Gujarat Crime Branch Connives to Malign Activists

[via: Shabnam Hashmi]

Yesterday evening crime branch team went to Noorjahan Diwanís house, not finding her at home they called her up and asked to present herself at the Crime Branch. They further said if she doesnít come then they will come and pick her up.

Today Noorjahan Diwan was questioned for over 3 hours. Accusing her of being the complicit with Zareena Khan and campaigning against Babu Bajrangi they tried to .intimidate her. They accused that she funded the rally and organised it.

They asked her where she works. When she said she is presently working with Congress as President Minority Womenís Cell, they said no tell us about the NGO that you work with.

They also asked her about every NGO that she has worked with, asking her especially details about Anhad .

After the Gujarati media exposed that Zareena Khan was close to BJP leaders, the case was transferred from Ajay Tomar to DCP, Crime Branch. It is clear that all efforts are being made to give a communal twist to the unfortunate incidents that were organised in the old city and to involve activists and NGOs in it.

Noorjahan Diwan is a well known and well respected grass root activist. She has worked with Aman Samudaya, BMMA and Anhad.

During the past six months Noorjahan has travelled extensively across Gujarat and worked with Muslim women, organising them to fight for their rights and participate in bringing about a change especially in the context of the elections. BJP is perturbed by this work as it has worked hard to woo the Muslims as it sees the majority vote slip under its feet.

It is highly condemnable that police which should be a neutral force actively participates in intimidating activists and implicating them in false cases to propagate Modiís agenda.

We strongly condemn the harassment of Noorjahan Diwan.


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