“If we do not stem the rot now – it might be too late”: Admiral Ramdas’ open letter to PM Modi

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Honourable President and Honourable Prime Minister,

It is with a heavy heart, that I write this open letter to you at a time when our beloved country and people are facing severe challenges and threats to our shared heritage.

I have served in the Armed Forces of India – joining soon after Independence as a 14 year old, to end up 45 years later Chief] of the Indian Navy [1990 to 1993] I have witnessed many transitions in India – from the horrors of partition in 1947 to the very different world of digital connectivity that we see today.

I also write to you as one who was brought up in the Hindu faith. However, the Hinduism I knew and experienced was gentle, inclusive, and filled with extraordinary diversity. My religion taught me values of love and respect for all beings. My brand of Hinduism was not filled with the kind of violence, intolerance represented by the current brand of “Hindutva” that seems to be fanning the flames of division and fear across the country.

Today, as a veteran in my eighties, I am forced to hang my head in shame as I witness a series of incidents and assaults on our fellow citizens, especially minorities and dalits. Our armed forces which I have had the honour to serve for 45 years, have been an exemplar of India’s secular ethos. Be it in ships and submarines, or in planes and battle formations, we do not discriminate on the basis of caste or religion – we train, we fight, we live, we eat and we die together.

So why are we bearing witness to increasing attacks on minorities across the country, ever since the present government came to power in May 2014? It appears that certain communities are being singled out for special attention – for instance Muslims . Today a Muslim has to prove his or her loyalty, and they are being repeatedly put in a situation where their places of worship are under attack, as indeed their eating habits, and other basic freedoms. The instances of completely unacceptable and unilateral mob behaviour leading to many deaths as well as direct insinuations being made by senior leaders, are too numerous and well known to be repeated.

There seems to be a systematic and well orchestrated attempt to impose a majoritarian single point agenda of creating a Hindu Rashtra in India – led by the RSS and their network of groups, which is disturbing to say the least. This in turn has resulted in a dangerous pattern of mob behaviour including intimidating and lynching people merely on the basis of rumours – in total disregard for the established rule of law. In many cases those responsible for implementing the law, have themselves displayed blatant partisan tendencies and behaviour.

Most shocking of all is the fact there has been no unambiguous condemnation of such actions and behaviour by those at the helm of affairs in the country. Sadly, time and time again, the response of the government seems to indicate an almost studied, but certainly not benign, indifference . The co-ordinated response of those in government seems to be to downplay the serious and vicious nature of these allegations and attacks – by terming them ‘sad’ and ‘unfortunate’ – whereas there should be outrage and a demonstrated will to ensure that this society will not tolerate such behaviour. That there are MPs, Cabinet ministers and elected Chief Ministers who are in the forefront of these comments and actions, leads one to believe that the ruling party and its satellite organisations are working to a plan.

I do not need to point out to the top leadership today, that this is playing with fire in a nation where minorities – especially Muslims and Christians, as also dalits and adivasis, are already feeling discriminated and marginalised. Instead of treating this amazing diversity as our strength, today we are being seen by the international community as increasingly insular, parochial, intolerant, racist and even fascist. The violence visited upon vulnerable sections reinforces the image of India as an imperfect democracy where all forms of dissent are discouraged and human rights trampled upon with impunity.

The Prime Minister and his ministers in the government are sworn in by the President of India, and they take an oath pledging to uphold the Indian Constitution. Their failure to do so, as evidenced in the foregoing, is a serious matter and does not augur well either for national security or national integrity. The Central and State Governments must act swiftly, unequivocally condemn all such incidents and ensure that justice will be done and the guilty are punished. Such action alone will have a salutary deterrent effect on all those, be they fringe or mainstream, who are speaking and acting in many voices that are totally against and inimical to, our traditional ethos and the syncretic culture of our country and its people.

India represents a unique blend of peoples and cultures which have evolved over 5000 plus years in a constantly changing and dynamic process. This diversity and unique nature of our society and people can probably never be replicated anywhere on this earth – and for this reason alone, the concept of a single religious identity or mono culture represents an insult to this ancient civilisational heritage.

Honourable Mr President, Honourable Mr Prime Minister, you have both sworn to honour the right of every single citizen to freedom of speech, worship, association as brilliantly articulated in the Indian Constitution. As a former serviceman and a veteran, like you, I too have promised to uphold the same constitution. It is our bounden duty that the elected Government of this nation must honour the rights of every citizen of this land as amply spelled out in the Preamble of the Constitution and further elaborated in the Directive Principles of state policy. As Supreme Commander and the Chief Executive – this is what you must ensure and implement by all the powers vested in you by the people of India.

If we do not stem the rot now – it might be too late. Indeed we the people of India look to you to take all steps necessary to restore faith in our democracy and in the promise of bringing dignity, fraternity and equality to each of our citizens.

Admiral L. Ramdas



  1. As usual , there will be the hundreds of hate filled comments by BJP trolls , analysing Admiral Ramdas’s life , achievements , his family , career ,… everything other than what he has posted in this letter.

    • You are another Commie. What has he done for the country?. He has to give me the answers to my comments against him. Majority of defense officers are carried away by the advice of the arms dealers. .

      • The way you have started off tells me it is a waste of time debating with you.

        • All the commies behave like this when there is no answer.

          • You talk like a broken drum. Your comments are just statements rather than questions. You have already made up your mind, what’s their to discuss!

          • You are another Commie. not done anything good for the country and live with the outdated ideology of Marxism. So what is written by you applicable to you and not to me? Do you know the purpose of Human life? All Commies are a burden to this countries. Do you know the purpose of an Aircraft carrier.?

      • disqus_t7ZLKnUEMp

        What has he done for the country? wow !!

        • Now a days vow is only a custom. Oath of naval officer. “I hereby s olemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India,as by law established and that I will, as in duty bound honestly and faithfully,serve in the regular Army of the Union of India and go wherever ordered, by land, sea or air,and that I will observe and obey all the commands of the President of the Union of India and the commands of any officer set above me, even to the peril of my life. Has he done his duty honestly? These nay officers are responsible for the purchase of unwanted purchase of naval equipment like Aircraft carrier and submarine etc during Rajiv Gandhi’s period. The result is India become bankrupt in 1990. All these officers,were well aware that Aircraft carriers are no use to India. They never thought of countries economy. They only thought about their status. Majority of the naval purchase are of unwanted. The missile boats were performed far better than Aircraft carrier and submarine. Now the naval officers cannot fool the country. None of the the equipment purchased could not save the terrorist at

    • Aayush Shrut

      Nah. I will just ask where was he when Anti Hindu riots were taking place :).


        That is a wonderfully relevant question. God save this country.

      • Where was all the grand protests all over the country against rape before Nirbaya? People become outraged after the Delhi rape because of ferocity of the crime. Violence by RSS and Hindutuva thugs, and terrorising people has become more of a banality now. Not even a day passes by without a news in the media about some Hidutuva goon doing some crazy shit. That’s why people are outraged. Stop asking these stupid questions like where were these protesters and people were. Because, all you are saying is, no one should open their mouths no matter what happens, even when your basic rights like what to eat or what to write or speak is taken away from you — we will just point our fingers to history.

