Message for Those who Hounded Gurmehar and Disputed her Maturity to Question Injustice

Old enough for everything , well except for questioning injustice!

At the age of 18 young people are recruited to join the defence services and be sent to war.. and get killed, if it so happens.
At 16, the government of the day also thinks a teenager can be tried as an adult and convicted for crimes and sentenced to life or even death .
At the age of 18, young people are allowed to vote and elect representatives. At the age of 18 , if you really feel like it , a young woman is allowed to marry and have children.
But if a 20 year old woman, Gurmehar speaks for campus democracy and against hooliganism by ABVP, and against war well then she is made fun of as a “pawn”, “immature”, as a mind fragile to “polluting”, as someone who has to be “slapped out of her piety” by celebrities and leaders like Rijiiu who are all too happy to send young people to the war front and to gallows. Yes, but she is considered by the goons to be old enough for being threatened with rape and death.
Last year, same time, the brilliant 26 year old research scholar, Rohith Vemula was dismissed off as child in Parliament by Smriti Irani, for challenging caste injustice with a searing last letter, which came after years of fighting for campus democracy and against ABVP hooliganism. In turn he was punished by being hounded out of education, hostel and finally life.
University students are considered as too young and vulnerable to be exposed to ideas that enables them to develop critical thought and take charge of their life and destiny. They are old enough to vote for people who are spreading hate in society but too young for campus democracy. And students are considered as being immature for wanting to change structures of violence and injustice, by celebrities and leaders who strangely think they are old enough to be punished to the destiny imposed by war, inequality and criminalization of society.


  1. Dear Swet, you write with determination and conviction but unfortunately it is hard to convince the many semi-literates and BJP types. As long as groups like ABVP are backed by the ruling party, they’ll oppose you no matter how well you present your case. But of course you have to persist. So wish you well.

    • What a load of rubbish? I mean this article and your comment. The left elite thinks every one has to fall in line with its twisted and perverted ideology. Eminent economist Sanjeev Sanyal laments The Left dominance over the intellectual establishment has its roots in the systematic ‘ethnic cleansing’ of all non-Left thinkers since the 1950s…the result of the systematic cleansing was that there were no non-Left academics remaining in the social sciences field in India by the early 1990s. Sanyal closes his article by saying that “there needs to be a wider national debate about bringing greater plurality of thought in India’s intellectual establishment”.

      Any threat to its loony principles will be responded with ring barking and physical violence. The crocodile tears being shed here are just that.

  2. She is old enough to use freedom of expression – that is what the right-wing fascist party and their supporting unions are afraid of! They feel that anyone who criticises them – even if the person is a senior citizen – is very immature and may be uneducated !