In Pictures: Massive #RohithVemula Rally in Delhi

Dibya Shikha

Dronacharya Abhi bhi Zinda hain

I was overwhelmed by the kind of solidarity shown by people of various regions, universities, academic institutions, workers’ associations and different organizations working for deprived and underprivileged communities. From one corner of rally, slogan of “Veer Vanakkam” was coming and in a different corner people were chanting “Rohith Amar rahe”. The only thing going in my mind while I was running around with my camera is “This is India”, Unity in Diversity. Yes, we dream of this world where language will not create barriers but make s respect and ultimately fall in love with different cultures and languagues.

Rohith was murdered by modern dronacharyas, who will go to any extend for curtailing right to dissent. Kanhaiya, Umar and other comrades who are facing fraud charges of sedition by “Republic” of India are anti national in the same line of Soni Sori, Hem, Saibaba, various social activists and all the tribal communities who are fighting for their fundamental rights. At present Justice for Rohith and withdrawing of ‘fraud’ sedition charges against our comrades and release of Kanhaiya and others are our main priority. I am quite relieved by the Left unity and solidarity of rational minds. Struggle will be long (as expected) but our victory is certain (For sure).


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