On Gujarat riot’s anniversary, the killer is talking of exams. It’s a test for our democracy.

Kumar Sundaram

14 years ago on this day, a pogrom was unleashed on innocent people in Gujarat. For me personally, it was a moment of intense political reckoning. I participated in the protests in Delhi inside and outside the JNU campus.

There was some irrational faith in me, that after such heinous crimes, this guy cannot win elections. He did. Then within 12 years, he transformed from a murderer to a dream-seller. Rewarded for his crime by the savarna and corporate elite.

May 16th in 2014 was again a shock for me, hopeful I was that a divisive figure cannot be acceptable to entire India. Those who voted for him, knew what they were voting for.

However, I had some faith still left in the institutions of democracy that we have in this country. I always argued to my friends that a text-book fascism is nearly impossible in India even if BJP gets majority.

But what is unfolding before our eyes is nothing but pure fascism. Professors being attacked from Gwalior to Allahabad, journalists beaten up inside the court and visited by police after that for covering the JNU protests, police commissioner saying what happened in the court was mere scuffle and asking the students to prove their innocence.

And the murderer pontificating on radio on how to be calm while taking exams.

It’s a decisive test for the Indian democracy. We can only hope it survives the onslaught – a desperate and violent attempt by the brahminical forces to turn the wheel of democracy back. We have no option left but to fight, resist and defend.

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