Indian media’s propaganda over Kashmiri’s ‘Million March’

Dibyesh Anand

I read a very weird/disturbing piece of ‘news’ (more like a propaganda) in Economic Times about the Kashmir related Million March.

Now, the Bilawal Bhutto saga (of being booed and being forced to leave the stage) clearly shows that many in Kashmiri diaspora do not want their cause to be hijacked by Pakistani political parties or even that they do not want a Pakistanisation of Kashmir issue. Yet, how does the respectable ET report it?

As the diaspora rejecting an “internationalisation” of Kashmir issue! Yes, this is the contorted and convoluted reading of the episode!!

The headline is “Kashmiri diaspora snubs Pakistan move to internationalise Kashmiri issue” and the story is true to the headline.

The article ends with “PM Narendra Modi’s swift and effective handling of the J&K floods relief and rehabilitation programmes, spending of the Diwali amongst the affected populace there and a resolutely befitting and humiliating response to Pakistan’s shelling across the LoC have ‘added insult to the injured Pak hubris’. Even the Pakistani social media has started acknowledging it.” — in an overexcitement with Modi worship, the report gives up all pretence of reporting and uses a vocabulary of naked propaganda.

Indian nationalists may hate this from their guts but Kashmir is neither an internal issue of India nor a bilateral one between Pakistan and India but always already international because state sovereignty does not imply a total subjugation of rights to self-determination of peoples nor does it legitimise impunity for human rights abuses


  1. Arunaditya Zutshi

    Usual nonsense from Dibyesh Anand. His virulent anti-pandit rhetoric colours all his views on Kashmir. In league with self hating Nitasha Kaul whose most revolutionary work features a love story between a Pandit Girl and a Muslim Boy, so rebelllious eh?, Dibyesh is a highly rated India bater. He is also intellectually challenged coming as he does from Stephen’s and having reached his mental catharsis probably somewhere in Oxbridge. Usual suspect self hating Hindu who hates our guts coz we are hindu we are proud and we are here to stay.

    • I agree. It is high time we expose these Dibyesh Anands’ & Nitisha Kauls’ of the world. This whole idea of “Sickularism” meaning anti-hinduism is a tool for minority appeasement & vote bank politics.

  2. Paid media- Example Dibyesh Anand- ” The man who has sold his soul for few pounds”

  3. Dibyesh Anand has lost it. He is just trying to “earn” some dollars & get a free business class ticket to some obscure seminar in a foreign country sponsored by Pakistan. He is worse than a beggar on the street.

    Dibyesh, go enjoy the free lunch & other crumbs that they throw at you. Wishing you happy begging.

    As far as Kashmir is concerned, it was, it is & it will always be an integral part of India.

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