India Has Not Evolved In To A Nation Yet: Dr. Ambedkar Held Caste As Anti-National

Dontha Prashant

Rohith Vemula has initiated a fight for humanity and fraternity which is in stark contrast to division of people in to castes and communities and reducing individuals to mere identities. This is a fight which Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar envisioned long time ago.

On Nation when he said in the midst of Constituent assembly on 26th Novemember 1949 while adopting the Constitution of India :

” How can people divided into several thousands of castes be a nation? …… In India there are castes. The castes are anti-national. In the first place because they bring about separation in social life. They are anti-national also because they generate jealousy and antipathy between caste and caste. But we must overcome all these difficulties if we wish to become a nation in reality. For fraternity can be a fact only when there is a nation. Without fraternity equality and liberty will be no deeper than coats of paint.”

It was this thought of Babasaheb that Rohith Vemula was cherishing for. Contrarily, the whole BJP Bandwagon led by RSS jumps in to portray Rohith Vemula as Anti-National. Strengthening its stand against Dalits, it has roped in Gen.V.K.Singh, who earlier termed two dalit children as puppies, to brand Rohith Vemula as Anti-National.

We as followers of Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar firmly assert that India has not evolved in to a nation yet. In geographical boundaries there exists a notion called India, but in terms of people, there is no concept of Nation hood that has emerged yet. When there is no concept of nation, where does nationalism come from. If Nationalism indicates Brahmanism which kills Dalits then we must reject such idea of Nationalism.





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