        • Aayush Shrut

          “Not even a day passes by without a news in the media about some Hidutuva goon doing some crazy shit”. You do realize the fact that the very media you consume for information makes sure that exactly this happens? People are outraged, because they are being fed SELECTIVE outrage. You don’t want me to point to history? Fine how about present? Where were you when Moodabidri incidence happened? Why did it got so much less media coverage than Dadri? What about when Taslima Nasreen was assaulted by MIM activists in Hyderabad? Why the “selective” outrage over Hindutuva only?

          Stop giving stupid replies when you have absolutely no idea of amount of brainwashing you have gone through. Do a dare for me. Go to any Muslim Basti and try to chant any Hindu mantra? Guess your so called “basic rights to what to speak” would remind you of the extent of division that these media and Politicians have ensured between Hindu and Muslims, right upto the point when the sword is inserted deep into your ass, like really deep. You think you are being “liberal” by exercising your basic rights right? Sitting in your cosy 3+ BHK AC room and watching TV while responding: “Oh look there is another Hindu element gone wrong. Things are so wrong with this country”. Did you vote? Do you follow ground realities? Have you ever been in the middle of Communal Riots on the ground when your “basic rights” to defend yourself from the killings fail so miserably? And FYI, I have. You have to see their eyes first hand to understand how much hatred has been brewed inside these young men, who are destroying the secular fabric of the country and their youth to spread more hatred. Everyone is part of this division. Media, Politicians, Youth, and YOU.

          What saddens me is the fact that people, even in 21st century, still vote their religion and caste. Follow Bihar elections if you want to get a first hand view. Noone votes for Flyovers, Educational Reforms, Infrastructure development etc. They vote for Shiv Sena “extremist Hinduvta”, Owaisis “extremist Islam”, or if division based on religion is not enough, there is also the politics of “give Reservations to Dalits to secure their vote”.

          Wake up. Start following DD news. Stop dividing people under religion. Start uniting them under Indians.

          • I don’t have selective outrage. I despise Muslim extremism as much as Hindu extremism. Both are bad. The point is, these Hindutu thuggery is rapidly increasing. It’s quite apparent. I’m sure if muslims were the majority in a country like India where education sucks, Islamic extremism could be worse compared to the Hindu thuggery we see now. I don’t want both. Hindu extremism is definitely on the raise and people don’t have the freedom to even say what they want. However, I do agree with you that people are brainwashed for power and control.

            P.S. Stop liking your own comments man, like seriously. Lol 🙂

          • hehehe, I suffer from self obsessed disorder :P. Pros is that I can understand language well, Cons is well, …..

            And i think at the end of the day, in this beautiful country, everyone is entitled to their opinions, beliefs and most importantly FAITH. As long as you are not making a killing business for it in your pursuit of limitless power. For the beauty of our Constitution is that it prohibits LEGAL ways of getting Centralized Power in any form whatsoever. Indira tried in 1971, but failed miserably in the next election (not before she entered the word “secular” in the constitution, big big mistake).

            This letter reeks of Political Agenda, but than again that’s my opinion of “selective” outrage. I so wished we debated on who is developing Roads/Infrastructure/Jobs/Ease of Living etc. better, BJP or Congress. In another dream I guess.

          • What is the problem with India being secular? Do you really want India to be a Hindu nation?

  2. truth seeker

    Unfortunately BJP has a massive trolls who are brainless and subhuman level mindset. They can eat the shit of Modi with pride!

    • Mr123vishnuvardhana .

      everybody knows you were eating shit of bartender sony n rahul for 10 yrs….and its clear from your comments that you have stocked up all the shit for another 10 yrs by not givin to any other congi vatcian supporters..don waste tme here go n have tat forever..

  3. Yazdy Rusi Palia

    Brilliantly written Admiral Ramdas. You have done your part brilliantly, Admiral, I wonder, however, if it will have any effect on the Prime Minister, remember his words when questioned by the foreign journalist? “One does feel sad if a pup gets crushed under our car”. You are addressing a man who did not have the grace to step down after the Gujarat Pogrom, to let the investigating agencies investigate without the big brother breathing down their neck!
    The president is fine, he can at the best make a statement.
    There is one more point, Admiral, Would the people in Nagpur allow him to condemn it outright? he dare not sneeze, without their permission, or can he? Let us find out. Hope my fears turn out to be baseless. He will at the most come out and say, what is happening is unfortunate, we neither want the action nor the reaction!
    Time, is indeed, running out Admiral. Only hope that the blind people of India do notice it.

  4. shameless sickulars strike again!!!!

    • Rheea Rodrigues Mukherjee

      What’s shameless? This rather immature meme ‘sickular’ scores you no points unless you are able to point out why you would disregard a national crises. Or does secularism as a concept frighten you because in reality you want to be a xenophobic advocate?

  5. Very well written, Admiral Ramdas. Indeed we are grateful for this open letter of yours. I hope, he seriously takes heed to the warning signs.

    Clearly, Modi is looking to win the battle and not the war (whatever he defines that war to be!). Modi-government will be short-lived if this continues. India and Indians WILL NOT tolerate this kind of nonsense. The saffron talibans will not be tolerated by India and Indians. Most likely the BJP upper-caste think tank (sic!) does not realize this.

    There were high hopes that Modi will fulfill his promise of INCLUSIVE growth and development. But his government and style of governance is not interested in demonstrating that in practice.

    My biggest worry is that as his government starts failing more and more on the economic front, his party will increase playing the communal card. Which will viciously polarize our nation – which may not be reversible.

    If that is the vision of India that this brand of Hindutva has for the nation it is indeed SAD!

  6. Bill Hunter

    His pain is spilling out as Congress is no where!! Shame on you Admiral who is out there to vitiate the atmosphere with his jaundiced view!

  7. I admire the Admiral. #Respect

  8. Good to see some sane reactions; the hate filled ‘sickular’ bashing commenter is there too! But sad , the very presence of such hate. Reason, sensibility….whatever happened to these concepts? The general’s cry echoes in every sensible and sensitive Indian’s heart. It is beyond politics.

    I am sad that noble ideals like secularism, liberalism and humanism are being mocked in public space, ironically by many literate commenters. I know quite a few people who are not highly educated, but remain human, not fundamentalist.

    Religion needs to be taken away from the streets. Inclusive India needs to be saved. God save my country from divisive forces.

  9. Admiral Ramdas is a commie and he has read the Sanatana Dharma principles with tinted eyes. Even British could not understand. Admiral Ramdas does not know what is Hindu Rasthra and what RSS stands for. In this connection every Indian stood read the observation of

    The Indian caste
    system, British ethnographic mapping, and the construction of the British census in India – Kevin Hobson

    What the British failed to realize was that
    Hindus existed in a different cosmological frame than did the British. The
    concern of the true Hindu was not his ranking economically within society but
    rather his ability to regenerate on a higher plane of existence during each
    successive life. Perhaps the
    plainest verbalization of this attitude was stated by a 20th century Hindu of
    one of the lower castes who stated: “Everything lies in the hands of God. We
    hope to go to the top, but our Karma (Action) binds us to this level.” If not
    for the concept of reincarnation, this would be a totally fatalistic attitude
    but if one takes into account the notion that one’s present life is simply one
    of many, then this fatalistic component is limited if not eliminated. Therefore,
    for the Hindu, acceptance of present status and the taking of ritual actions to
    improve status in the next life is not terribly different in theory to the
    attitudes of the poor in western society. The aim of the poor in the west is to
    improve their lot in the space of a single life time. The aim of the lower
    castes in India is to improve their position over the space of many lifetimes.
    It should also be borne in mind that an entire caste could rise through the use
    of conquest or through service to rulers.Thus, it may be seen that within
    traditional Indian society the caste system was not static either within the
    material or metaphysical plane of existence. With the introduction of European
    and particularly British systems to India, the caste system began to modify.”

