The Idea of Bhagat Singh in Contemporary Era

Anurag Kumar


28 September 1907 , On this day, a boy was born in Lyallpur district of the Punjab Province of British India which  lies now in Pakistan. As he grew up he became one of the most prominent figure in the struggle for independence became a revolutionary by developing his peculiar intellectuality. His intellectual level was so high that he acclaimed to be ahead of his times. His ideas makes him so unique as compared to other freedom fighters.  In just short life span of 23 years, he became so popular and respectable to masses that he became the inspiration for them. In his entire life he made remarkable impact on the million of the people, that he became the synonym of, the symbol of every struggle being fought by oppressed section of the society.

Across all the political parties, national, state parties and even college/university political parties, the name of Bhagat Singh is widely proclaimed with the utmost respect. Every political parties  try to garner the means by associating the name of Bhagat singh with them. His name is renounced on almost every junction to attain the attention of the masses by showing that they are aligned with ideals of Bhagat Singh. That is the charisma of this great personality.

However, most of them have failed to do so. Even the masses have confined the image of Bhagat Singh as a true patriot but they have failed to comprehend the ideology of Bhagat Singh, which he stood for, an ideology which has become crucial in the current scenario. His unique intellectually is not being valued.

In the contemporary times, when communalism, casteism, crony capitalism are taking the draconian shape, it has become important to understand the ideology of Bhagat Singh. What did freedom mean to him? Is this the society like how he wanted to see it? These are few questions which have become relevant in the current scenario to look it after especially on his birth anniversary.

Bhagat Singh always believed in freedom in which human being is free from the oppression of another human being. He just did not believe in transferring the power from British people  to elite class of the Indian society.

He believed in the establishment of egalitarian society, which favors equality for all irrespective of  caste, gender, religion. He was always against the orthodox caste system of the nation and always condemned the system in which people are divided on the basis of hierarchy. He always question the legitimacy of the caste system on which the society has been divided. In his writings, he had warned against roots of communalism which started to growingduring that time. He condemned the people who were engaging in the communal politics, he warned the evils of communalism which could destroy the roots of our nation.

On education, he asked his fellow students to liberate the knowledge from the text book and utilize the educational skills for the welfare of the nation. He argued that education should be provided in a comprehensive manner and that every student should raise his intellectual level, even if their ideology is not synonym with the government’s actions. In the contemporary times, in which, students are being tagged as anti national, his idea of education becomes very important.

He believed in radical transformation of the society through the means of revolution. According to him, revolution implies the program of systematic reconstruction of society on new and better adapted basis, after complete transformation of the existing state of affairs.

Although he was deeply influenced by Marxism and the process of Russian revolution, he had his unique intellectual thinking which cannot be confined under the umbrella of Marxism alone, though the roots could be traced.

In the current scenario, in which, the nation is facing the rise of communalism, fundamentalist ideology, atrocities against the oppressed, where the certain section of people are being looked by suspicion and asked to chant a slogan to prove their patriotism, in the era where atrocities are rising against the marginalized section, his ideas and his sacrifice, that he made for the nation has a strength to bring up the hope of million of  people.

It’s time to just not just preach his name but work according to his belief, if we really want our nation to become free.

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