India’s Own Radio Rwanda: Media Hankering for Cleansing of Adivasis in Chhattisgarh

Surabhi Singh

A newspaper report on Front Page in a leading daily of Chhattisgarh State called for police action on 5000 odd Adivasis belonging to Rajnandgaon District. Their crime? They had held a meeting to discuss their rights concerning “Jal, Jungle, Jameen.”

Correct me if I am wrong but last I knew this was still “peace-loving democratic country that believes in Non-violence and Satyagraha.”

Except that this is the most vociferous lie that has been passed on to generations through a thoroughly rigged education system that believes in exploiting the Daliths, Muslims, Adivasis and Bahujan labour.

The “Peace” and “Non-Violence” that is so revered by Indians is basically the cruellest and most violent day to day exploitation of millions of women, children and men by just 11% of the total population in India. They plant these ideas of rightful exploitation through religion, academia and professional hierarchy in each office, industry and institution.

So, when it comes to extracting minerals and coals from the mountains, building railroads in jungles, setting up new cities in Farmlands, Draining dangerous industrial waste into rivers and ponds, Importing food grains and Purchasing Damaged Missiles from the West.. the entire administration is involved very peacefully in it. And so is India’s Liberal, Educated, Sassy liberal bandwagon.

There was hardly a whisper at these above-mentioned pillars of development even as thousands of farmers committed suicides in the last 2 decades, hundreds of Dalith students committed suicide in Colleges, millions of women and children were sold to slavery, and hundreds died of malnutrition and epidemics. In the effect of this “peaceful ” annexation of life, livelihood, self-respect, future, the past and present existence of the millions of Indians. There has NEVER ever been a structured protest from the rest of society.

However, the day these villagers form an alliance to protect their existence when they stand up to this exploitation with all the courage they can muster and hit back at the administration. that’s when the entire country’s educated pseudo quasi peaceful existence shudders with disapproval. That’s when Gandhi is remembered and the country’s Law and Order wake up from its slumber.

So, when 5000 Adivasis gather at a village to demand their rights, a Newspaper thumbs it down as major law and order problem that should’ve been looked into by the local police. The newspaper calls it a dangerous precedent for the rest of the state especially since they supposedly mention the word Patthalgadi movement. The correspondent expresses shock at the audacity of the Adivasis to even think about fighting for their future and securing their livelihood.

The society that we live in has a warped idea of justice, resistance, exploitation, equality, violence, peace, development, and non-violence. We need to unlearn the misguided definitions or the future might be more dystopian than any of the Netflix Originals predictions to date.



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