    CPI(M) is the only party in India which has no
    hesitation to engineer the killing of their own people whenever anybody leaves the
    party and joins another party. This is evident in the numerous murders we saw
    in Kerala, the most recent among them being the brutal murder of
    T.P.Chandrasekharan who formed his
    own rebel party. Most of the writers who returned their awards are
    supporters of Marxist ideology and CPI (M) members . Whenever any party member receives
    any award, the party demands a part of the amount for the party fund. Those leftists/atheists who were murdered might not have obliged the party. Majority of the CPI(M) cadres are
    Hindus. By committing the murders, CPIM (M) is getting double benefit. They have taken revenge on the man for not giving money to the party and at the same time they can easily blame the Modi Govt., because even if the police is able to find out the
    real murderer he will have a Hindu name and
    it very difficult for them to identify
    whether he is a CPI(M)supporter.

    Do not blame Modiji. Violence is preached by CPI (M) and other two desert religions not by RSS.

    • Wah what a reply. so all the Hindus especially the vulnerable and downtrodden accept that you have been born in this time and space to serve the privileged who have been blessed by god…ad you should observe the rituals as ordained so that you will have a better afterlife… Mr. govindan what were u in your previous life.. can u please tell and what will you become in the next life.. how many souls have you murdered in this life… or is it okay that you can murder low lifes like cockroaches. mosquitoes ants even though they are in a transition state to higher life in their next life after death… what should be the punishment for such evil deeds you have committed of murdering and killing so many of your likely forefathers.?

  10. Dr.R.K.D.Goel

    No. memorandum in blood / Communal harmony / Vadodara / /2015
    Dated 12.10.2015
    Copy of this news with my comments
    to: –
    written in blood=Dr.Bandukwala and others Activists= you peoples are 25 years
    back to giving blood signed memorandum against GUJTOK
    DrRKD Goel
    07 October 2015 22:14PM
    Dr.J.S.Bandukwala (drbandukwala@yahoo.co.in)
    7 attachments
    (35.4 KB) ,
    (60.6 KB) , 07042015=Mr. H.S.Patel for EWS allotments. Not made ghettos at
    one place.docx (17.5 KB) , 31052015= Dear Mr. Aloria Chief
    Secretary.=request for help of Kalyan Nagar Slum Dwellers of Vadodara.docx
    (12.9 KB) , 28042015=Photo of a house of Jamwadi demolished in 2000..doc
    (1391.7 KB), 25082008=Warning of Fidayeen attack by=Mr. B.Raman.docx (17.1
    KB) , 28112008=Email warns of more strikes.docx (16.7 KB)
    Dated: 07.10.2015
    Subject: – Memorandum
    written in blood = Dr.Bandukwala and others Activists= you peoples are 25 years back in giving blood signed memorandum against GUJTOK to Collector. All know what is going on in Vadodara from 1990 after RAM Rath Yatra by Mr.L.K.Advani, BJP leader.
    Dear Dr.Bandukwala.
    All know your suffering from 27.2.2002 with other innocent peoples of Gujarat not only
    Muslims but Hindus also
    Your biggest mistake was / is that you run away from Vadodara when your house was torched on 27 / 28.2.2002 by a Hindu mob and not filed FIR against the perpetrators those burn your house.
    The PUCL members were with you in your trouble. You recognized
    all the Saffron leaders those attacked on your house and on your family on the
    morning of 28.02.2002 / 01.03.2002.
    Your neighbor Hindus helped you to save you and your daughter’s life.
    If you have filed an FIR against the perpetrator those were
    in the mob. Today all those culprits of Vadodara are roaming free. Resulting, those
    people involved become more active without fear of Law. Gujarat’s 2002 riots in
    Vadodara Continued up to May, 2002.
    You know Tehelka reports and NHRC reports. As well as other reports and SIT
    On 9.8.2003 the
    TOI reported that Congress is silent on Gujarat 2002 riots.
    Muslim terrorists SIMI / Indian Mujahedeen’s did the bomb blasts in different part of
    India. Our UPA I and II from 2004 to 2014 only arrested innocent Muslims in all
    Bomb blasts. Kept them in Jails for several years.
    Hope the memorandum signed in blood by Human Right Activists
    against GUJCTOC may bring some change in the people’s mind of Fantasist
    Activists of both Muslims and Hindus of India.
    But this Act will again be used against one community. If
    all will be dealt equally then only this Act will bring some fruits.
    Now dear Dr Bandukwalaji the Muslim Educated students of
    India are attracted to ISIS. Communal harmony has gone from your hands also to
    maintain communal harmony, for which you got awards.
    PUCL is an all India / World Organization to bring peace in
    India. Let us pray to Almighty God only
    for peace in India / Gujarat between all communities; Hindus / Muslims / Jats /
    Christians and poor Dalits.
    I am much more sufferer
    from 1996 also in Vadodara till 2015 by my own Hindu Saffron Parivar. Thanks Note: Please read my two letters to CEC
    dated 01.05.2009 and letter to CEC dated 5.11.2007(Encl)
    yours truly,
    President: Forum of Whistle-Blowers
    of India. Ph; 0265-2647677 Vadodara.390 009: (P.T.O.for my CEC letter

