Gujarat’s Predicament Shouldn’t Be India’s Choice

Shabnam Hashmi
Political Activist, Managing Trustee ANHAD

Some important statistics for Mr Wannabe Prime Minister’s supporters and the corporate media

Votes in favour of Mr Modi- 1,31,33,344
Votes in favour of Congress- 1,07,61,913
Votes in favour of Others- 32,72,249

So while Mr Modi won Gujarat election people who voted against him are more than who voted for him

And still the question about EVM machines is not resolved.

While paid media can project him as a great leader and a development man the fact is that there are one third Gujaratis who are poor, there are hundreds of villages , small towns and urban poor colonies in mega cities who do not get water and have no drainage and toilets, that there is 59% school drop out, that there is very high malnutrition, poor PDS system, very high corruption ( though corporate media and anti-corruption movements do not speak about the cag gujarat report which shows 17,000 crore scams in one year only), that there are attacks happening on dalits, women, minorities, adivasis, human right activists that no one reports.

India will get a dictator if it deserves one. The fight for democracy can be fought on the ground and not only on the internet and fb. If people of India want to safeguard democracy they will have to come out of their slumber and act.

Gujarat has only one political alternative but India has other alternatives too, the question is will they wake up in time or will they let the country slip away under their feet.


Shabnam Hashmi

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