I live in hope, I am a Kashmiri

By Malik Aabid


I live with hope.
I hope one day our land will be free
Free from the foreign rule
be it Indian or Pakistani or anyone else for that matter.
I hope one day my people will live a life
independent of being someone’s integral part or jugular vein.

kashmir postcardI hope one day there will be no Mudasir Kamran
tortured-mudered outside his homeland.
I hope a day will come there will be no more curfew
no more gang rapes,
no more muders,
no more tortures,
no more abuses.

I hope one day I will see smile on the faces of my oppressed people.
I hope one day we will be recognized as a country called Kashmir
Kashmir that oppresses no one
Kashmir that occupies no one
Kashmir that tortures no one
Kashmir that humiliates no one.

I live for that one day with hope.
inshaa allah:)

(Malik Aabid is a young person from Kashmir wanting to be a lawyer, a writer, a free Kashmiri, and most importantly a good human being.)





  1. Ena husain

    Malik Aabid truly an honest and heart wrenching account,it contains all,your aspirations,dreams,grievances and fers its not just your voice it reflects the voice of an entire race called Kashmiris….

  2. manesiro maretizo

    Sentiments are good but don’t hope that your politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists will be angels and there will be no discrimination and exploitation of one or other group within you. One may go on dividing and dividing and making smaller and smaller nations. Or one end all divisions and make one world, one nation, one mankind. We dream for this new world without borders.

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