  11. Dr.R.K.D.Goel

    Posted Online on Thursday, 18
    May 2006 06:35 IST
    Gujarat on fire again
    By Asghar Ali Engineer
    The Milli Gazette Online
    Baroda has witnessed riots in last three to four days on scale reminiscent of Gujarat carnage in 2002. The rioting started on the
    question of demolition of 200-year-old dargah
    of Chishti Rashduddin in the name of demolition of unauthorised
    structures. The dargah was
    demolished on 1st May and rioting began immediately thereafter.
    The Muslims had offered as a compromise that 2.5 feet space from dargah (mausoleum) be taken and the
    rest not be touched. The Municipal commissioner of Baroda, it seems had almost agreed but went back later on under pressure from BJP leaders.
    The Baroda Municipal Corporation is under control of BJP. BJP leaders were in no
    mood to spare dargah. For them it was a ‘mini-Babri Masjid’ and wanted to demolish it at any cost. The Municipal Corporation had demolished some roadside small temples, which were
    unauthorised and it was argued that when we have demolished these temples why should we not demolish a dargah.
    The comparison was totally unfair. The dargah cannot be construed as unauthorised as it existed for last 200 years and it was registered in city survey in 1912. In fact it is Baroda city, which has expanded around the dargah and hence dargah cannot be construed as ‘unauthorised’ in any sense of the word. Moreover, the temples demolished were small roadside structures, which spring up overnight in cities.
    But it seems the BJP was determined to demolish this ‘mini-Babri Masjid’ for its own
    ideological reasons. However, all efforts by Muslims went in vain and riots
    broke out. So far 6 lives have been lost. The police, as expected in the Modi
    land played quite a partial role and two Muslims were killed in police firing
    and two Hindus were killed in stabbing. Muslims in affected areas said that
    they made desperate calls to the police for help when the VHP-Bajrang Dal
    mobs were surging on roads and threatening to turn Baroda into Gujarat
    of 2002.
    Many Muslims said that the policemen told them on phone to go to Pakistan for
    seeking help. Also, a BJP leader said in ND T.V. channel discussion that why
    these Muslims don’t migrate from India as Qur’an also sanctions hijrat (migration). This is chocking to say the least. Such brazen statements would not be tolerated in any other
    country and would not go unpunished.
    Recently in U.K.a white citizen passed some racist remarks against Muslims outside a mosque
    and the court him awarded six months in jail. According to The Muslim News
    of 28 April 2006 “A man who shouted racist insults at Muslim worshippers outside Carliste’s Brook Street mosque was jailed on April 5, for six months. The Crown Court heard that
    Bryan Cork, 49, shouted ‘Carliste’s white’, ‘proud to be British’ and ‘Go
    back to where you came from’ as worshippers arrived for a Ramadan prayer on November 30, 2005.” Cork pleaded guilty to a charge of racially aggravated harassment. Cork was drunk at the time. Judge Paul Batty QC observed while sentencing Cork to six months in Jail, “Racism in this city simply will not be tolerated in any form. It will not be tolerated anywhere in this country if at all possible. The aspect of racism which is clearly demonstrated here outweighs
    any personal mitigation which you have.”Can such punishment ever be accorded in this country only on shouting that go back to where you have come from? In our country BJP and other communal leaders keep on shouting every day ‘Muslims go to Pakistan or Qabrastan’ and no one bothers. Here a BJP leader says on T.V. channel that why Muslims don’t
    migrate as Qur’an requires them to migrate and this is considered quite
    normal utterance. Even much worse statements are made which are highly
    provocative and no action is taken at all. A pluralist society can remain
    peaceful only when law is enforced rigorously. Here in our country the police
    itself is guilty of making such statements as they told Muslims in Baroda also “to go to Pakistan for help.”
    The marauding mobs of Bajrang Dal and VHP burnt alive a Muslim youth in Baroda on the night of 3rd May and were roaming freely threatening Muslims to turn Baroda into Gujarat of 2002. The Muslims described that night as the night of terror. The life of the youth could be saved but police did not turn up on time despite desperate calls made by Muslims. The Muslim leaders
    then called Delhi and appraised authorities of situation in Baroda.
    Centre’s Role in Baroda.It must be said that Central Government took stern view of what was happening in Baroda especially after the CPI leader Shri Bardhan met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and apprised him of what was happening in Baroda.A Cabinet meeting was convened to discuss this matter and Mr. Antulay,Minister of Minority Affairs suggested that it should not be treated as law and order problem which becomes state subject but a problem of national unity and Centre should intervene.
    This was accepted by the Cabinet and Home Minister Shri Shivraj Patil was requested by the Prime Minister to monitor Baroda situation on hourly basis and apprise him of developments. Mr.Shivraj Patil contacted Chief Minister Narendra Modi and asked him to control the situation. The message went loud and clear and Narendra Modi, a shrewd politician got the message that it is not 2002 with the NDA Government at the Centre but 2006 with UPA Government
    at the Centre.
    He rushed to Baroda and made a statement that law is equal for all and that communal violence will not be tolerated and stern punishment given to all those who break the law. The Centre insisted on deployment of army though Modi wanted simply a flag march by army. But Shivraj Patil said army must be given control and Modi had to agree. Rapid Action Force was also reinforced.Dissension In BJP At Work?
    It is being said that RSS and VHP led by Pravin Togadia have turned against Modi as
    he kept mum on Advani’s Jinnah statement in Karachi and did not condemn it. Also
    Keshubhai faction wants to dislodge Modi Government and most of the BJP and
    VHP leaders provoking violence in Baroda belonged to Keshubhai faction in order to embarrass Narendra Modi. This appears to be plausible.
    The Centre’s role is praiseworthy and if Centre can intervene to maintain unity
    of the nation rather than treating it only as a law and order situation and
    then leaving it to the state to handle, riots can easily be controlled in
    future. This augurs well for the integrity of the nation. One must also
    realise that since left forces are supporting the UPA Government their
    pressure on Prime Minister also played a healthy role. CPM leader Prakash
    Karat also had warned the UPA Government to take immediate action to stop
    communal violence in Baroda.
    This also makes it urgent to enact the communal violence bill at the earliest with
    amendments suggested by various organisations working for communal harmony in
    the country. The prime consideration should be national unity and not merely
    law and order situation. Communal violence is very different from other forms
    of violence and should be treated as such and leave the matter to the state.
    The Constitution also places responsibility for maintaining unity of the
    country on the Union Government.
    Gujarat carnage in 2002 could not be controlled and more than 2000 people were killed mainly because the Union Government was led by NDA of which the BJP was a major force controlling Home Ministry and it connived with the Modi government in fomenting communal
    violence with open state support. Communal violence is going to increase in
    this country if the Central Government does not take firm view as it did in
    the case of Baroda riots.
    But again danger is if communal forces come to power in the Centre also the
    problem again can be aggravated. Thus a fool-proof system has to be evolved
    to control communal violence. If the present UPA Government can do it, it
    will be a great service to the country and minorities will feel more secure.
    It is all the more possible as the communists are supporting this government.
    The Congress does not have glorious record to be proud of. In last 40 years of
    its rule major communal riots took place in various states and in states
    ruled by the Congress itself like Maharashtra,Gujarat, U.P. and Bihar
    and it did nothing save lip service to control communal violence. If the
    Congress had been sincere country would not have witnessed so many major
    communal riots in which more than 38,000 people have been killed so far.
    The year 2006 had not witnessed communal riots of major proportions in first
    three months and it was hoped that this year might be comparatively peaceful.
    But that was not to be. Aligarh and now Baroda has smudged the record already and still there are 7 months to go. The communal forces may have been defeated at the hustings but no one should be under the illusion that they are lying low. Their activities are in full
    bloom and will continue to be so unless Government comes down heavily to stop
    them which no one hopes to happen. [10-05-06].

  12. Admiral ji: (Quoting Wikipedia) Article 48 of the Constitution of India mandates the state to prohibit the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle.[ On October 26, 2005, the Supreme Court of India, in a landmark judgement upheld the constitutional validity of anti-cow slaughter laws enacted by different state governments in India. Please do not attempt to link crime to Hindu culture. Do you have any solid evidence, for example from National Crime Records Bureau, that crimes against Muslims have increased manifold? It is rather unimaginable that a person of your status and background should write a politically loaded letter. This is information warfare, you know better 🙂

  13. You are criticizing the Govt. as if you have done your duty perfectly well. Why did you allow the Govt, to purchase a second Air craft carrier from Britain and a third one from Russia, knowing well that Air craft carriers are of no use to this country. Air craft carriers are required if we have any plan to attack other countries and the fighter planes do not have sufficient range.to go and bomb the enemy positions far away from India. We believe in ” Vasudaiva Kutumbakam” and “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”. More over you know very well that the first Air craft carrier purchased during Nehru ‘s period, never took part in the 1965 war as it was in Dock Yard. During 1971 war one of its boilers was not working. But the missile boats supplied by Russia performed far better than any warship..We spent billions of dollars on Aircraft carriers. Instead of that, we should have gone in for fast missile boats to protect the coast line and thus prevented the 2008 terrorist attack. You failed in giving proper advice to the civilian Govt then, and now you are criticizing the Modi Govt. and are specifically targeting PM Modi himself as if he is responsible for the evil designs of the hate-mongering Commies and the Congies! Actually it is. a matter of grave concern that commies have infiltrated even our Armed Forces, apart from the Sahitya Academy,educational institutions and judiciary.

