Harassment of Innocent Muslim Youth Must Stop: Rajender Sachchar

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Socialist Party at the Lucknow Press Club on ‘Innocent Muslims imprisoned in the name of Terrorism’, Ex-Justice Dr. Rajender Sachhar said that the RD Nimesh Investigation Commission report should be immediately released by the UP Government. The commission was set up to investigate questions raised on the arrest of two boys from Azamgarh and Jaunpur, Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi respectively, in the 2007 court blasts and the report of the commission is lying with the UP Government since 31st August 2012.

Justice Sacchar said that not only are the lives of the two boys at stake but what is also at stake is the justice for those who died during those blasts. The public ought to know who the real culprits were. A list of 68 people framed in terror incidents was made public at the conference and investigation of charges demanded for each of them.

Rajender Sacchar who has been the chief justice of the Delhi High Court and has also headed the Committee set up for enquiring the Status of Minorities across the country said that at a time when Muslim youth are spending almost ten years in jail, before they are released without any charge, it is very important that the government set up a separate committee for investigating cases related to terrorism.

He said that because of such incidents Muslims are being forced to believe that the government is trying to frame them as part of their policy plan. This is a dangerous signal towards collapse of democracy itself.

Raising doubts over the secular character of various political parties, Sachar said that even though the governments at the Centre and in the state of Delhi do not belong to Modi’s party, but still Muslims are being falsely framed in terrorism related cases on a large scale. This reveals the communal character of parties other than the BJP.

Demanding investigation in the custodial death matter of Qateel Siddique in Pune’s Yarwada Jail, Sacchar said that, “We would not let Nazism prevail in India”. He also demanded that Faseeh Mahmood be brought back to India immediately. Faseeh is an engineer from Darbhanga who was working in Saudi Arabia and was abducted by the Indian Intelligence agencies in Saudi Arabia.

He demanded that the Sedition law, which have origins in the British period, be abolished, as these have no place in a democracy. That the Congress government isn’t abolishing these laws is shameful, he said, as it was Jawaharlal Nehru himself who found this anti-democratic. He informed that the PUCL is doing a country-wide signature campaign against Sedition laws which prevent people from exercising their democratic right to protest. A million signatures are being collected which will be submitted to the government.

On the issue of FDI, Sacchar said that just like the East India Company who came to trade but ruled the country for years, through the FDI a path is being paved for a new kind of slavery even worse than before.

Coordinator of the ‘Forum for the release of innocents imprisoned in the name of terrorism’ Md Shoaib said that on the one hand the state government is not making public the RD Nimesh report, and on the other the two youth Tariq and Khalid are being harassed every night in Lucknow district Jail by the Jailor and Deputy Jailor who under the influence of alcohol abuse and beat up the two boys. He said that Tariq Quasmi had written a letter from Jail exposing the psychological pressure that the muslim prisoners are undergoing. He revealed how prisoners tortured by authorities and intelligence agencies were even contemplating suicide. This exposes the reality behind the self-declared secular party headed by Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav. In such torturous circumstances, if anything uncalled for takes place inside the jail, the SP government will be responsible for it.

Allahbad High Court advocate Ravi Kiran Jain raised questions about the role of Police and ministers during the riots at Asthan village of Pratapgarh that took place in the tenure of the SP. He also released the PUCL fact finding report of the riots. He said that in Asthan village, due to the fear and horror induced by rioters, people haven’t returned home yet.

Omkar Singh, the National Secretary of the Socialist party said that, the SP government has betrayed the people of Uttar Pradesh on the issue of releasing innocents imprisoned in the name of terrorism. The SP had promised before the elections that if they come to power they will ensure release of innocent youth but contrary to that four more muslim youth have been incarcerated. Also in the seven month period of their being in power, 8 major riots have taken place augmenting the process of communal polarization.

The coordinator of the press conference Sandeep Pandey said that Socialist Party will organize movement against sectarianism, human rights violation and FDI in Uttar Pradesh.



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