It’s Hindutva Terrorism: Dontha Prashanth on ABVP’s Assault on Student Looking Like Kashmiri

Dontha Prashanth’s facebook post

The attack by ABVP karyakarthas on Amol Singh, an M.Phil student at University of Hyderabad on 16th July 2016 for his appearance as Kashmiri Muslim is a larger attack on the concept of University. Hindutva groups have clearly orchestrated such attacks in many educational institutions to generate fear against those who wish reason and rational thinking to prevail.

Amol Singh, a student of University of Hyderabad was beaten up twice by ABVP for "looking like" a Kashmiri' Photo via: Arpita Jaya
Amol Singh, a student of University of Hyderabad was beaten up twice by ABVP for “looking like” a Kashmiri’
Photo via: Arpita Jaya

Is it wrong for having beard and roam on the campus, is the identity of an individual being a Kashmiri provoke to get beaten up? Is the identity of an individual being a muslim provoke to get beaten up? By stoking such communal atmosphere does ABVP want to supply a band of terrorists to Sanathan Santha and Sangh Parivar to recreate Malegaon Blasts, or conspire to kill rationalists as they did in the case of Bhai Sangare, an RPI leader, M.M.Kalburgi, Govind Pansare, etc…

A bunch of people supporting Hindutva Terrorism talking about terrorist activities by ISIS and Mujahudeen is sheer hypocrisy. I condemn the violent acts of both Hindtuva Terrorism and ISIS. If Sangh Parivar condemn ISIS, then it must equally condemn and conduct its campaign against the Hindutva terrorism of attacking Dalits in Gujarat for carrying dead carcasses of cow, against its henchmen such as Podile Apparao, Nandanam Susheel Kumar, Bandaru Datttatreya, Smriti Irani, BJP and BJYM leaders for harassing Dalit research scholars including deceased Rohith Vemula and attacking Ambedkarites, against lynching Akhlaq , against the perpetrators of Muzaffarnagar riots, against the demolition of Babri Masjid, against Ranvir Sena the group of Bhumihar Brahmins who butchered Dalits in Bihar, and so on…. Instead, Sangh Parivar promotes those who indulged in butchering Dalits and Muslims. They take comfort in Babasaheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar while campaigning about Article 370, why don’t they adopt a similar stance on the views of Babasaheb on Hinduism, Kashmir and Nationalism. Now they wants to destroy the Universities through their henchman in ABVP. Such hypocrites needs to be rejected throughout, failing which they will destroy the world of reason and critical reasoning.

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