    • So, I guess, since you are a strong advocate of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam, you have raised no wall across your house, have no door, and don’t keep your money in banks. After all, if the world is your relative, who to be afraid of ?

      Do you understand the concept of war preparedness at all?

      • We do not want any suggestion from you regarding Vasudaiva Kutumbakam,.There is no rule that Vasudaiva Kutumbakam should not use bank facility to transfer money to the Institutions serving humanity. .Our defense officers still think of conventional war using Assault rifles, field guns , Mortar, Air craft carriers warships etc. Where as super powers particularly Russia has reduced the Air craft carriers to one. There is no plan to manufacture new one. But we are trying to increase the number of Aircraft carriers and fighter planes. Defense officers has to read articles like
        “How Russia’s S-400 makes the F-35 obsolete”. Navy officers were not aware that Andaman Nicobar Island was strategic points till 1995. in 1995 following a closed-door meeting in Washington between then Indian Prime Minister, P. V. Narasimha Rao, and then US President, Bill Clinton. At the time, Pentagon officials made a formal request to the United Front coalition government in New Delhi to open a base in the islands. Till last year all the warships, frigates and Air craft carriers were working without towed array sonar. Now this Ex. Navy officer is blaming Modji.

  14. Admiral ramdaas what abt kashmiri pandits…?

  15. Surya Vanamali

    To all pseudo-liberals writing open-letters to the PM about the lost
    glory, ‘tolerance’, ‘kindness’, etc about Hinduism. What the hell are
    you smoking?

    When has this religion ever been tolerant? Can you point out a single period in its history without intolerant oppressive systems of caste and patriarchy? From the times of your myths, there are instances highlighted. One need only read Ramayana, and the tales of Ahalya’s petrification and Sita’s trial by fire for examples of intolerant patriarchy. Or the tale of Shambuka’s murder for the ‘crime’ of reading Vedas to look at intolerant caste systems.

    The Vedas, your holy books, sanction all these oppressive and intolerant systems. The very survival of Hinduism all these years has been based on these oppressive systems and the apologist theory of Karma to justify them. So tell me again about Hinduism’s kindness and tolerance and how these fascist forces are a threat to your ‘moderate’ religion!

    Kindly stop trying to defend the indefensible. You are in effect countering one evil with an even bigger and malicious evil.

  16. Aayush Shrut

    But isn’t Ramdas very closely associated with AAP? Attached pic as proof. Everything has a political agenda in India these days :). I guess Britishers were right about India after all. First they, than Congress, now the casteism and religious divide perpetuated by almost all parties of India. Divide and Rule babes!

    • Nisha Ann Ashok

      And what is your point exactly? Is there anything in this particular letter that you disagree with, or is factually wrong? Please critique the letter and not the person. Whatever he has said in this is correct and I identify with. What do you have to say about the letter?

      • Aayush Shrut

        I say about the letter that it’s politically motivated. Sample this: “Today a Muslim has to prove his or her loyalty, and they are being repeatedly put in a situation where their places of worship are under attack, as indeed their eating habits, and other basic freedoms”. And what about yesterday when a Hindu has to do the same in his own country? Eg: The 2010 Deganga riots where hundreds of Hindu establishments were looted to such a extent that Indian army was deployed. Where was the “Open letter” than? Or the famous 2013 Canning Riots between Hindus and Muslims in Bengals where the mob burnt around 200 Hindu homes. Where were everyone back than? I was present in the massacre at Bengal, and let me tell you Nisha, if you had begged for “secularism” there, you would have been BRUTALLY MURDERED, and NO MEDIA would have given a damn for you because you are Hindu. You want to practice what you preach? Go to any Muslim Basti (whose rights you suddenly seem to be protector of) and try chanting “Gayatri Mantra”. I dare you. And if a Muslim does a namaz here, you won’t see us batting any eyes. Exceptions will be there, but that’s the majority case.

        My problem with the letter is why now? Why are they shit scared now? Why this blatant hypocrisy. You will label me “Modi Bhakt”, but that’s beside the point. My point is when you didn’t do anything back than, why so? Unless ofcourse, it’s politically motivated. Here is another example from the letter: “There seems to be a systematic and well orchestrated attempt to impose a majoritarian single point agenda of creating a Hindu Rashtra in India”. “Seems to”? Do you have proof? If you do a more through investigation, the ground realities would point to the State Government. And unless Nisha you haven’t studied the Constitution or are too dumb to see the brain washing that these “sickular” people are doing to you, the Center can’t intervene on the “State” affairs. That’s how the Government works.

        Let me give you a clear analogy. Suppose your Boss in a hypothetical country was very good. He supported your “inside trading”, and gave you lots of power. Now suppose a Boss comes who wants accountability for all the Black Money and the corruption you used to do with the previous Boss? What would you do, especially when you are retired or close to and are so addicted to power that you are willing to loose your conscience? You join politics and bitch against the boss and create civil unrest in the hypothetical country. Well, Welcome to the present state of Indian Governance :). They create the ruckus, than they write “Open letters” for it. Brilliant! *slow clap*. And FYI, no I am not blaming or disrespecting Ramdas. The whole point is, his letter is politically motivated and I have given specific examples. I hope you give your point the same treatment instead of saying: “Modi Bhakt”, “Anti Muslim”, “Bla Bla”. I expect your reply.

        • Rheea Rodrigues Mukherjee

          By that reasoning, your comment on this thread is politically motivated as well. This hollow argument of “why now” is a meaningless obstacle to the issue at hand. Indeed the media does not highlight particular atrocities (with victims belonging to diverse religions/minorities- hindu muslim, dalits) because it might not suit the political agenda at the time. That said there have always been voices of dissent when it comes to mob riots- although muffled. The reason people have on a nationalistic level taken this seriously shows we have evolved and taken note. The fact that our PM has a very dubious record when it comes to community harmony demands the scrutiny the administration is under. The fact that thousands and thousands of Indians have noticed that we are on the verge of fanatics de-stabilizing our country is something to be hopeful about- getting defensive and asking”why now” shows a clear lack of maturity or any real desire to see our country practice and respect the values of secularism and celebration for the way each individual chooses to live.

          • By that reasoning, your comment on the so called “fact” that our PM has a very “dubious” (seriously?) record when it comes to community harmony demands the scrutiny the administration is under is politically motivated as well. Checking your profile, surprisingly you aren’t Supreme Court Judge. You are just another brainwashed citizen who has declared our PM dubious when all the courts have given him the clear chit. Go read the SIT report before establishing the “facts” and creating “demands”. And as you rightly said, the “fanatics” are destabilizing the country, and we have noticed is something to be hopeful for. The fanatics can’t destabilize if the State government doesn’t allow them. Where in the entire logic is the Union Government to blame? Unless of course, there is POLITICS involved. You want to write open letters? Go write to the state government. This whole India has become intolerant has been a myth, perpetually created by Congress and Left, who earlier under decades of rule feel threatened that their eliteness will die away. You see numbers never lie. Just do a small quick search, on the number of Communal Incidences reported in past UPA government and the present NDA government. In case you are too lazy for that, the average earlier was 67, now its 54. And why hear from a informed citizen like me? Go read Arun Jaitley’s fantastic FB post regarding the myth of so called “rising intolerance” in India. You want to create the “nationalist” spirit? Stop declaring our country as intolerant and start attacking the people who are actually spreading the hate, including the UP State Government and your precious NDTV. Getting aggressive and attacking the Union government without any facts, proof, data, statistics, and just attacking our country on the “floated” rumors and fabricated facts created by paid media shows a clear lack of maturity or any real desire to see our country practice and respect the values of secularism and celebration for the way each individual chooses to live. This is not something to be hopeful about. This is something to be afraid about.

