In pictures: on day 10 of #OccupyUGC, Professors joined protest and took classes in open

Ayantika Das

The protest entered its 10th day yesterday. The spirit with which the students started this movement has got stronger. The government might be under the impression that the students would get tired and eventually the movement would die down. But the picture is quite different throughout the country. The movement is gaining momentum everywhere. The students of Madras University reached Delhi and joined the #OccupyUGC movement in Delhi.

They gave a deputation to the UGC chairman. Some comrades from Mehanatkash Mahila Sanghatan came to show solidarity and encouraged the students by singing songs with them.

Prof Janki Nair of JNU took an open class in the evening on university spaces becoming engandered.

She spoke on the larger politics of privatization tracing its origins to the Birla-Ambani report of 2000. She even spoke about the central universities of this country enjoying privileges over the many hundreds of state universities where the students have been researching without any scholarships for ages.

It was followed by a short solidarity speech by Prof Nandini Sundar where she congratulated the students for carrying on this movement even after the police repression.

The students sang revolutionary songs challenging the dispensation.

#Occupy continued in the cold night of Delhi.

10 OccupyUGC Day 10

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