Illegal Sand Mining in Tamil Nadu: A Fact-Finding Report

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Following is an interim report of Fact Finding Team (FFT) jointly conducted by Civil Liberties organizations, activists, professionals and students regarding River Sand Mining in the Palar and Cheyyar Basins in Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu. The team comprised of 1. Prof. G. Saraswathi, President, PUCL-TN & Puducherry , 2. Prof. S. Sankaralingam, President, PUCL – Chennai & Surrounding Districts , 3. Saravanan K, Treasurer, PUCL – Tamil Nadu & Pudhucherry , 4. K. Sudhir, Peoples Architecture Commonweal , 5. D. Leela, Peoples Architecture Commonweal, 6. K. Ragul, Student, School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, 7. G. V. Kumaresan, Engineer, 8. Kanchi Kailasam, Student of Law interning at PUCL and 5 other student volunteers

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