In pictures: activists demand justice for Bhopal, oppose India-Japan nuke deal

Kumar Sundaram

A protest was organised at Jantar Mantar yesterday where Bhopal victims and activists in their solidarity also touched upon the nuclear issues and raised voiced against the India-Japan Nuclear Agreement which the Japanese PM would reportedly sign during his upcoming visit.

The survivors of the world’s largest industrial accident continue to struggle in Bhopal – even for shamelessly low amounts of compensation, health facilities and cleaning-up of the plant site even after 30 years. While the perpetrators of this heinous corporate crime continue to enjoy impunity, successive governments have tried every trick to underplay the consequences of the accident, purportedly to ensure a welcoming investment climate for multinational corporations. The Modi government has turned the environmental stipulations for such corporations into a cruel joke and has been proudly displaying the diluted environmental norms and labour laws as part of its ‘Make in India’ policy.

In the 31st year of the Bhopal anniversary, the government has been attempting to dilute the nuclear liability law, to provide liability-free playing field for foreign nuclear suppliers in case of a nuclear accident which would be even more destructive than an industrial accident. Evidently, the corporate-government nexus responsible for continued victimhood of people of Bhopal has grown stronger nails and demands an urgent and united response from the citizens of the country.


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