          • Rheea Rodrigues Mukherjee

            Listen this whole ‘last I checked You are not the supreme court’ argument is bullocks. Are we are going to talk about law and order in a country where private handshakes and personal ideologies get in the way of what the truth is? You are going to uphold the supreme court as the final verdict in a country which still thinks being gay is illegal? I am not contesting communal issues in the past- you are bang on in that respect- there have been many incredible injustices under congress rule, so don’t make the mistake of me being on the side of congress. Of course Modi should be under high scrutiny, I think you haven’t read all the information available on the Gujarat riots if you can say that without flinching. Modi’s PR has been historic and the way he has got a majority dancing to the tune of his hypnotizing hum is compelling from a sociological perspective- however let’s not make this is game of “why now” because that’s what your argument is still implicitly relying on. Regional writers have been killed, a man was lynched for meat, and women ( which I think too many men in this country cannot see past their privilege) are constantly threatened by fanatics – now fanatics will be there regardless- agreed, but if the Administrative can’t make a firm stance that this is absolutely unacceptable then they are tacitly compliant with it. It’s a damn shame it took so long (after many articles) to even write a vague note on how he disagreed with the lynching- now he should have made a very strong worded memo that at the very least made fringe groups understand that things like this will have dire consequences-. The media plays a role and puts issues on steroids no doubt to create an agenda no disagreement there, if you are going to have your head in the sand about the recent past, that’s one thing, but to come out and slam people for writing about this very pertinent issue is just being defensive about Modi- which is what fails me about this administrative’s impact on its people- the inability of its supposed supporters to criticize and inspect their own government.

          • “tacitly” eh? Really? Ok let’s break this “approved silence” so as to speak, what do you expect Union Government to do when the jurisdiction is under the State? You want the Union Government to put an ultimatum of having “dire consequences”? I think it’s your head that’s buried, not in the sand, but in ignoring the political and practical realities. It’s like you fight with your husband and expect people from some other country to sympathize with you or put a stern notice to your husband. You want to criticize Modi Government? Sure. He has made mistakes in not being vocal against the country’s internal policies and focused much attention to external one. But apart from that, I don’t see any other criticism as long as development and welfare reforms are concerned. He eliminated the LPG subsidy middle man business, the recruitment Class C and D middle men interview business, the black money act, the digitization of Indian Railways (coming from Railway family, I personally vouch for this). These are just that I could think on top of my head. Arun Jaitley is the best Asian Finance Minister, India Inc. brand is shining, projects are actually being completed on the roads, like literally if you take into account the building of new road connections in remote villages.

            Also, when the opposition are dogs, do you expect professionalism in politics? What do you expect to say, to the MPs, who don’t allow reforms to be passed in parliament by shouting slogans and doing hooligan (or have you forgotten that? Funny how short term memory works). My point, “why now”, resonates with the entire fabric of the argument, that this whole thing is FABRICATED. I repeat again, WHOLE THING IS BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION. You are bang on this: media puts issues on steroids. Here is an edit, Media CREATES fabricated and POLITICALLY MOTIVATED issues, which they later put on steroids. Modi government is doing fine, and there is nothing to criticize in keeping the views of PRACTICAL and POLITICAL realities (and the past, since that’s what we have to perform a comparison unless you are NRI and want USA here). It’s the Media that needs to stop this. It’s the people that need to accept communal harmony. It’s the state government, the mayor, upto the grassroot levels of bureaucracy, to resolve this perpetuated state of disharmony and curb the rumors of intolerance. Union Government can only release funds and at worst case, assist when Emergency situations arise. And in that case also, Modi Government would be blamed. Read the NCERT politics class 11th and 12th books, before posting baseless arguments. But I guess you would be too quick to click the reply button without verifying facts and talking loud mouths (and not specifying numbers, constitutions, and actual LAW), a common problem with the “pseudo secular” and “intellectually liberal” people like you, so here is a FYI:

            “Law & Order (including Police) is a state subject. Hence the responsibility of dealing with communal incidents rests primarily with the respective State Governments. The Central Government assists the State Governments in a variety of ways like sharing of intelligence, sending alert messages, sending Central Armed Police Forces, including the composite Rapid Action Force created specially to deal with communal situations.” Imagine yourself at Modi’s position. What “stern action” of “dire consequences” do you want him to do? This is as close to being laughable.

            What fails me about this administrative’s impact on its people – the inability of its supposed haters to criticize and inspect their own government, ON THE VIEWPOINT OF, development and reforms. What further fails me, is how intellectually dumb people suddenly ride the “oh India so intolerant” wave and prove time and time again, that it’s them who are ultimately buried in the sand. The sand that the Media and targeted propaganda has created. And if you think that your arguments hold, please give me 5 criticisms of Modi Government, that comes under Central Jurisdiction, and is concerned directly with development or policy or reforms. Not religion division. Not minority intolerance. Not casteism. Not liberalism. The ones that are directly linked to development, policy and reforms, and are under DIRECT jurisdiction of Union government. Than I guess we would be talking, rather than arguing on the propaganda of state politics and liberalism so deeply implanted in your head.

            I just hope Rhea you someday realize the two fold politics happening in India. First don’t allow reforms to pass through in parliament to discredit Union Government. Second, don’t allow unity in the country by using STATE divisive politics (as was the case of Dadri, and the other communal incidences “REPORTED”, especially in Kerala, a Congress ruled state) and further the blame on Union Government. And as always, numbers never lie, so here is an article for you: https://www.newslaundry.com/2015/10/14/think-india-has-become-more-communal-under-modi-the-numbers-will-disappoint-you/# . I hope you would be smart enough to read it, or if you are dumb enough to be blindfolded, than find solace in the fact that you won’t be alone. And that’s what actually fails me about this great country that is India.

          • Rheea Rodrigues Mukherjee

            Your entire reply allows the cream of my argument to rise to the surface. The Modi administration was voted in primarily for the uber-development he could offer (Without of course, just like the good old USA, looking at the realities of resources )- remember that time when BJP slammed the Aadhaar card and said ‘oh no, the Bangladeshi illegals are going to become citizens” – yes and now Aadhaar stands to become the most powerful tool for BJP to reply on to create digital solutions and subsidies for its citizens. What’s happening here is a another replication of America- the unabashed development and the horse they ride with their policies rely on aspirational public issues- and I am not slamming him for the things he has done- as a central govt- the swaccha bharat is as good as it gets (meaning not people have to take their own intiative now) and sure let’s digitalise a few space- no harm there- not being sarcastic on that at all, because I see the value in developing a country even when the scale of access might be skewed. However, I can’t believe you have grandly swept all major issues, like casteism, dowry, religion, class as state issues and dusted off the PM’s role in making statements about this. Are you kidding me? Have you forgotten about the Sadhvi episode? Bjp had to cancel many speakers in fear they would spout their communal crap. Ah, and you haven’t even approached the issues of women in this country -victimized daily and only encouraged by what these MPs say. Yes, the PM must set the tone for the country. That in fact is WHY they hold supreme rights and privileges. Of course they have to run the government, put in places secure and effective policies and laws- that’s the basics. A real PM pushes a nation to feel their freedom, to stand up against the ugly voices (which are all over the place, and reported in every press, not just kerla’s -wake the heck up), and know that the voices of their party or the sub-species of their grander party cannot dictate their hinudtva bulla every chance they get. Yes, this is why he is the ‘prime minister’ – again you’ve ignored the amount of evidence about the riots, which deserves the extra scrutiny – but I am nt even going to get into that because you clearly are so swayed by Modi.

