INDIA RESISTS invites online interns and volunteers

Dear all,

India Resists has become a good online platform for the people’s struggle in India. In the recent years, we have a broad range of popular movements and concerns ranging from democracy, secularism and social justice to grassroots struggles for livelihoods.

We look at all the issues purely through people’s right’s and democratic perspective and do not endorse any particular political party or group.

We call upon our readers and sympathisers to volunteer some of their time, so that we can reach out to more people and voice many more urgent concerns in these difficult times that India is going through.

If you are passionate and willing to collaborate, you are most welcome to join us as an intern. You can work from anywhere online at your convenience. You can help us in updating the website more regularly, expanding the range of issues that we cover and help us in responding better to emerging situations that require a public intervention.

Please write to us at to join us!

Please send us a brief note on how what more issues you would like to see on IR in the coming days, how can you contribute to it and send us some recent pieces of your work if possible. This would enable us to have some more clarity about your and how do we proceed.

India Resists is run by a small group of activist-researchers purely on non-profit basis so we won’t be able to pay the interns, but we would cooperate and try our best that it becomes a good experience for you in people-centric research and journalism. And you will be given an internship certificate, for whatever it’s worth in this world.

With warm regards,

IR Team




  1. oh you JNU left idiots,stop anti india anti RSS propganada

  2. I was laughing reading this sentence – “We look at all the issues purely through people’s right’s and democratic
    perspective and do not endorse any particular political party or group.” By spending 30 minutes, one can make out that this site is run by CPI Media House.

  3. The IR team/group is doing a marvellous job in a hostile, venom-filled environment. How tragic it is that India is currently ruled by a bunch of ignorant, bigoted peasants who just cannot appreciate and harness the huge diversity and talent within the country. All they can think of is cows, caste and delusions of Hindu glory. They can’t get over the 1000 year of Hindu servitude under assorted Muslim invaders. Instead of upgrading their higher institutions and making them world class, they just buy costly weapons from the US, Israel etc and imagine they are a military power of sorts.
    The 700 or so Indian universities are a joke. They are no more than upper high school institutions in East Asia or the West. Why don’t India elites understand quality and world class? Let the IR team ponder this question. For example, JNU may be big in India but it only ranked 80 in the 2014 classification of Asian universities.

    The IR team has a great opportunity to rise above the BJP/RSS muck & morass and launch a high quality discourse to discuss various problems dragging down India .
    For example, they must clarify & redefine the terms that the BJPwalas cannot explain, such as ‘anti-national’. Perhaps they can compile a dictionary of topical terms and send a copy to the BJPwalas.
    India Resists must challenge & and become a premier forum for clarifying the major issues of the day.
    Below are the three clowns who pose as the wise guys of Hindustan in university robes.