‘I am Constantly Receiving Scary Rape Threats and Abuses by Sanghi Trolls’

Swati Singh
‘Did any BJP leaders raped you’? ‘You’re involved in sex racket with a Muslim boy inside JNU campus, #AtulJohri Sir exposed you, and your taking revenge’ ‘Saali Mulli’ ‘Hum bhi khade hai humara bhi khada hai’ ‘#Metoo is originally give and take of jnu diluting the case’ ‘whores like you have destroyed JNU, shame on you, atul sir is the most humble person’
Here. When we show RSS its worst fear – women speaking for themselves, their IT cells unleashes troll abuse. Women activists facing all round attack from RSS-BJP-ABVP: physical attacks & verbal abuse on campus, & hate messages on Social media. This is how a woman gets targeted in this country by BJP RSS n ABVP IT cells when they speak against Gender Insensitivity and Rape. And to no wonder our Prime Minister Narendra Modi follows many of such trolls. What is my mistake? Why silencing our voices? Are you scared of them? Because you should. I won’t stop here. Try me.

P.s Please share it widely so that Chappan inch ki chhati Narendra Modi can know what it means to be a woman constantly getting abused and harassed on Public platform.

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