          • Well to each it’s own than. Hope your dream of getting a PM who is the picture perfect definition of being idle comes true. Because at the end of the day, it has always been about choosing the lesser evil. Anyone who thinks otherwise is too much idealist and/or liberal, with head clearly buried in the sand. Though I would like to thank you for not swearing off and presenting a few good connected argument premises, a hallmark very few “modi hater” possess. Forgive me for the same and also for misspelling your name. It’s Rheea :).

          • Rheea Rodrigues Mukherjee

            Just seeing this now 😉 And thank you for having a fair debate and a level head in seeing the connections. We don’t have to agree on everything to make a nation thrive, but it’s well worth the larger discussion.

  17. Irach Taraporewala

    An Open Letter to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India-

    Dear Shri Modi,

    I write to you on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday
    anniversary, on October 2. Like you, I am a son of India; that is my matrabhoomi. Please do read and pay heed
    to what I have to say.

    As the elected leader of the Republic of India, the nation’s
    peoples have put their trust in you. It is truly an awesome and sincere
    responsibility to lead a nation with such a rich and proud history of
    excellence in all areas of human endeavour.
    It is the land of the
    enlightenment of Gautam Buddha, and Bhagvan Mahavir and Gokul Krishna, Adi
    Shankaracharya and Swami Vivekanananda. It is the nation of the enlightened
    rule of Emperor Ashoka and Emperor Akbar’s glorious rules in whose footsteps
    you now are required to follow. In your hands lies the capabilities of making
    India a very great nation, or one ruled by tyranny. You must follow the path of
    righteousness, the first option, if you opt for true greatness.

    When you swore in to become the nation’s Pradhan Mantri, you
    took an oath to obey and defend the Constitution of the Republic of India. That
    is first and foremost your sworn duty as prime minister to the people of India.
    With that comes the requirement for you to put aside any personal biases; you
    are required therefore to work within the confines of what is required by the
    Constitution of Bharat Mata. An established national Constitution must not and
    cannot be abrogated or side-stepped by a national leader.

    The Republic of India was founded, in Dr. Ambedkar’s great
    Constitution, as a secular republic, peopled by persons of different faiths and
    social strata. They all have equal, non-abrogable rights as Indian
    citizens. Yet, in the recent past and
    yes, under your leadership secularism
    and hate have raised their ugly heads and hurt and pained so many dutiful and
    patriotic Indian citizens. People of all faiths have served this great nation,
    and served it well. Among our Param Veer Chakra, Veer Chakra and Ashoka Chakra
    and other military valour or distinguished service medal winners, who gave
    their all for the motherland are Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Muslims,
    Parsis, Christians and Jews. India’s very national anthem extols this self-same
    great diversity that makes India so culturally rich! So it hurts the very soul
    of Mother India to see divisiveness and narrow domestic walls being raised, and
    hate-mongering emerge among her children. This, if allowed to burgeon, will
    afflict and kill Mother India, as we all know her.

    As India advances in all realms of technology to advance the
    nation’s society, to better the lives of everyday people and instill national
    pride, such damaging petty secularism will prove self-defeating. Hindutva is
    truly the foundation of India’s beginnings, together with the Buddhist
    precepts. These were the principles that inspired Vikramaditya and Emperor
    Ashoka to become great rulers. In both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata we are
    told of great rulers whose sense of duty and moral values made them suffer the
    travails of a vanvasa exile rather
    than resort to violence or killing. That humility of Lord Rama and the great
    soul Yudishthira, and their sense of moral courage and duty is true Hindutva
    that a leader of India must emulate.

    True Hindutva is not the foreboding style of paramilitary
    fascist forces who wear baggy khaki shorts and carry threatening lathi sticks
    as they drill and march; there is nothing in the Bhagavad Gita about that
    being real Hindutva. There is no
    genocide or imposing of one’s will to others in the teachings of the Upanishads
    or the Bhagavad Gita, if you were to actually look, and read, and understand.
    In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna expounds to Arjuna what true Hindutva is all
    about, and so it behooves you to re-examine the true Hindu dharma of that great book.
    Here is a principal teaching and dharma from the Bhagavad Gita that a
    leader of the great Indian nation should live by.

    “The Supreme
    Lord said: Fearlessness, purity of heart, perseverance in the yoga of
    knowledge, charity, sense of restraint, sacrifice, study of the scriptures,
    austerity, honesty; Nonviolence, truthfulness, absence of anger, renunciation,
    equanimity, abstaining from malicious talk, compassion for all creatures,
    freedom from greed, gentleness, modesty, absence of fickleness; Splendor,
    forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, absence of malice, and absence of pride;
    these are the qualities of those endowed with divine virtues, O Arjuna.”

    The Gita also
    states, “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” If you were to
    examine your very inner soul, your atma,
    how do your current beliefs and activities match up with the desirable virtues
    enumerated above?

    So today, Mr.
    Modi, do some soul-searching this day and see how exactly you stack up on all
    these gunas that constitute true
    Hindutva according to the Bhagavad Gita. As you awaken tomorrow and perform
    your Suryanamaskar, will you
    re-dedicate yourself to self-betterment as required of a practitioner of true
    Hindutva in the teachings of the Gita? The peoples of India will support you if
    you can transform yourself to a humble, gentle, honest, compassionate and
    non-malicious leader of all the diverse populace of Bharat Mata. Will that be
    your pledge going forward; in fact honouring that solemn oath of office you
    committed yourself to?

    John Quincy
    Adams, one of the early presidents of the United States spoke of leadership: “If
    your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more,
    you are a leader”. Shri Modi, you have that capability in your hands, if you
    can forget your checkered past and now endeavor with all your might and inner
    courage to transform yourself to become a moral force for good, to lead by
    example, with gentility and decency, compassion and non-violence, respect,
    equality and equanimity for all, and humility and magnanimity in the great
    Indian traditions of Gautam Buddha, Bhagvan Mahavir, Emperor Ashoka and
    Mohandas Gandhi.

    Narsingh Mehta, the great Gujarati saint poet says, “Vaishnava jana to tene kahiye, je peeda
    parayi jaane re”. That too is Hindutva, and a tenet of basic human decency that
    we all must follow, to understand the difficulties of all our fellow men and
    women, and to work diligently and religiously to alleviate them. That is
    especially true of the leader of a great nation.

    May you find a
    renewed purpose to your life and be granted the requisite wisdom, to follow the
    righteous path in your leadership of Bharat Mata.

    Jai Hind!

