that BJP must support the Narayani Sena and other separatist groups. It is strange that the Narayani Sena is demanding monarchy and BJP are supporting them. It is also alleged that BJP is using government offices for its political agenda. Videos of BSF training the Narayani Sena can be seen on Youtube. It is strange that this is done in the name of “Nationalism”. One of the members, who holds a good position in the IT cell, says clearly that Bengali Muslims are not a problem for BJP/ RSS. They just want to screw the North-West Indian Muslims. So, it can be said that the Bengal is seen as a battleground by the RSS. To “screw” the North Indian Muslims RSS and affiliated groups are destroying the very Bengali Hindu culture which is much tolerant and liberal. Unnecessarily, children are taught Ramcharitramanas in RSS affiliated schools over Rampanchali. Children are psychologically turned into cadres. Deliberately, children are asked not to follow Bengali scriptures as they contradict with North-western Hindu scriptures. BJP affiliated groups like Hindu Sanhati are continuously abusing Bengali writers, historical figures and projecting a false image of Bengal by uploading videos and pictures from Pakistan and Bangladesh under the name of Bengal. They are continuously asking people to follow anti-Bengali campaigns. The BJP government forced thousands of Bengali Hindus to hold broom during the Puja in the name of Swach Bharat Abhiyan, which is forbidden as per the Bengali Hindu rules. Bengalis are abused as hell, and the pain is, many Bengali RSS/BJP cadres accept these slangs as curses on Communists or Seculars only.

BJP is continuously targeting the Bengali economy to destabilise the state along with supporting separatists and Radical Islamic Groups! The Jute industry is totally ruined. The Bangladeshi Jute is subsidised, and import duty is negligible thus making it cheaper than the Indian Jute. Indian Jute producers are forced to look for other alternatives for income. The Ministry of External Affair is giving Visas to Radical Islamic Hate mongers of Bangladesh. Recently, such hate preacher was given Visa by the external affairs ministry, and later BJP/ RSS targeted Bengal for permitting him to speak in some Islamic event. There are constant calls for the beef ban, which will simply destroy the Bengali economy which depends on the leather industry. It is astonishing that most of the BJP funders in Bengal are directly or indirectly connected to this industry. It must be noted that the beef ban drama has nothing to do with religious sentiments but domination over the leather industry. Right now, Eastern Muslims dominate this industry, but with communal tensions erupting between Hindus and Muslims, it will be problematic for the Muslims to continue this business and bring a Non-Bengali Hindu dominance. Social Media has become a weapon for the right-wing. RSS/BJP IT cell had released a Facebook status asking Hindus to gather weapons as “They” want to kill the Hindus. The text can be seen in the screenshot. The person who shared this nonsense happens to be a ward head. Whom Mohan Bhagwat addressed himself at Keshav Bhavan, Maniktala on 15th Jan 2017.

It must be noted that this person is a mere child who has been injected with hatred. This person is one among the thousands of Non-Bengali youths who are brainwashed to hate religious and ethnic minority.

As per ABVP Bengal head Aurobindo Dutta’s words (who is himself imported from Assam), BJP IT cell has started a program on Youtube which will show how people are supporting BJP and its policies. All these people shown are connected to BJP/ RSS directly or indirectly. Deliberately, the videos show one or two people giving negative views with some no sensible reason. Thus, making the people think that opposition to BJP has no sense. The BJP IT cell (both state and central) is notoriously insulting Bengalis. Targeting people with Bengali names has increased after the rise of BJP. In fact, the low ranked cadres cannot be blamed since it is what senior party members believe. As per BJP Bengal supremo Dilip Ghosh, Bengali girls studying at JU are prostitutes. The comments made by the BJP paid trolls on Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee cannot be called a part of the political debate but personal comments which are sexist, abusive and ethnic targeted. BJP is funding internet trolls, not to troll political opponents but to abuse all ethnic minorities, whether it be Bengalis, Tamils, Manipuris, etc. As per a young cadre who holds a good position in RSS, (an outsider who works nowhere as usual and has no reason to stay in Kolkata,) clearly says that Bengali girls do not possess good character. He doesn’t stop here; he continues bashing all Bengalis as a community.

Bengali Hindus have lived peacefully with the Bengali Muslims since ages. Bengali Hinduism, though far Orthodox than any other ethnic Hinduism, is liberal in nature. Caste violence is zero; riots were not observed till BJP entered. RSS/BJP is facilitating migrations from North and West India, mainly UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra to increase its vote bank. Certainly, Bengal had been a mixing pot where people from around the world came and melted. Bengalis welcome people belonging to other cultures with open arms but these groups are exploiting this attitude between the ethnicities. The diversity of India is at risk, and serious action is needed by the authorities as well as the people against such Bengali-phobic attitude.

For our Sangh friends, all we can say is, we are prepared with proofs. Please feel free to sue the author if you find any part of this article, mere allegation. And stay prepared for the reverse defamation.
-with love 🙂

This is the first part of the article. More articles will be brought out as information is received. For the security of the volunteers, the names are being kept anonymous. However, an email id is provided at the end where people can mail to.

The details of these interviews are used to write a book (fiction), A boy from the land of the unfettered river, about a child who is enrolled into a right-wing school where he finds himself trapped between the alien culture taught at school and his Bengali culture.

And Odd man out, (Non-fiction, biographical) about the time spent in the Sangh by a secularist. How he made it to the Sangh and how he interviewed the top leaders and office holders.

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