  18. Venkatesh Surisetty

    you paid you price, but still don’t understand. don’t decease in wain

  19. Raju M Thakkar

    Namskar , Sir. Citizens are the microcell of Holy body of Mother India. Every cell play vital role for the health of body. When new cells are borne , the dead old cells are naturally relieved by body but if it stay back, there is disease in body. This is continuous process. Who is the Honest Doctor to cure the Cancer of the Nation. Our Nation have been suffering from Centuries whereas other nations have their own code and conduct so we must have our own as ancient with the lovely touch of scientific temperament. Every one in audience speak but who are the player and who want to join the Holistic Play! Each one observe his or her life and determine the truth of contributing for the safeguard of Nation. During my walk from Kashmir to Kanniyakumari from 12 Jan 1986 (Srinagar) to 21 May 1986 (Kanniyakumari), experienced the bliss of Nation, Unity of Nation , Love for Nation and mostly they are common citizen who sacrifice their bread and offer to the more needy without any greed. We all are the Pilgrim of Peace hence let us practice truth every moment with the Awareness of Divinity. Few chosen can not rule the country but every citizen aware of Life can contribute for the better Nation and at large better Planet. Whosoever have more than need must part with near by fellows and the Movement of Change can take place from every corner of Mother India. Purity, Truth and Unselfishness play vibrant role for the Harmony of HUMANITY. With love and regards to Every one with Solemn Salute to the Nation and be peace of Planet Earth!

  20. Balasingh Hillary Sitther

    A sensible letter from a responsible person. A stitch in time saves nine. Hope good sense prevails in the place where it counts. Jai Hind

  21. Iqbal Naiyer

    the historic mistake the German people made should not repeat in India. The vast majority of Germans failed to resist the rising tide of fascism, although they could see it coming. Fascism can only be defeated when it is in its infancy. India must learn from Germany’s tragic experience that if it fails to counter fascism, what destruction and suffering can follow when the world community at some point mobilizes, inevitably, to drive out the fascists through brute force. The contemporary world has no place for fascists. That is why the fascists cannot and should not be allowed to win in India.

  22. Wg Cdr KJ Bhatt

    I have read with interest and amusement the Admirals letter and comments.
    1.At 16 at the NDA I learnt the choicest Punjabi galis and yet show me a single Fauji who directly abuses an individual online or offline.
    2.Sanathan Dharma has the six philosophical systems and Ritualism(which at times also gets hijacked by know all’s).
    3.Akhand Bharat was the 26 Jan 1930’Tryst With Destiny’which did not materialise.The
    Only time India was India was during the Mauryan First Empire(2nd Militarily with Ummah ideology and Jiziya Finance,3rd MNC East India,4th Post 1857 Revolt British,
    5th The Splintered.
    4.Hinduism survived the spread of Budhhism and Jainism too.
    5.Post WW II broke Churchill mandated Partition Pak for bases to contain the Bear.Even Patel signed in Jun 47.Both Gandhis(Frontier) were against partition.
    6.Zero budget fiscal reforms,crony capitalism,election system,corruption due to poor leadership,styme growth.
    7. Civil war ironically is not a civil(polite)war.The NDA is the finest example of National Integration.
    8.Many Faujis died in 48,62 directly due to Nehrus ‘lofty vision’.
    9.Having been an RSS School IDay Chief Guest,a fine organisation which however needs to extrapolate Hegdewars vision to present realities.Otherwise we will also end up with a Wahabbi style view.Leave defence to the Forces.My MSc(Defence)Outstanding Dissert India 2020 AD also recommended minimum three aircraft carries.
    10.Rest assured Indian Muslims are a loyal lot,not overtaking Hindu population, but if you do not as a majority take them in your fold,then you are asking for Civil war as in Lanka where I have also been.

  23. Niranjan Naik

    I hate this concept of OPEN LETTERS…I have noticed over a period that all those who write open letters to others, actually have direct access to them, then why open letters…obviously, they seek publicity for themselves rather than really care for the issue…where were these Akademi awardees and all the intellectuals during the Delhi 1984, Mumbai 1993, Muzaffarnagar 2013 ????

  24. Sachin Goswami

    It is not important whether Admiral Ramdas is right OR wrong. It is really a matter of concern of every rightful Indian to leave in peace & maintain harmony. Fanatics & Lunatics will always be there in a Country like India but we responsible citizens should remain alert to destroy any design against us. I am not a political analyst nor with any Media but have the courage to tell the truth. I agree that all MPs OR Ministers in the NDA Govt. are not alike & our Prime Minister has strongly instructed to act responsibly while speaking in public. He has never asked to anybody whether in Govt. or in Party to incite hatred or be communal.
    I sincerely believe that there is a PLAN brilliantly designed to defame Prime Minister Modiji & in doing so knowingly OR unknowingly some intelligent people with a divisive motive are involved. India is a big Democratic Republic with diverse culture with thousands of Ethnics castes & creeds. One simple question eating me every time when something happens in this country whether small or big, the PM is targeted. We are crying for unemployment, but when Industrial houses are invited to put their Industries in India, PM is criticized for being Pro- Corporate, when Dal became costly, onion became costly, potato became costly, everyone is dragging PM into it. I would like to ask .. don’t you realize that ” we have some responsibility” being Indian Citizens. As to why this is happening, how it could be controlled? Some incident might occur but have we really reacted sharply to contain this before rumor spread. OR simply we waited to till Govt. forces arrived. I have notice very recently in Assam, one domestic help is tortured in public mercilessly and people gathered there as mere spectators till rescued by Police. Is this our ” Responsibility” of being TRUE & RESPONSIVE CITIZENS ?
    Mr. Ramdas has raised a vital issue, all right. But why he has made it public instead of sending directly to the Hon’ble President & the PM. To me, he wanted to be famous by voicing in favour of Minorities. If he has the guts why he has not visited those families who ever suffered out of Hindu atrocities & seek for legal help for those who suffered. Blaming all on PM will never serve any purpose except creating mistrust among people & who suffers… the common poor, don’t forget.
    Whatever it is, I never support any kinds of violence & resistance with responsiveness could perhaps be the only solution to end this. We have a moral duty to reassure our unity. BE A BRAVE INDIAN , HELP TO BUILD INDIA A NATION WITH INDIAN BELIEFS.

  25. Manivannan Ias

    A very courageous article, that is befitting an officer of he proud Indian Armed forces! I agree with most of it, except where he singles our RSS etc. I feel that those who are creating terror have their own personal agenda, and they are just taking advantage of the situation. And like, fire, emotions become uncontrollable when they breach the critical mass.

    One hopes that the government intervenes and ensures things don’t go out of hand and we end up in anarchy.

  26. Ravi Ponappa

    He and the likes of him are the fellows who set the rot in the system through the centrifuge the damned British created to rule this country. Wile, guile and a corrupt bureaucratic system of the English era, were blatantly applied, by his type, on our countrymen who ruled us by arm-twisting us into bribery and nepotism at evey step. The rot is now being stemmed by Modi through the ancient wisdom of Sanathan Dharma which this guy will never comprehend, as is most from his generation of Macaulay’s brood. He is far away from the ethos of the Nation and only knows how divisive politics can be exploited, as did the previous regime that propped him up the ladder.

  27. You are right Admiral Ramdas. Our respected PM and BJP is exactly ‘stemming the rot’ that has set in to the Indian psyche over decades of decadence. Sometimes one needs to wield the stick to put the house in order. What exactly is your problem with someone finally doing the right things for the country? It is time for Indians to stand up for India. Anyone falling short of that will not do. Unless you want to languish in poverty, casteism and greed forever. Get that straight and walk out of the fantasy world you are used to living in.

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